Funny Pics!

I am still on the verge of buying a decent camera. Not that I am undecided, though. But I think it is a battle between a good handycam and a digicam. All for blogging, mateys!

So here's for me to share today: Some funny photos I accidentally clicked and viewed. 

These are what I call stress equalizers! Humorous and Hilarious. I hope you had fun like I did. :)

OPM: What We Want

I was having a dinner with my dad when I watched the news. Our respectable OPM artists were kind of baffled -- or should I say -- threatened. Their enemy? Foreign performers.

This particular news intrigues me. You know, I love Filipino artisans. Musicians like Ogie Alcasid, Noel Cabangon, and even the funny songwriter Lito Camo, are all but legends. And when they write songs, and puts hymn and melody? God, it's music! Notwithstanding if it can make you cry or laugh. Or even think twice for its double meaning. 

That's what good about those guys. It's what makes them heroes in my heart that separates them from those self-proclaimed singers *ehem* actors *slash* composers, who all they do is sing a song, a goddamn foreign song, make a cover of it, and pretend that their own version is extraordinary. 

The urgency of this threat began from the series of concerts of foreign artists like of Avril Lavigne's, Katy Perry's, and the rock band Simple Plan, has been in all decency a face over a mask and not the other way around. It is too damn obvious. They keep on coming, too. If not American music icons, or Canadian, send some type of a circus club from Africa. In fact, they did. And we let them in.

Who wouldn't be intimated, anyway? The locals ignore our own, shift their eyes to the sun from the west. Market shares are significantly affected. No more audience for OPM artists. No more.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

They proposed a resolution, these people from our own music industry. A call for an amendment to the 1987 memorandum of agreement where foreign shows must pay a certain fee for them to conduct a show. They say the fee must be increased because 2012 is far from 1987. 

The issue is very clear: We are all dying. We don't have any more shows to perform. With that, we have no money. 

Their uncanny and well-thought solution: Let's ask them to pay more before having a show.

Problem resolved? Actually, no. Never will. And I say, fuck it!

Seriously?! With all those too much blah blahs, this will be your resolution? Instead of writing new songs, great songs, and comic skits, you're all just going to beg for money? Tired of being too artistic and would solely rely on greasing palms? 

Jesus Christ. I can't imagine what would happen to this nation's entertainment industry in the next few years. All are lost and new ones would be lost. 

So pointless.

Oh really? I did not know that!

I want to share you guys an interesting text message I got from my friend earlier today. As I'm not really an advocate of text quotes, chain messages, and the like (yeah, I'll delete it as soon as possible if it's that worthless or not work-related), I find this particular trivia worth a shot. 


These are the things you don't need to know but I am going to tell you:

  1. All shrimps are born female, but become male as time goes by. (So are they like gayish?)
  2. Starfishes are pretty but they don't have brains. (So be offended if someone calls you one.)
  3. Penguins can only have one mate. They spend almost half of their lives looking for their destined partner; then spend the rest of it with them. (How sweet is that?)

I do not know if you find these amusing at all. But I do and hope you find your penguin. :)


Have a nice weekend everyone. ^_^





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