The Tibetan Personality Test

I am fond of taking dozens of personality tests all over the web. You know, answering numerous questions for a few minutes and afterwards you'll have your corresponding results? Yeah, that's the one! From simple psych questions to the infamous color quiz, I tried and answered them all. Some results were fascinating, while the others, a shocker! And I'm looking at you, Color Quiz! 

Here's the thing: I am quite sure you've already tried this one. It has been circulating Facebook some time ago due to feeds by my friends. Yes, I was curious so I took the opportunity and clicked the link, and stumbled with a new face of persona quiz. 

The link is here --> The Tibetan Personality Test

This quiz only involves three questions. As you might be surprised, however, you got to have a pen and a piece of paper to write your answers down. I don't want to spoil anything but simply enjoy it. :)

In my humble opinion after I was tested by this quiz, the results were highly accurate. Yes, it's one of those sticky shocker tests that will left you hanging by a thread which opened your shell like 1,2, and 3.

Your thoughts? ^_^




I'll try this! Thanks! ;)

Wonder Woman

Thanks for sharing! Trying it out now :)

Jela Mae Ruales

hahah. tried that personality test of yours. GOsh! almost all the answers are true. Like :-)

I just cant believe that in my line-up of priorities, PRIDE ranked first than my family. uh ! THats the only thing that is unacceptable. haha .. Yet, still thankful of taking that test. Been thru that before and hopefully be having more personality tests in the near future!.

PS. cute blog :-)
followed ya! care to visit mine?


I already took this kind of test when I was a freshman. But I still took it again. Anyway, it won't harm. Haha.
Thanks sir! I like quotations at the end. :)


Go on michy! It's really an excellent quiz! :)


I hope you'll enjoy it ma'am! It sure is fun...and exhilarating.


Followed you back, sweet! And wow, I am not alone. We both have Pride ranked as our top priority. Hahaha! :)


No problem, my lady. :) You're right, yes. It won't harm but though it'll only bite a bit.


Really? Pride as your top priority? Wow. Haha. It was my least. And love? My penultimate.


Yeah. Would you look at that? Love is also my penultimate. :)

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