Update your mind...

Greetings! Just a few days before the calendar hits April, yours truly once again updated the blog. I've been trying to adjust some javascripts here but failed to do so. I've been following instructions on the web but it seems they don't work. In the meantime, here are the updates...

~Added new page, "Movie XPerience"
~Added content in "Movie XPerience". Details here.
~Updated "2011: Book Challenge". Details here.
~Updated "2011: Games I finished". Details here.
~Added entry in "XPeriences". Entry here.
~..and some minor changes.

Regards, dearest friends and all. =)

A Sunny Day in MOA...

Yesterday, my younger brother and I went to SM Mall of Asia to have some bonding moments. Yep, it's been a while since we hang out together. After planning it for a few weeks beforehand, it finally materialize. And what exactly did we do in the mall? The usual thing, of course! :)

I browsed the mall's website about two days ago regarding the screening time for the movie Sucker Punch to be played in IMAX. And so, I told my brother that we watch it as early as 11:30 in the morning to have some spare time to wander around the mall to look for things we buy and fantasize. Unfortunately, due to delays in traffic and some things, we arrived 7 minutes late than the exact time. Thus, we decided to watch it in the 2:00pm slot. Not a bad thing actually, so we reversed our plan. We then choose to go around the mall first.

Techies -- that's what me and my brother are. We also do love clothes and apparels but when it comes to electronic gadgets, count us in. The good thing about MOA is that they have a huge selection of electronic store for us to visit. We entered Datablitz -- to check some game console prices along with the game libraries, some cellular phone retailers -- to check some new models and prices, PC shops -- for me to canvass and search for some rare piece of hardware. What actually transpired us in our venture is our visit in the Apple Store. Every product they have there were like gold in our eyes. The store was in fact a gold mine to us. High-end gadgets that can send a layman back to stone age. And that's what happened to me. I'm like a dumb lost in the future. My brother loves Apple that is why he knows a lot of things in the store. Our eyes feasted solely in the iPod touch. It's freaking amazing. In the end, we agreed to save money, have our "alternate" personal bank accounts be restricted just to buy that godly thingy. Wew, what a piece of device!
Afterwards we left the goldmine and headed to some bookstores.

"Fully Booked" and "Power Books" are my favorite bookstores in the city. Of course, I also love Booksale. But only Booksale in Megamall. LOL. I really wanted to buy a new book so I looked for one or two. Since there are rumors that Stephen King's The Darktower will hit the big screen in the near future...oh, wait... it's been confirmed that it will be seen as a movie on 2013. Imagine that! Back to the thing, I really wanted to read the series. But I can't find The Gunslinger --the first in the series. All I saw in those bookstores are from Book 2 onwards. Unlucky me. Disappointed and sad, I told my brother that we should have a seat for a while or perhaps to have a snack. The 2:00PM mark is drawing close anyway, I told him.

We had our snack in Dunkin' Cafe which at first I thought was not Dunkin' Donuts but in fact it was. The funny thing between us brothers is that whenever one of us wanted something, may it be food or anything, it will end up that both of us have the same thing. It's like a "twin" effect. But in no case, we're twins. Haha. But when we were small kids, people say that we're like twins. Same clothes, same haircut, same things. Everything.

After eating sandwiches and chocolate drinks, we watched Sucker Punch in IMAX. Whether the movie was great or bad, it's a personal thing. Here is my review.

It's time for us to go home but I insisted we visit again some bookstores because I really need to buy something before we go home. My brother browsed some men's magazines and even kid me that why spend my money on buying books when in fact I don't get anything from it. I just told him that it's my ultimate vice, if that's what other people may call it. At least I don't smoke and drink, or even take drugs. The good thing about me is my vices. It may cost too damn much but hell, as long as I'm happy with it, why not?

In the end, I bought this book.

It was a clincher match between "Under the Dome" and "Full Dark, No Stars".

The accountant in me emerged and analyzed my two options using Relevant Costing. Under the Dome, paperback at P520.00 vs. Full Dark, No Stars, hardcover at P990.00.

I bought Under the Dome and will still be considering Full Dark, No Stars in the upcoming weeks. Welcome to my small library, "Under the Dome"!

Paper crane, though, was not included when I bought the book. LOL! :)

Have a nice day!

Mission Accomplished!

I began my Wednesday with music from the all-beaut of this whole wide world, Taylor Swift. Not only she's pretty, she can actually sing and her songs were written as well. What a complete package for a girl. No doubt about that.

Moving along, tis been a very busy day for me. And I lasted, hmm..let us see.., ha! I lasted about 8 hours with no food in my stomach! What a record-breaking feat. If you can call that a feat.

Early today, after taking my bath, I tend to have some hot water so that I can sip some coffee before I leave the house. Unfortunately, we ran out of coffee, and the hot water I prepared? It spoiled. *sigh* Then off I go to my first destination -- National Statistics Office or simply NSO. It was my first stop to have a copy or two of my birth certificate. I got there as early as 8:15 in the morning. There were many applicants like me to get there own. Thank the heavens that even if we are so many, the volume of people out there during that time were tolerable. The processing and screening run smoothly without me noticing it. It took me only forty-five minutes to complete the whole thingy. In my opinion, that is favorable in its strictest sense. Imagine back in the days where no computers and when you apply for a copy they'll tell you to be back in a couple of days. Pretty long, right?

The City Hall was still the same when I got there after my venture in the NSO. My objective this time? That is to get my Poll Tax certificate (cedula). It took me, I think 10 minutes to have it. Although it was fast like a speeding bullet, there was some kind of drawback. You know, what it is? As far as my study is concern, and by reading some notes in taxation, the poll tax for an individual is only five pesos (or Php 5). That is what I read and ultimately, it's the law! The damn cashier, collected twenty-six pesos from me (or Php 26). Hence, their collection from me was overstated. I wonder why. Corruption? Tsk tsk tsk.

Minutes passed the hour of 10 and I find myself inside a studio to have some pictures (passport size). I paid. Fixed myself a little. And showed the camera my soon-to-forgotten smile. LOL. It was a relief to see the finished pictures and telling myself, "How good-looking you are, m'friend!"

My appointment to have an ECG was honestly started last year. And no single day I came. What a pity for me. That is why I insisted to have it this day. Tis my first time to have a medical test like that. Some metals were attached to my two wrists and yes, two also for my ankles. Some plastic/metal thingy were also placed in my chest, near my heart. And then wires were connected to all those things as if I'm gonna die via electrocution. The machine began to start. It printed sheets of paper where I only see were graphs. The session ended telling me that the result shall be given and explained to my Mom. There's something fishy about that moment. Oh well.

The last destination was my dentist. It's been like a year since I saw that face of my good dentist. The line of patient was short but heck, each patient dealt like an hour or two with the man. I finished reading a book, I slept, I sang. Those were the things I did to kill time. I successfully killed time. But how long? Three hours! Three solid hours! Eventually, it was paid off when a new set of metal braces were placed in my teeth. Can't eat hard foods in the meantime but sure I can handle it in the next few days.

In the end, my mission for today was accomplished. I felt that I was productive and a little bit responsible. Yes, a little. =)

Racing game fanatics unite!

The gameplay will take your breath away...like Anne Hathaway! LOL.
It's mid-March now and the other side of myself rang a bell. It's been about two weeks since I started this blog. So far, so good I think.

The last one that I posted under my "Project" domain was the Kanon project which I'm still downloading until now. Yep, it's completion is now about 40% (10 episodes out of 24) Not only that, I also started to have a copy of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 which has two seasons comprising 50 episodes all in all. Like Kanon, I only finished up to its first 10 episodes. You may ask why I only download up to these numbers? The answer is simple! I'm short of disk space! LOL. Another reason is that I don't have extra time to watch it because of the review classes I'm attending. Pretty good excuse.

Now, I prioritize the game featured above. To be frank, I didn't know this game until the other day. And hell it rocks! Too much destruction while the you race to the finish line. Wew! Awesome exclusive for the PS3.

Thank you!

I never expected that my blog will get the interests of users. 500+ views since this blog's inception two weeks ago is an achievement for me. And for that, thank you very much! =)

My internet speed this past few days made me angry. It's so slow. I wonder if this, in any aspect, is a result of what happened recently in Japan. Don't get me wrong, it's just a "long-shot assumption".

For all the blogs that I follow who recently posted new entries, I'll try to read it in a couple of hours.

Again, thank you guys!

A Shitty Tuesday...

Yesterday was supposed to be like any other Tuesday for me. You know, do stuffs like this and stuffs like that. Read a book, rest a bit, study, check the internet for interesting news and all. But that day, I mean yesterday? Shit, it was a pain in the ass! I do not actually believe Friday the 13th because of the notion that it can bring bad luck to anyone. Hell, it was the 15th yesterday! What's wrong with that, anyway?

Here is the story...

I'm doing something important yesterday when I realized that it's time to go out and have some fresh air. Not a bad idea, right? So I walked out of the house, breathe some fresh air. Yeah, I stayed out a couple of minutes outside and suddenly bad luck came. I was about to go inside when I was accidentally cut by a rusted roof in my elbow. Of course, it bleed. The size of the cut? Perhaps it's about 1.5 to 2 inches in length. I'm so disappointed of what has happened. I was like, "Oh shit! My f*cking deathclock appears now above my head." I rushed to clean it up the way an ordinary injury should be treated. Rinse it with water and soap. The bleeding, it won't stop. I tend to get an alcohol and a couple of tissue papers; afterwards I applied them on the wound. The pain is not that hard to resist but the thought of being killed by a rusted roof or should I say Tetano/Tetanus (whichever of these two) was the last thing in my mind to send me off to the afterlife. Not a remarkable death scene, am I right?

I went to the hospital later that evening. The doctor looked at my wound then he told the nurse to inject me some antivirus to counter the Tetano/Tetanus. I was never afraid of syringes but the excruciating pain that I felt afterwards, it was new to me. I got two shots of injections. One in my right shoulder and another in my left. Shortly after the doctor told me the do's and the don'ts, I went back home.

As of now, my wound is recovering fine. I think, it's dry now. Now as for my shoulders who got pinned by two needles, they are a little bit okay but I can still feel the pain. Maybe because of the antivirus, that is.

I hope nothing serious happens to me in the couple of days. If there'll be, I like it in a positive way. If it isn't, so help me God. 

My life according to MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST or GROUP, cleverly answer the following questions. Pass it on to people and include me (presuming I'm someone you like). You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think. Re-post as "My life according to (band name)".

I included the "Disenchanted" track below. You can listen to it if you want. =)

Pick your Artist/Group: My Chemical Romance

They rock my world!

1) Are you a male or a female?
    --> "Give 'em hell, kid" (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004)

2) Describe yourself
    --> "Disenchanted" (The Black Parade, 2006)

3) How do you feel?
    --> "I'm not Okay" (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004)

4) Describe where you currently live
    --> "House of Wolves" (The Black Parade, 2006)

5) If you could go anywhere, where would you go? 
    --> "Early Sunsets over Monroeville" (You brought me my bullets, you brought me your love, 2002)

6) Your favorite form of transportation?
    --> "Cemetery Drive" (Life on the Murder Scene, 2006)

7) Your best friend?
    --> "Interlude" (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004)

8) Favorite time of the day?
     --> "The End" (The Black Parade, 2006)

9) You and your best friend are?
     --> "Teenagers" (The Black Parade, 2006)

10) What's the weather like?
     --> "Hang 'em High" (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004)

11) If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
     --> "The Ghost of You" (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004)

12) What is life to you?
     --> "Desert Song" (Life on the Murder Scene, 2006)

13) You relationship?
     --> "I Don't Love You" (The Black Parade, 2006)

14) Your fear?
     --> "Bury me in Black" (Life on the Murder Scene, 2006)

15) What is the best advice you have to give?
     --> "SING" (Danger Days, 2010)

16) Thought for the day?
     --> "Save yourself, I'll hold them back" (Danger Days, 2010)

My Motto:
     "The Only Hope for Me is You" (Danger Days, 2010)

(Credits to my fellow blogger, Thirdy Lopez for this interesting topic.)

I hope you all like it! Have a nice day, everyone! 

Some major updates...

Hello! I updated my blog tonight. New pages, like shown in the right section of this site, will provide some information to yours truly. It is not actually an "About Me" page/s but I think it's way better than that. Some changes are also made in my homepage.


  • Added a calendar
  • Moved my countdown timer to another page.
  • Added a Subscription Link via RSS feed.
  • Added page entitled "May 2011 CPA Board Exam"
  • Added content to  "May 2011 CPA Board Exam"
  • Added page entitled "2011: Book Challenge"
  • Added content to "2011: Book Challenge"
  • Added page entitled "2011: Games I finished"
  • Added content to "2011: Games I finished"
  • ...and some other minor things.
I really planned to write something today for the Article part of my blog but got hesitated to finish it and post it here. The reason? I don't know. It's all about travelling places, honestly speaking. *Sigh*

Thanks for patronizing my blog. Can't smile without you all. =)

A bullet in my head...

I'm trying to add an RSS feed here. Actually, I put one minutes ago but then I decided to omit it. One thing is that I don't get the whole picture of how it operates. Just add some URL it says. Then I will get updates from the URL? Will that be all? A few more interpolation in the meantime.

My instinct was right once again. And it's about God of War: Ghost of Sparta. It was bad. Graphically speaking, it was the best PSP has to offer though the story and the script fell down the drain. The game's story ruined the entire series. Thank the heavens it's the last for Kratos' journey. Who gives a damn about his brother Deimos, anyway?  I can't stand to think another inconsistency and "moronic" quest for him. In my opinion, it should have ended in God of War. No more 2 and 3. As well as the Chains of Olympus. Facepalm!

This day for me was very exhausting. I tend to get dehydrated faster because it's summertime. The heat blocks my way of thinking and...well, it hinders everything.

Oh, before I forgot, thank you all for viewing my blog. It made my day happy. In return, I'll post some interesting articles these coming days. Again, thank you.

Cheer up! =)


Added a new feature. A countdown timer, that is. ^_^

Easy update...

I wrote an article about some movies. It was fun. Yeah!

I omit my music player in the background. Try to test it if it's okay for the readers without it in a day or so. 

I'm naming links for my posts but blogger says this kind of message.

I don't get it. Sigh!

Epic moments in 10 different films

Today's entry is all about moments--or should I say scenes-- in ten different movies I have watched this past decade. Some of them are jaw-dropping for anyone, some of the are not. This whole article; I really thought it while commuting to school yesterday. I hope you all consider it and might as well appreciate this simple article.

Watching movies is one of my favorite hobbies. My kind of movies? Well, we shall see as you read. To be a user-friendly read and for some of you guys who are curious about it, I'll include some of the film's information for reference. Beforehand, the films showed here are in no particular order.

And now...

1) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
    based from the novel by J.R.R. Tokien
    Starring: Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, and Ian Mckellen
    Director: Peter Jackson
Unleash thy oathbreakers!
Who will ever forget the final volume in J.R.R. Tokien's The Lord of the Rings? I remember that it was in my senior year in high school when the movie came out. I never read the book, I only scanned some chapters. Needless to say, I asked a question to my friend back then if why it was entitled like that. "Who's gonna return? Sauron?" Then my friend laughed hard he almost fainted. :)

I was wrong. The king is none other than Aragorn (portrayed by Mortensen). The screen cap shown above simply astonished me by just looking at it. Minas Tirith is bound for doom, no more allies to depend to. But what would a real king do to save not his kingdom nor claim his kingship but his people? The answer is simple. Call the oathbreakers to fulfill their oaths. Eat that Sauron! 

2) [500] Days of Summer (2009)
    Starring: Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
     Director: Marc Webb

"I was never sure of with you"
At first, I was literally not "sure" about this film. Is it good or bad? Or is it worth to watch? I haven't watched its trailer. Yes, I saw the movie posters in every mall I ventured. I just ignored it and walked away. But after a long friend of mine posted his thoughts regarding this movie in a social networking site, I got curious. After all, he has a good taste in movies. Why neglect, right? And then I watched it. Not once, not twice, but thrice! Holy macro! 

It's really a great love story for me though some of the fellow movie-goers out there say that it's a story about love. What difference would that be, anyway? A story of  a man who believed that destiny is in fact real the day he met his "the one", Summer. But not all stories end happily. And this is one of those classic examples. I personally liked this scene. What's so epic about it, you might ask. What's more to endure when you are rejected by someone you dear the most face-to-face in front of the world? Sad, it is.

3) Avatar (2009)
    Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver
    Director: James Cameron
Rider of the Last Shadow

Mixed emotions. After I watched Cameron's epic masterpiece, I still want more. And more, and more! How in all of this universe did James Cameron create the world of Pandora? It's so damn alive. Additionally, I thought that planet exists! Colorful forests, a variety of strange inhabitants, "glow-like" environment, the floating mountains, and a big old tree, are some of the many eye candy in Avatar. 

Perhaps for those who viewed this movie, they would say that the most epic moment is the great battle of between the Sky people and the Na'vi (with the help of Eywa). But for me it is not. To be honest, that was my first choice. But this scene (as shown above), it almost made me cry. It's like seeing a god incarnated in an avatar riding his legendary companion. Damn, it was really wonderful. 

4) Tropic Thunder (2008)
    Starring: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey, Jr.
    Director: Ben Stiller
"You are my...brother"

All I did was laugh in this movie. And that was from start to finish. Full of humor. Great concept. If only they make another one. I would like them to film Satan's Alley. Their trailer in the movie was so f*cking funny. I almost pissed. As in. Tropic Thunder is an unforgettable film of several personalities worked together for the first time as they indulge deep not only to their characters to be portrayed but most importantly, to themselves.

This scene was hard to forget. It was supposed to be a drama scene. It was intended for the viewers to sympathize the protagonist as he lost his two arms in an explosion thanks to a molotov cocktail. But it all didn't play smooth as the director depicted. Lazarus (Downey) can't cry, and Four-leaf (Stiller) didn't like the former's way of acting. Definitely, a must-see film for all ages!

5) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
    Starring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alan Rickman
    Director: Tim Burton
"There was a barber and his wife. And she was beautiful"
Probably some of you guys didn't see this movie starred by our good old Johnny. It was a musical, yes. But it was not that bad after all. The songs were well written and executed. Some of them were "Pretty Women" and "My friends". The story was also good.  A gory movie about revenge of a barber to a judge who sent the former to prison. And not only that, the judge even stole the barber's wife and child. Sigh! Oh my judge!

In terms of having an epic moment in this film, be warned that what I'll tell in the next few sentences are SPOILERS. If you didn't watch the movie, please watch it first. I guarantee that it is a good view. Done that. For those who already watched it, I chose the scene above that is because first, I have no prior knowledge that poor Sweeney would kill his wife without him knowing it. And of course, he almost killed his daughter. Second of all, who would've thought he will die in the hands of a child? In any case, that is only my opinion.

6) Inception (2010)
    Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ken Watanabe
    Director: Christopher Nolan
"Entering Zero-Gravity"
Am I seeing a real Isaac Clarke of Dead Space battling with a necromorph? Absolutely no! If it is, then I would be living in a dream. Inception is a one-of-a-kind film. Leo's character is right. An idea is highly contagious. Once in our head, it would be very difficult to exterminate. A deep penetration in our mind will allow us to be vulnerable allowing us to give our secrets and of course, for them to implant an idea that can shake the very foundations of our capabilities to know if this world is a dream or in its true sense, a reality.

This scene really captured my eye. Fighting in zero-gravity environment are usually seen in video games but this is incredibly "wow". Arthur (Levitt) fights one of Fischer's (Murphy) "inside agent" in order for them to delve more in his (Fischer) mind. With twists and all like this fight scene, Inception, as a whole delivers an interesting perception if one's life is real or all just fantasies.

7) Star Wars III : Revenge of the Sith (2005)
    Starring: Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, and Ewan McGregor
    Director: George Lucas
"You were the chosen One!"
I'm a Star Wars guy. Probably it was my godmother who introduced me to this kind of thing. She accompanied me to watch a movie in a theater then suddenly the Phantom Menace trailer appeared. Although a small boy back then, I feel like I was attached to George Lucas' space saga. I would like to be an astronaut before to be honest. Every boy's dream.

A climatic lighsaber duel between Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in planet Mustafar was my all-time bet in the saga. Surrounded by volcanoes and magma ready to destroy all things near it, the two managed to battle each other as one being a true jedi who follows the way of the light and a fallen-jedi-turned-sith who now lingers the path of darkness. Too bad for Anakin though. He was the chosen One.

8) Up (2009)
   Starring: Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai and John Ratzenberger
   Director: Pete Docter and Bob Peterson
Actions speak louder than words
Disney Pixar's Up, well, as you can see it, is an animated film. I'm trying to be objective here, boys and gals. Okay? I definitely love this film. Especially the first few minutes. It's like seeing a film with no script but actions. And then I realize that actions speak louder than words. The first meeting of Carl and Ellie. Their teenage years. Their marriage. Their loss of not having a child. The death of Ellie. And lastly, the gloomy life of Carl in his old days. Outstanding, really.

The starting scenes of Up were heartwarming and melancholic. It's like someone's forcing you a slice of cake and you don't want it. There were movies that I watched which contain slices of life in their story but for me, Up topped them all. There is nothing more epic in a man's life than to be his wife building their home for their kids.

9) 1408 (2007)
    Starring: John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson
    Director: Mikael Hafstrom
"Daddy's here"
From the master story-teller of all generations, Stephen King's 1408 is all about a writer named Mike Enslin who writes, ehem, ghost stories. Well, he doesn't believe in any of he writes. He even concluded that such paranormal activities do not exists. That was not until he checked in room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel. A room whose numbers when added up equaled 13.

I personally read the original story written by SK. It's not a book actually but a short story. If I were to choose from the movie version and the book, I prefer the former. Well, that was my humble opinion. 'Coz there are scenes in the movie that are not present in the original story. Example is the above scene. What will you do if your daughter who died of cancer suddenly appeared in that world of void? Mike Enslin, like all parents out there, will simply hug their child. But not for long. Not for long 'til you're covered with ashes. 

10) Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
     Starring: Jason Segel, Kristin Bell and Russel Brand
     Director: Nicholar Stroller

Inside of you...
I don't get it why others know nothing of this movie. It's so great! Couples or still single, this movie is just for you. And I would like to special mention those who ended up recently with their respective partners. This medicine (movie) is just for you. I got highly addicted with its script, norms, and point of views. Hope it will do the same to you. In a positive way, alright.

The scene above is the best for that movie. Singing "Inside of you" to your girlfriend will stress out anybody that it has a double meaning. At any rate, Aldous Snow (played by Russel Brand) still sang his piece to Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell), his girlfriend, with the audience happily listening and watching Snow do his "own little moves".

I fucked up!

Simply put, I fucked up! I'm experimenting some tools here in blogger and then I destroyed my last post which I published two nights ago. Oh shit! How can I recover it?! What a bold move due to curiosity.

In any case, I'm gonna delete that post. It's a real mess for me although it is just only a minor glitch. I have to add/delete some features from my blog. Have a few more adjustments I think. I'm always open for improvements and for your honest and objective criticism. And lastly, I'll post an article or two later tonight. I hope you all like it. It's all about movies, ladies and gentlemen.

I will keep you updated. ^_^

Ang Daang Pabalik

"At saan ka naman pupunta ngayon?"

"Ah, pupunta po ako ng Baguio. Gusto ko po talagang pumunta dun kahit noon pa."

"Bakit di ka na lang maghintay muna ng mga ilang araw para tayong lahat magkakasama? Sa kamakalawa na ang dating ng ama mo. Yung kapatid mo naman ay may mga eksamin lang hanggang bukas. Di naman siguro masamang maghintay, anak."

"Ina, naka-plano na po ang pag-alis ko ngayon. Di po kasi aari na sa mga susunod na araw pa. Kung natatandaan po ninyo, may 
trabaho na ako sa darating na lunes."

Hindi na nakapagsalita pa ang aking ina ng sinabi ko ang dahilan ko. Sa katunayan naman talaga ay gusto kong umalis muna ng tahanan namin. Gusto ko kasi ang paglalakbay at pagpunta sa mga lugar na madalas puntahan ng mga turista. Oo, nakakapunta nga ako sa ibang bansa samantalang ang dito lang sa sariling bansa ay hindi pa mapuntahan. Para san pa ang pagiging pilipino ko? Hahayaan ko na lang bang maging turista ako sa sariling bansa? Parang ang sama naman tingnan nun, di ba?

"O sya, ikaw ang bahala.", sabi ng aking ina. Nasa 50-anyos na ang aking ina at kahit ganun ang edad niya, mukha pa rin syang 30-anyos. Di ko alam kung anong sikreto ang ginagawa niya sa sarili niya. Biruin mo, mas mukhang bata pa siya sa aking ama eh kung tutuusin ay mas matanda ang edad ng ina. "Dala mo ba ang telepono mo? Tumawag ka sa akin kapag nandun ka na, maliwanag?"

"Opo. Kilala niyo naman po ako. Ako pa."

Lumabas na ng aking kwarto ang aking ina. Isinara ko muna ang pinto ng bahadya at umupo ako sa aking kama. Katabi ko ang mga bag na aking gagamitin para sa pag-alis. Laman nito ay puro damit. Ginawa kong tig-aapat para kung sakaling may mangyari ay may reserba ako. Naglagay din ako ng dalawang libro para may mabasa ako sa daan. Di ko kaya ang walang binabasa. Ewan ko ba. Uhaw na uhaw ako sa kaalaman. Di naman siguro masama yun. Pero minsan sabi sakin ni ina na parang lason daw ang kaalaman. Pwedeng ikasira ng pagkatao ng isang indibidwal. Una kong naisip na baka mabaliw pero hindi. Hindi magbibigay ang aking ina ng ganung sambitin kung ganun lang ang magiging epekto. 

Maaraw ngayon. Dinig ko ang mga ibong lumilipad malapit sa bintana ng aking kwarto. Binuksan ko ang bintana at dumungaw sa labas ng aming tahanan. Lumipad papalayo ang mga ibong kanina-kanina lang ay hawak-kamay na sa lapit. Nasilaw ako sa sikat ng araw. Mainit na pakiramdam ang dumampi sa aking mukha pati na rin sa aking balat. Ang araw, sadyang mainit. Di mahawakan pero dama ang mala-apoy na sikat. 

Isinara ko na ang bintana. Kinuha ang aking bag at huminto ng sandali. "May nakalimutan pa ba ako?", bulong ko sa aking sarili. "Meron ng damit. Ang relo ko, suot ko na. Payong. Tsinelas. Panulat. Papel. Telepono. Charger. Ano pa?" "MP3. Netbook. Ha? Dala ko pa pala pati ang netbook ko. Parang ang bigat na ng dala ko ah."

Habang inaalala ko ang mga aking dadahin ay pumunta na muna ako sa salas. Inilapag ko ang mga gamit ko. Nanonood ang aking ina sa telebisyon. Humahalakhak at tumatawa. Yun na namang paborito nyang palabas ang kanyang pinapanood. Tumabi ako sa kanya sabay halik sa kanyang pisngi. 

"Yung lalagyanan mo ng tubig, baka makalimutan mo pa. Alalahanin mo, yan ang sakit mo nung bata ka pa. Mabilis ka ma-dehydrate.", binigkas ni ina. 

"Nasa ref pa po, 'nay. Kunin ko 'pag paalis na ako."

"Bakit? Hindi ka pa ba aalis? Anong oras na ah."

Tumingin ako sa orasan namin sa salas. Alas-dos pasado na ng hapon pero ang liwanag sa labas dahil sa sikat ng araw. Aakalain mong magta-tanghali pa lang. 

"Kunsabagay, dala mo naman ang auto mo. Magiging mabilis lang ang byahe. Mag-ingat ka sa pagmamaneho. 'Wag kang magmadali. Hindi ka naman pati nagmamadali.", paalala sakin ni ina.

"Di ko po dadalhin ang auto ko. Sasakay na lang po ako papunta doon."

"Ganun ba? Akala ko dadalhin mo yun."

"Baka po kasi mamroblema pa ako sa paradahan. Saka mag-isa lang naman po ako. Ako na pong bahala sa diskarte."

Pumunta ako sa kusina at kinuha ang lalagyanan ko ng tubig sa ref. Kumuha din ako ng hamon at inilagay ko sa platito. Kinuha ko ang kutsilyo at humiwa ako ng mga kaunting piraso. Inilagay ko ulit ang natirang hamon sa ref. Kung pwede ko lang sanang dalhin ang hamon na yun. Makakatipid pa sana ako sa gastusin. Inilagay ko ang mga piraso ng hamon sa oven toaster at pinihit ko ang timer sa 5 minuto. Tiningnan ko ang loob ng toaster. Unti-unting lumiliwanang ang mga ilaw nito. Walang anu-ano'y naalala ko ang aking panaginip. 

Nasa isang lumang gusali daw ako. Bumababa ako ng hagdan. Madilim ang paligid ngunit nasisinagan naman ng buwan. Gula-gulanit ang mga dekorasyon sa gusali na animo'y ninakawan o nasunugan, o pareho. Mag-isa kong tinahak ang pasilyo sa gusali ng makababa na ako sa hagdan. Naaninaw ko ang isang pinto sa dulo nito. Patuloy kong nilakad ang daan patungo sa aking nakita hanggang sa masilayan ko ang mala-kulay putik na kabuuan ng pinto. Binalot na ng kalawang ang tangnan ng pinto. Madungis, maalikabok, at makaluma ang pintong ito na ngayon ko lang nakita. Una kong impresyon ay sigurong nakakandado ang pinto. Dahil mausisa ako, hinawakan ko ang tangnan ng pinto at dahan-dahan kong pinihit. Bumukas ang pinto. Nakaramdam ako ng takot sa nangyaring yun. At dahil nandun na rin lang, pumasok ako sa loob ng silid na iyon. Hindi gaano madilim ang paligid. Abot pa rin naman ng sinag ng buwan mula sa kalangitan. May mga lalagyan ng libro akong nakita. Puro agiw na ang mga ito. Kung aking natatandaang mabuti ay higit kumulang tatlo ang mga nakita kong ganun. Di gaanong kalakihan ngunit kayang lagyan ng daang-daang mga babasahin. May ilawan na marahil ay noong una pa ginagamit. Isang pares ng sapatos na pambabae na sira na ang takong. Padilim ng padilim ang paligid hanggang sa bumungad sa aking harapan ang isang malapad na mesa na may dalawang kahon (drawer) sa ilalim. Ang isang nasa kaliwa ay may hawakan ngunit ang isa sa kanan ay wala. Bigla ko na lang naramdaman na may hawak akong hawakan para dun sa isa. Inilagay ko ang hawakan at nang inakma kong bubuksan....

"Ting.. ting.. ting.."

Nagulat ako sa aking nakita. Wala na ako sa aming tahanan. Akala ko ay tunog ng oven toaster ang aking narinig na nagsasabing tapos na ang 5 minutong pag-init sa hamon. Pero hindi. Tunog pala iyon dito sa istasyon ng tren na nagsasabing papalapit na ang susunod na tren. 

"Pinapaalala lang po namin sa mga pasahero na paparating na ang susunod na tren. Ito na po ang huling byahe sa araw na ito dahil po sa di magandang panahon. Nawa'y maintindihan niyo po ang sitwasyon. Maraming salamat po."

Hindi ako makapaniwala. Hindi ko alam kung nasaan ako. Ang tanging hawak ko ay ang tiket at ang lalagyanan ko ng tubig na ngayon ay nasa kalahati na ang laman. Gusto kong umiyak pero para saan pa? Iiyak dahil nawawala o dahil sa di alam ang nangyayari? Pareho. Pareho talaga. 

Uminom ako ng tubig habang nakapikit ang aking mga mata. Sinabi ko sa sarili ko na nananaginip lang ako at nasa amin pa rin ako. Baka nga naman nakatulog lang ako sa amin. Baka. Marahil. Binuksan ko ulit ang aking mga mata habang sinasarhan ang lalagyanan ko ng tubig. Nasa istasyon pa rin ako ng tren. Nakaramdam ako ng lamig dahil na rin sa malakas na ulan at hangin na para bang tatlong bagyo na sabay-sabay ang nagsanib. Umupo ako malapit sa may poste ng ilaw. Katabi ko ang isang lalake na nasa 50 o 55 taong gulang na. May salamin sya at nagbabasa ng dyaryo. Walang pasubali, nagtanong ako sa kanya.

"Tatang, ano po kayang oras na?"

Natigilan at isinara ng kaunti ang dyaryo. Tiningnan nya akong mabuti na parang may hinahanap sabay sabing, "Iho, may orasan ka di'ba? Sira ba iyang suot mo? At saka may mga orasan dito sa istasyon. Hindi mo ba sila nakikita?"

Tama nga naman si tatang. May relo akong suot. Tiningnan ko ang relo ko at nakitang hindi na ito gumagana. Nakahinto ang oras nito sa alas-dos bente tres. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali ay ito ang mga oras na nasa amin pa ako. Kahit ang petsa nito ay nakapako sa numero 4. Ano'ng nangyari? Bakit tumigil? Kapapalit ko lang ng baterya nito nung umaga na nasa amin pa ako. Ano pati ang araw ngayon? Naguguluhan ako.

"Tang, pasensya na po kayo. Nasira po kasi ang relo ko. At yung mga orasan naman po na sinasabi niyo na andito ay..." Bigla akong natahimik. Tiningnan ko kasi ang orasan na nasa dakong harapan namin. Oo medyo malayo-layo yun pero hindi ko na sya mabasa. Nakaramdam ako ng pagkahilo. Lumabo ang paningin ko. Di ko na maaninaw ang ibang bagay na malayo sa akin. Ang mga taong nag-aabang para sa tren na halos limang dipa lang sa'kin ay di ko na din maaninag kung lalake ba o babae. Malabo sila. Malabo. 

"..di ko po mabasa. Malabo na po kasi ang mga mata ko." Sabay kamot sa ulo. "Salamat po tatang."

Tumayo ako. Nagbasa ulit ang matanda ng dyaryo. Bago umalis ay tinanong ko ulit ang matanda kung may alam syang malapit na tawagan ng telopono. Wala. Yun ang sabi ng matanda. Putol ang mga linya pati na ang kuryente. Tanging generator lang daw ang nagpapatakbo sa operasyon ng istasyon ngayon. Matapos magpasalamat sa kanya at magpaalam ay tumungo ako sa mga taong nakatayo na nag-aabang sa tren. Wala ang aking telepono, ang bag na dapat ay dala ko. Hindi ko sila dalang lahat. At paano naman ako napunta dito? Kataka-taka naman. 

Naglakad-lakad ako. Narinig sa mga kapwa pasahero na malapit na ang tren at kanila na itong nakikita. Tumingin ako sa aming kaliwa ngunit wala akong maaaninaw bukod sa alam kong tubig ang bumabagsak buhat sa kalangitan. Maya-maya pa'y nagsalita na ang operator ng istasyon na andito na ang tren. Nakita ko ang tren na dumaan sa aming mga harapan habang unti-unting bumabagal para makasakay ang mga pasahero. Maganda ang tren. Bagong modelo siguro dahil ang iba ang kulay sa mga dating nasakyan ko. Kulay asul na may kaunting kulay pula ang tren. Meron din itong watawat ng bansa sa kada pinto ng tren na parang tulad din sa mga dati. Marahil ang malaking pagkaka-iba nito sa mga naunang tren ay makikita ko sa loob. Yun na lang ang sabi ko sa sarili ko. 

Tumigil na ang tren. Eksaktong natapat ako sa pintuang papasok sa loob. 'Pag bukas ng pinto ay nagsakayan na ang mga pasahero. Ang iba ay maraming dalang bag habang ang iba ay kung hindi payong ang dala ay jacket lamang ang suot. Pumasok ako sa loob ng tren. Malawak ang loob nito. Maaliwalas ang paligid. Malinis ang sahig kahit na basa ang mga sapatos dahil sa ulan. May mga kwarto sa tren na parang nasa isang otel lang. Ang ibang kwarto ay saradong-sarado. Siguro para na din sa pagiging pribado ng mga nakasakay dito. May mga kama siguro para pwedeng makapagpahinga. O baka naman natural na ito sa tren na ito. Lumapit ako sa isang tauhan ng tren at ipinakita ko ang ticket ko.

"Ginoo, dito po ang sa inyo. Maaaring sundan niyo po ako.", sabi sa akin ng babaeng halos magkasing-edad lang kami o mas matanda sya ng kaunting buwan. 

Sinundan ko sya habang palingon-lingon ako sa paligid. Akmang naghahanap ng kakilala na pwedeng magpaliwanag kung nasaan ako. Kaso, wala akong nakita. Ang masama pa nun, di ko masyado maaninag ang iba. Malabo. Kailangan ko ata ng salamin. Saan naman ako makakabili nun dito? 

Binuksan ng binibini ang isang silid. Sinabi nyang ito ang magiging tahanan ko habang nasa tren. Matapos ipaliwanang kung ano ang nasa aking silid ay umalis na din ang binibini. Isinara ko ang pinto at umupo sa isang upuan na malapit sa bintana. Malakas ang ulan. 

Dahil sa kagustuhan ko ng sagot sa mga nangyayari, lumabas ako ng aking silid. Isinara ang pinto at naglakad sa direksyon kung nasaan ang unahan ng tren. May isang parte dito sa tren na puro upuan ang nasa parteng kaliwa at bilihan ng pagkain ang nasa gawing kanan. Parang kainan kung ako ang tatanungin. Ang isang parte pa dito sa tren ay katulad din nung mga dating nasakyan ko. Upuan lang na katabi ang bintana. Kakaunti ang nagagawi sa parteng ito. Mas gustong humiga ng karamihan sa mga pasahero sa kani-kanilang mga kama ngayong malamig ang panahon. Ang iba, nandito. Nakaupo. Nagku-kwentuhan ang iba. Ang iba ay nakatingin sa labas. Ang ilan ay nagbabasa ng libro, dyaryo, magasin, o nagbabasa sa kanilang dalang laptop

Biglang sumara ang mga pinto ng tren. Eto na siguro ang hudyat na aalis na. Lumapit akong bahagya sa saradong ppinto at tinitigan ko ang istasyon ng tren kung saan kani-kanina lang ay nandun ako. Namamatay na ang ilaw sa istasyon. Sigurado ako kahit di ko masyado makita dahil dumidilim ang dako doon. Nalungkot ako. Ni hindi ko nga alam kung saan papunta ang sinasakyan ko. Sino'ng hindi malulungkot?

Gumalaw ang tren. Dahan-dahang umandar. 

"Kung ako sa'yo, uupo ako.", tinig ng isang babae.

Hinanap ko kung saan nanggaling ang tinig.

"Hindi ka ba uupo? Hinaharang mo ang ilaw. Nagbabasa naman ako dito.", reklamo niya.

Magkatalikuran kami ng babae kaso nakaupo siya. Humingi ako ng paumanhin. Hindi sya nagsalita. Nagbabasa lang siya. Puwesto ako sa katapat niya at umupo ako. Dalaga sya. Medyo kulot na di naman gaanong kahabaan o kaiklian ang buhok. Simpleng tingnan. Mukhang mataray. Naka-jacket na kulay rosas. Ang hikaw na kanyang suot ay batay sa pagkakatingin ko ay perlas na kulay puti. Tinitigan ko lang sya na parang naghahanap ng ilalait.

"Hindi kita gusto", sabi niya.

Nakaramdam ako ng sakit sa sinabi niya. Ano bang problema niya? Sa lahat-lahat ng sasabihin sa akin, yun pa. Napaluha ako sa sinabi niyang iyon. Una, malalaman kong nasa ibang lugar na ako ng hindi ko alam. Pangalawa, nakasakay ako dito na hindi ko alam kung saan papunta. Tapos, ngayon ito naman. Tumayo ako sa kinauupuan ko at lumakad patungo sa kanya. Huminto ako at winikang, "Sino bang meron?"

Bumalik ako sa aking silid. Humiga sa aking kama. Ipinikit ko ang aking mga mata habang sinasabi sa sarili na hindi totoo ang mga nangyayaring ngayon. 

Starting to write one

Yes! I just started to write a story. Doing this, doing that. Heck, it's hard. I have to broaden my imagination bit by bit to be able to finish this. It will be labeled as "Book Development". This is it. =) 

Ano ang hiling mo?

[Be advised. Filipino language is used in this article.]

Di ko na alam kung ano ang nangyayari sa akin. Oo, magaling daw ako sabi nila. Matalino daw. Ambisyoso sa usapang matino. Madaming gustong abutin sa buhay na 'to. Pero bakit ako ganito nitong nagdaang araw? Nakakaasar na talaga.

Eto ang kwento. 

Biktima kasi ako ng Oras. Literal yun ha? 22 na ako ngayong taon. Isip bata pa rin. Madalas na ang ugali ko ay ganun. Kung tamaan ako ng kidlat bigla, magiging seryoso ako ng walang anu-ano. 

Nagsimula kasi lahat nung nasa sekundarya pa ako. At ang naaalala ko pa noon ay ito ang kauna-unahang hiniling ko sa buhay ko. (At sana di ko na lang hiniling) Malapit na akong magtapos nun. Taong 2004 ito nangyari. Katapusan na ng pasok sa eskwelahan at wala na masyadong ginagawang pag-aaral dahil puro ensayo na lang para sa "Commencement Exercises". 

May nakilala kasi akong dalawang binibini nung mga panahong yun. Ang isa ay nasa ika-tatlong taon habang ang isa nama'y nasa unang taon pa lang. Gusto ko sila dalawa. Kaso, wala akong balak na ligawan ang isa sa kanila kasi pirme ang sabi ko sa sarili ko na ayaw kong magkaroon ng isipin. Tamang libro, libro, libro lang ang problemahin. 

Nagkaroon kami ng kung ano man nung babaeng nasa ika-tatlong taon. Mabait sya. Palangiti. Tsinita ang dating. Naging malapit ako sa kanya at ganun din sya sakin. Sa katunayan ay lagi kaming magkausap sa telepono noon. Gabi-gabi, tinatawagan ko sya. Syempre, masaya. Sino bang hindi?

Humiling ako nung mga panahong yun na sana bumagal ang oras ko para maabutan niya ako. Sinabi ko na sana dumating ang oras na sabay kaming mag-aaral parang magka-klase. Simpleng hiling lang yun na katakot-takot na epekto ang nangyari. Nung mga unang araw, parang wala lang. Walang nangyayari. Kaya ang sinabi ko sa sarili ko na yang mga hiling na yan ay pawang katawa-tawa lamang. Dun ako nagkamali.

Nakapagtapos ako sa sekundarya at di na kami nagkaroon ng kahit kunting komunikasyon nung babae. Ang masaklap pa dun ay natupad ang hiling ko. Nasa unang taon na ako sa kolehiyo ng biglang magloko ang tatay ko. Puro bisyo, at babae. Samakatuwid, sakto ang pagloloko ng tatay. Napatigil ako sa pag-aaral. Isang taon at kalahati din yun. Isa pang epekto nun ay ang paglipat namin ng bahay (hindi tirahan) sa probinsya. Umiyak talaga ako nun. Iniyakan ko ang pag-aaral ko. Gusto ko kasing mag-aral pero parang mapupunta sa wala.

Awa naman ng Diyos ay nakapagtapos ako ng kolehiyo. Kumuha ng CPA board exam nung isang taon pero nakakuha ng "Conditional remark" na kung saan ay kailangang ulitin ang dalawa kong subjects na mababa ang marka. Kaya ayun, bumagal na naman ang oras ko. Kaya eto, aral pa din. Pero ok na yun kaysa nakakuha ako ng "Failed" di ba? Mabuti naman ang pag-aaral ko ngayong mga araw kaso nakaramdam ako ng katamaran o sabihin na nating pagsasawa. Nakakainis kaya. 

Ayoko na nga minsan humiling eh. Nakakatakot. Kung hihiling ako ngayon, yun ay ang maging CPA na ako ngayong darating na mayo. Pakiusap lang po. Halos tatlong taon na po akong huli sa mga balak ko sa buhay. Kung totoo man ang sinabi sakin ng kaibigan kong si Lea na baka may dahilan kung bakit nangyayari sa akin ito, sana lang. Ang tatlong taon kasi, kahit saang anggulo mo tingnan, ay tatlong taon.

At ano na nga ba ang nangyari dun sa babaeng nakilala ko nung sekundarya ako. May nakapagsabi sa'kin na kaklase ko na nabaliw daw yung babae. Nabigla ako. Di ko akalain na magiging ganun sya. Masayahin kasi sya nun. Naaawa ako sa kanya. Pakiramdam ko na parang may kinalaman ako kung bakit sya nagkaganun. Pinaiyak ko kasi sya nung huli kaming mag-usap eh. Sana maging maayos na sya. Nakakaiyak kung makakakita ka ng taong malapit sa'yo na masayahin tapos hahantong na lang sa wala. 

Hiling. Hihiling lang pala. Sinubukan ko nga noon pero ang dami namang nangyaring di maganda. Sadyang ang mundong ito ay mahirap pakisamahan. Matutupad nga naman ang hiling kaso minsan mali pa o minsan talaga ang laki ng kapalit.


I am currently downloading this piece of art. Sadly to say that I watched Clannad first before this one. Oh no! Even so, I'm looking forward to this anime. 

Out of the blue...

The name's JC, by the way. A melancholic guy who has lots and lots of ideas in mind. A very complicated being, that is me. I'm addicted to researching ideas of old and new. The reason behind it? I DO NOT KNOW! Perhaps I thirst for knowledge. There's nothing wrong about it, right? I also play lots of video games. My favorite game of all? The GOD OF WAR series. Damn, it was great! 

Once in a while, I go to a bookstore to browse some books for me to read. The last book I bought was entitled "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I'm halfway through with it and I like the concept. It's all about myths of different cultures and everything. Meeting the roman god Odin is like "wow". 

Writing is also a hobby for me. Come to think of it, I haven't finished a story I did. This time, I will finish it. :)

It is time for me to study now. Got to maintain my status in my chosen profession. I'm an accounting graduate. I have to take this coming May CPA board exam. To be honest, I took the exam last October and got a conditional remark. It means I have to take two remaining board subject which I had a "not-so-good" grade. At least I did not fail, right? Practical Accounting 1 and 2, here I come! 

A few more adjustments, etc. I think I love what I'm doing. Alright! Who cares if no one reads my blog? 

It's raining today. Summertime here in the country but it rains. Oh well.


Now here's a java script with falling leaves on it. I'm giving breath to my blog. It's like making a doll and you give them with eyes, a pair of nose, etc. All that it lacks now is a soul. Hmm. Now I wonder.

First of all...

I just created a blog. It has a little feature in the meantime. So to speak, that is the music in the background.

I'm finding a nice java script to input here like falling leaves or snow. Actually I found one or two but can't apply it here. I don't know where I go wrong. Anyways, I'll make it happen in the succeeding hours or so.

I have lots of books to read and here I am polishing my blog. A big "HA HA". 

Up, up, and away. =)





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