God of War III

This game made my gaming world happy than ever before. This was actually my birthday present to myself. =) Graphics-wise, this is the best I've seen so far. Battling your way up to Mt. Olympus with the titans along your side. Killing one olympian after another. Unleashing chaos into the world of men. Kratos is the most bad-ass type of protagonist in the recent years of gaming, in my opinion. The only downside about this game is its script. It is very confusing and inconsistent with the overall plot. Except that, this game will put the gamer into some real action in the light of Greek Mythology. A jaw-dropping game, indeed.

Dead Space 2

This game will really scare the shit out of you. Terror from Dead Space 1 evolved in this sequel. Follow Engineer Isaac Clarke as he tries to escape the Sprawl, located in one of Saturn's moons. Necromorphs (dead corpses that came to life because of an alien organism) will be in Isaac's way as he travel through places like laboratories, tram stations, and a church. I definitely love this game even it's in a horror genre. Play this at night with lights off and your gaming experience will never be the same again.

Mass Effect 2

I tracked this game since 2009. You know, watching some trailers, gameplay videos, and even EA's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)! If you're a Star Wars and Star Trek fanboy (or fangirl), your first impression might be that this game is a wannabe. I'm afraid it is not. Mass Effect 2 is an RPG that is a sequel for the same title and follows the adventure of Commander Shepard to save the galaxy from the Reapers. I haven't played the first one because it's only for the 360 and PC. Thank God, the PS3 port came out early this year and I got the chance to play this epic space adventure. 

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The God of War series infected my system back in 2008 when my brother and I bought a PS2 unit. I never actually know this kind of game and its genre. The fact that Sony published it made me eager to play it. This game takes place between God of War and God of War II in the PS2. Kratos' victory over the god of war Ares made him (Kratos) the new occupant of Ares' throne. However, visions about his past regarding his brother Deimos came. With blood lust and mountain-high rage, Kratos sails to Atlantis to find clues about his brother. But as his search continues, revelations will emerge and he eventually realizes why he is (Kratos) truly the ghost of sparta.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia was really in my wishlist back in 2008. Colorful environment. Huge world map. A giant tree temple in the middle of the desert where people worship. It's an outstanding game for me although it's somehow repetitive. The story tells about a nameless prince who got separated with his donkey named Farah due to a sandstorm. After that, the prince got lost, arrived in an unknown kingdom and got caught in the middle of a celestial war. Full of pure action, wonderful imagery, and acrobatic stunts, this game was simply awesome.

Motorstorm Apocalypse

I first played this game in the PSP when my younger brother offered me. Being a loyal racing game fan, I didn't hesitate to grab the wheel. Motorstorm Apocalypse is the latest game from Evolution Studio in which they made two previous titles for the PS3 console. Before I had the chance to play it thoroughly in the PS3, I was in awe with its graphics and sceneries. But I was wrong! Again! My verdict? The game was so short, full of bugs, ugly graphics, and the destruction sequences when you drive? It really really sucks! What a wasted game. Poof~!

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is a beast! And when I say it is, IT IS! This particular franchise occur to me about two or three years ago when the first game came out. People say it has the best graphics for a FPS game on a PC. So I watched some videos of it in the web and found out that their comments were actually true. It's not like Medal of Honor or the Call of Duty franchise yet its "sci-fi" theme made it king of all FPS. Back then, I wanted to buy a new gaming rig for me to play it but then I failed. Studies were my priority and gaming is off the charts.

Good things come for those who wait. Indeed! After four years, Crytek released Crysis 2 not only for the PC but also for the XBOX 360 and for the PS3. It was the moment I've been waiting for. The game was worth the wait. Believe me, never a dull moment in the game. Amazing graphics, action-packed sequences, intriguing story, sharp enemy AI, and heart-pounding musical score makes this game superb. Whether a fan of FPS or not, this game will simply take your breath away. 


This is one of the best games of the last decade, in my own opinion. FPS, yes... But the fact that it's somehow scary if one plays it alone in the middle of the night is a surprising thing. I never imagined finishing this piece of art barely a month ago (I actually played it after office hours). Venturing a fictional underwater city called Rapture in Bioshock gave me such intrigue about the true nature of humankind. How dark one's heart and soul can be because of power. Such solid story and the advent of plastids and tonics (not to mention our good old Adam), players shall feel the creepy and odd environment underneath the ocean as they wander around fighting for survival to see the sun once more.

Battlefield 2: Bad Company

Although it's only a short game, Battlefield 2: Bad Company still delivers the action-packed gameplay and interesting plot one expects in a FPS game. Being regarded as one of the heralds of shooter games in the industry, Battlefield 2: Bad Company really has its own version of fun and entertainment that players will notice the first time they lay their hands unto it. All elements in the game captures my attention. Making your way through a village in Chile, or fighting to escape an enemy encampment, and hi-jacking an airplane are some of its key missions that the game itself can showcase. And even though there are some faulty glitches, Battlefield 2: Bad Company is just an awesome game not only for die-hard FPS fans but also to those who are new to this genre. 

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands takes place in between The Sands of Time and The Warrior Within arcs originally released for the Playstation 2. This game tells the story of the prince's (nameless prince) adventure to his brother's kingdom away from Babylon. As always, the prince finds himself in a midst of chaos involving sand creatures/monsters and surprisingly in this game, Ifrit shows up. Because it is based from The Sands of Time universe, players once again has the ability to rewind time if some unusual circumstances comes in the way. The traps are back of course, and with some new idea, Ubisoft made the game a little bit of a hack-and-slash type of game in which the prince must kill hordes of sand soldiers. Except for some technical glitches like the Final Climb near the end of the game and terrible enemy AI, PoP:The Forgotten Sands is nonetheless entertaining inside and out.

Dragon Age II

I never played the first one. They said that the first Dragon Age rocked hard because of its innovative gameplay and most importantly, it was created by Bioware. So, I took the liberty to try Dragon Age II. It was fun at first, yes. But as the game progresses, no matter how the story goes, it's like doing the same thing over and over again. Same maps. Same people. Same quest pattern. Same shit, different day. Additionally, it's an ordinary hack-n-slash game even if I played as a magician. Oh, and the items were so generic. I can't stand it, honestly.

But then again, if you love role-playing games, you might try this one. For over 30 long hours of gaming time, Dragon Age II deliveres the fun and excitement that Japanese RPGs cannot. After all, you can slay dragons in this game. Yep, a fire-breathing one.

Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 is just wow! After finishing the game last night, I'm still mesmerized by that tear-jerker ending in which I almost clapped my hands for about ten minutes, inclusive of the credits. Set for nearly a decade after the events of the first Bioshock game, players now experience the role of Rapture's all-powering behemoth -- Big Daddy. With Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine dead, the underwater utopian city is now under the leadership of a clinical psychiatrist named Sofia Lamb whose primary objective is to use Ryan's idea to establish a being that is selfless and has no free will. A medium that will contain all Rapture's ideas and memories. This being (which is in fact Lamb's only daughter and the first little sister) helps Subject Delta (the game's protagonist) by way of mental contact to find the former's body and be reunited with the bond that's between them: a parent and a child.

The game is highly controversial and philosophically tackles the nature of a human's heart. I personally love the sequel's atmosphere even though the fright that was present in the first game diminished by a little. The characters are also unforgettable additional  to its gripping story. New weapons are also present especially the drill that would help you a lot in difficult situations. Full upgrade of the drill with four or five tonics and you'll have this monster strength that can kill splicers instantly. Yes, instantly. Speaking of the common enemies called splicers, 2K Games introduced three new monsters namely Alpha Series (first version of Big Daddies), Brute Splicers, and Big Sisters. These enemies will try to immobilize Delta as he traverse Rapture and fight not only for his survival but also for the first utopian.

Portal 2

Deny the laws of science with Portal 2! With immense amount of puzzles that could let you think for a moment, the game is pretty ingenious and innovative that no other puzzle games in the industry can compete. (That's a tiger-out-of-the-cage remark!) Using one's wits and analysis, Portal 2 takes players into a wild ride that makes them realized that nothing is impossible with science. Needless for me to say but science is my favorite subject back in basic education. LOL!

Portal 2 begins after years of what have had happened back in the first game. The facility of Aperture Science where they conduct tests for all detainees has changed. By pairing up with a personality core (or should I say robot) named Wheatley, Chell (the game's protagonist) followed Wheatley as they try to escape the Aperture Science. As they go on their way to freedom, they accidentally passed the "somewhat-somehow" remains Aperture's cruel AI, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Direct Operating System) which her primary motive is to exact revenge for Chell who murdered her from the previous game. With the help of Wheatley and a Portal Gun, Chell must complete countless of test chambers given by GLaDOS in order to get close to GLaDOS's main chamber and instilling Wheatley to be the lead AI of Aperture.
Unfortunately for me, I did not manage to play the first one because it's only for the PC. How much a PC costs is one of the many reasons why. Second is that I'm still studying back then (it was 2007 and I was like second year in college). But, of course, I do know the game itself. You know, series of puzzles that I should take and all? Yep sir, that's the one. The thing that interested me since then is the Portal Gun itself. It's like you're leaping through the impossible with that kind of thing. The good news is, Portal 2 was ported to game consoles and I realized that dream of "leaping". Portal 2 is absolutely superb in everything -- story, gameplay, innovation, and even BGMs (especiall the end-credit song). With various twists and plots, Valve's got my two thumbs up for their addicting game that lets you not only thinking with portals but ultimately, being with portals.

I gave it a perfect score! No doubt about that! I hope Valve would make another one. :)





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