5 Centimeters Per Second: Movie Review

I once told myself that I will never watch another heart-breaking TV show or movie -- may it be a fiction or not, anime or not. Watching these kind of genre pierces my heart giving them the advantage to obliterate my sanity much more of my stone-hearted persona. It's not that I don't want to cry and use a roll of tissue to wipe away my tears but rather the invisible mark that will stick with you? I can't stand it. A bond that holds my heart in a chain of sad memories.

Out of curiosity, I watched 5 centimeters Per Second. First and foremost, I only acquired information about the movie yesterday because of this forum I rarely visit. Some said that the film itself has a very sad ending. So, what did I do? I challenged myself. 

5 Centimeters Per Second tells the story of a young boy named Takiko who was transferred to an elementary school in one of the towns in Japan where he met another transfer student named Akari. With both of them having the same qualities, interests, and attitudes, the bond between them grew realizing that there's much more to them than just mere classmates or friends. However, as the final year of their basic schooling draws to a close, revelations appeared that will keep them apart. Forever.

The film is yes, a slice of life. No magical event, no fictional element in the movie itself -- they constitute what life is really all about. Numerous symbols are depicted to the movie that somehow symbolizes our desires, endeavors, and our inner souls. It's unusual for films today or even TV shows that discuss these things in addition to the essence of being alive and the concept of our dreams for a certain goal or even a person we dear the most. 5 Centimeters Per Second is, in its truest form, a love story. And like Clannad, there's more than just saying those three magic words to our love ones
A scene that will never be forgotten
I love the movie. Speechless. Really.

My rating of the movie --> 9/10




it's my favorite Japanese film :-) i like how they use an old Japanese song to the film...


^Thank you for dropping by! I not only liked the song, I loved it. It will be forever here in my heart.

Again, many thanks! =)


by the way, i have a blog entry regarding that film, written 3 yrs ago lol.

http://distillingthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/11/speed.html :-)

Kuya Keith

Sir, where can i download it?


@totomai.. I read you entry a few moments ago. It was superb. I left a comment, too. =)

@Kuya Keith.. Hello! I only watched it in the internet. Here's the link:


One day, if God permits be going to Japan, I won't hesitate to buy the film in Blu-ray.

Thank you visiting, the both of you. =)


the song

One more time, One more chance with english sub titles :-)



^Many many thanks!! I love the video though the song captivates me more.

Thank you! =)

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