Memory synchronization, complete!

And there I was last night, the school which I was enrolled for four years taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. The memories of my hardships and trials when I was there were coming back as fast as a speeding bullet. They just keep flashing and bombarding my brain like a loose cannon from afar. Nevertheless my friends, it's good to be home. It is so nice to see my professors who inspired me to carry on my dreams. Needless to say, it seems like yesterday when I was taking exams, solving accounting problems in front of the class, debating issues with my colleagues, and of course, to be scolded by our terrifying dean. 

From left to right -- Sir Ordinanza, Luke, ME, Olivia, Maureen, Leonle, Dean Paz, and Ma'am Montserrat
From left to right -- Maureen, Leonle, and ME
When the time came for me to render my speech, I was a little bit nervous because public speaking is not in my list of abilities. It consistently gave me goosebumps and the way I speak? -- I was stuttering. Well, that was before. I stood in front of the undergrads delivering my speech with ease and excitement. Perhaps, my way of speaking improved. No more 'ums', or 'ahhs'. It was smooth. Yes, I prepared a speech but I chose -- in the last minute -- to have it as a guide and not as a letter reading in front of them. I do admit I kept looking to my notes in the few seconds of my message though as the time flew away, I'm on my own. I leveled up, alright. And besides, I'm no undergrad now. I'm an accountant. A professional accountant (though my grammar still needs to be honed). That sucks! :) The chance of seeing my fellow classmates who also passed the exam felt like a reunion. Reminiscing the good old times inside the classroom, the canteen, the library, the campus. We are now the kids from yesterday. I humbly thank the Creator for giving me the knowledge, patience, confidence, and wisdom to be in this profession. They say, passing the CPA is one hell of a challenge -- far more devilish than the Bar exam itself. But who knows? I am up for a challenge, I guess. But still, it's destiny. I wrote my destiny to be a CPA. And I wrote it with a smiling face in my heart.

My good old buddies.
(From left to right -- Luke, Olivia, ME, and Leonle)

(From left to right -- Mom, ME, Leonle, and our Dean)

From left to right -- My brother Miko, Gene, and ME)

From left to right -- Miko, Leonle, Gene, ME, and Mom)

The one that almost made me cry is when one of our professors told me that I am still the gentle one she knew. I was surprised. I really did. She's a 'terror' back in those days. Come to think of it, even an angry lion has a soft heart.

Gonna miss being in school. Moving forward now...

Memory Synchronization, complete. 

A saturday event...

Guys! I'm having a speech this afternoon in our school. Below is my speech. It may sound informal for a formal occasion but I loved the feeling when I wrote this. Feel free to read. Kindly say a comment if you like it or not. Thanks!  

Hello! Kumusta? Iba pala ang pakiramdam 'pag andito ka sa harapan para magbigay ng mensahe sa inyong mga future CPAs. Gaya niyo (at palagi nalang ito sinasabi nung mga nauna sa'min), naupo din ako dyan sa kinalalagyan niyo ngayon -- nangarap, naging inspirado, at kung minsan, nakatulog; tapos paggising eh kakain na pala tapos una pa sa pila. Nakakatawa mang isipin pero di ko naman akalain na ako na ngayon ang nandito. Ang bilis lang ng panahon. Teka, ano nga bang maibibigay kong tips sa inyo para maipasa ang board exam na yan? Sa totoo lang, lagi na yang sinasabi ng dean sa atin. Anim na letra. RRR at SSS. Read, read, read...Solve, solve, solve. Naaalala ko lagi yan. Kasi may hawak pa ang dean na chalk nun tapos sinulat sa pisara yang mga salitang yan tapos dinidiin nya. Sabi ko nga nun sa sarili ko eh "Pag di pa naman yun tumatak sa isip namin eh ewan ko na lang." Pero wag naman masyado ha? Baka mag-limitbreak ka at mag-omnislash ka bigla. Yung tama lang. I-balanse. Isaayos. At isa-isip. "No work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Samakatuwid, laro ka din. Relax ka. At saka laruin mo ang accounting at wag yun ang lalaro sa'yo. Kasi 'pag yun ang nangyari, game over na. Hindi mo na s'ya maiintindihan. 
Oo nga pala, lagi kayong makikinig sa ating dean. Dami niyo malalaman sa kanya. Kahit nga yung pinoyexchange eh sa kanya ko nalaman. Lagi kasi syang promote ng promote nun. Para bang pelikula nya yung thread natin. Post kayo dun ha? O, dean, nagpo-promote na din ako. 
Nagustuhan kong kunin itong kurso na 'to dahil may accounting subject kami nun sa UE manila. Nakakatuwa kasi ang dali. Hanggang post-closing trial balance nga eh alam ko na gawin nun. Basta, dapat daw balanse. Pero nung college na, parang ang hirap. Nahirapan ako. Siguro dahil hindi naman kami taga-dito. Iba ang lugar. Masyadong gloomy tapos boring pa. Parang walang kapareho ng interes. Ang hirap. Pero ganun pa man, aral pa din. Sunod na lang sa agos kahit na may sagwan ako para lumayo. Gaya nga ng sabi ko ang hirap. Di bale na lang. Tapusin na lang...
Hindi kami nag-aaral ni Mik sa bahay. Pinapagalitan na kami kung minsan kasi imbes na libro ang hawak namin eh mouse, keyboard, at controller ang hawak namin. Tapos dadating pa si Tenorio para manggulo at talunin kaming magkapatid sa Naruto sa PS3. Parang sya ang may-ari kasi ang husay. Daig pa kami. Tapos manonood kaming tatlo ng sine sa SM na halos linggo-linggo (rich kids daw kasi eh) at magpapa-cute si Mik dun sa babae sa sinehan. Sorry, Mik. Lakas mo kasi. Minsan nga sinabi niya sa'kin na may bago siyang gusto. Sabi ko hindi na ba si "R"? Hindi daw. Si "S" naman daw. Sabi ko, "Sino naman yang 'S' na yan?" Ayaw sabihin. Sabi ko sa kanya na huhulaan ko na lang. 6-letter name daw. Kaya napaisip ako. Malamang lagi niya 'tong nakikita. Tapos, nagka-ideya na ako. Sabi ko, "May letter 'r' ba yang 'S' na yan?" Meron daw. At 4th letter daw yun. Hmm. "Eh may letter 'y'?" Meron din daw at 3rd letter daw yun. Kaso hanggang dun na lang ang clue kaya tamang hula na talaga. Sabi ko, "" "Kumakanta 'to noh?" Oo daw. Ah, alam ko na. SKYRIM. Ayun, sabay apir! 
 Tama na nga. Eto na talaga ang mga sasabihin ko. English na lang po ah.
Even if accountancy was my first and ultimate choice to finish college, my dream as a writer did not end. Yep, I am a frustrated writer. I keep on writing things that comes in to my mind whether it's crap or not. Some say I'm good at it, some say it is better if I quit the 'writing' stuff. But then again, being an accountancy student should come first and will always be first. Period. In the undergrad, I ventured through lots of subjects. And to tell you guys honestly, never did I get a grade of 1.0 for an accounting subject. Good thing, there's business law to the rescue. And with that, many thanks to Sir Ilagan, Sir Zoleta, and Sir Alejandrino for seeing the potential in me to become a lawyer. Oh, and that reminds me of Sir Bonafe at ReSA review school. He also believed in me for becoming such one. 
Time skip, commencing.
And there's the review. Lots to learn, techniques to master, and friends to make. Struggling for any subjects, the review will give you a helping hand. I was right after all that there's a teacher factor when we study our lessons. I'm a loser when it comes to P1 but Sir Ube gave us tips for solving. I'm no master of MS but Sir Aljon showed us the steps on how to deal with it. I don't have memory for Forex in college but Sir Dayag honed us to perfect not only the Forex topic but the whole bible of P2 with him constantly saying O-rayt and A-kay. I am not saying to you guys to go there in ReSA to spend your review. *ehem* I am not saying either, ReSA's the best. *ehem* It's all up to you. 
 As I go to finish the deed last May to clean my P1 and P2 subjects, I prayed. Not a religious person here but seriously speaking? -- it's the best thing to do. I do not have Dumbledore's Elderwand for chrissakes but I do know sufficient accounting spells to counter the Board of Accountancy's (or simply the Board's) mythical wand. I asked our Creator to help me and guide me. That I did everything to pass the test. That I am also destined to be an accountant. And then it came...not the exam. But the calling
It's feels like I was playing a video game where I was in this huge mech finding a way to home. I did find a path but there were two huge obelisks that I should first take care of. Destroying things is, in all its logicality, easy. The 'how' to destroy them is another thing. I saw in my control panel that there are six weapons to choose from. Five of them were exhausted and cannot be used. The one which remained is the weapon new to me. How can I overcome those two if only one remains? After all this and that, I believed it. I started to believe. I activated the weapon and  a female voice surrounded me announcing things.
Shift to VECTOR CANNON mode.
All energy lines connected.
Landing gears and climbing ions locked.
Inner chamber pressure, rising normally.
Lifering has started revolving.
Ready to fire.
I hit the button and watched as the weapon sends the obelisks to abyss. The funny thing between reality and fantasy is that they have something in common. They're both facts. It is only an opinion but I'm sure of it. As I finished my P2 exam that time, I walked out of the examination room with a happy face and a joyous spirit. I rushed to go home that night and told my mom about it. The next day I waited for the result and with some divine luck, I heard the female voice once again saying that the,
The Board's battleship is sinking... 
Cancel VECTOR CANNON mode 
With that being said and done, I saw my name on the list of passers. Chapter finished. The end. No matter how many arcs I'll pass in my lifetime, passing the exam will never be forgotten. Memory synchronization complete.
Salamat sa mga magulang ko lalo na kay Mommy. Kay Miko, na kaklase ko sa RM101 hanggang RM115. Kay Marco, na Justin Bibo na ngayon. Sa ating Dean, syempre pati na sa mga naging guro ko dito sa eskwelahan. At higit sa lahat, kay Lord. 
 Yun lamang po at maraming salamat. 

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day! =)

Tuwing umuulan...

Umuulan na naman. Malakas. Tapos may hampas pa ng malakas na hangin. Natural malamig. Kaya nga naka-jacket ako ngayon. Teka, kahapon din pala ay naka-jacket din ako. Maginaw sa opisina eh. At habang tanghalian kung saan ang iba sa mga bossing ko ay kumakain, natutulog, at nanonood ng telebisyon, ako naman ay natutulala sa ulan. Ang sarap panoorin. Para silang mga kaluluwang bumabagsak mula sa langit. Ang gaan sa pakiramdam.

Oo nga pala, katatapos ko lang kumain. Imbes na dito na lang ako sa loob ng opisina kumain eh nakuha ko pang lumabas kahit na ang lakas ng buhos ng ulan . Hindi naman sa gusto kong mabasa pero, ewan ko ba, di ko din alam eh. At ayun nga ang nangyari, kahit na may payong akong dala eh naging biktima pa din ng tubig ang ibabang bahagi ng pantalon ko at ang sapatos kong "water proof" daw. 

Bigla kong naalala nung bata pa ako. Sa tuwing bubuhos ang ulan ng ganito ay walang anu-ano ay lalabas ako at maliligo sa ulan. Ang bata nga naman. Walang inaalala. Walang pakundangan. Hindi magpapagil. Ganun ako noon. Masaya dahil nababasa ng ulan. Tapos pu-pwesto pa sa may bagsakan ng alulod ng aming bahay at itatama ang uluhan sa bumabagsak na tubig. Malamig pero masarap sa pakiramdam. Lalo na't kasama mo pa ang mga kababata mong halos araw-araw mong kasama, kakwentuhan at kung minsan, kaaway mo pa. May dala ka pang tabo at balde, at kung ubod ka ng sosyal at yaman, may pa-water-water gun ka pa. Oopps. Biglang dumaan sa likuran ko ang ka-opisina ko. Anak ng?! Sabay pindot ko sa minimize. Ayoko lang ng may nakakabasa sa ginagawa ko. Naiilang talaga ako. Hay, salamat sa kanya at nawala ako sa konsentrasyon. 

Teka, bakit nga ba ako nagta-type pa din dito? Kaunting minuto na lang eh trabaho na ulit ah. Buti na lang at malakas ako sa mga bossing ko. Ang kapal. Ulan, ulan, ulan... Ayan, tumigil ata.

Kaya pala di diretso ang tulog ko kagabi. Walang humpay pala ang iyak ng kalangitan. May bagyo ba? O kahit ang mga nasa itaas ay nagda-drama din kung minsan? Malay natin. Lahat naman siguro ng bagay ay may emosyon. Naniniwala ako dun. Walang pakialaman ah. Ay, may bagyo nga daw sabi ni Vic Sotto sa Eat Bulaga.

Biglang pumasok sa aking kaisipan ang isang pangyayari sa akin nitong nakaraang taon. May mga nangyaring kakatwa, malungkot, at kung minsan, kataka-taka. Pero itong karanasan na 'to ang pinaka-paborito ko sa lahat. May tao akong nakilala at oo, umuulan din nun. Nung una eh di ko naman pinapansin na parang may pattern kapag magkikita kami. Pero siya na mismo ang nagsabi nung huli kaming magkita na sa tuwing umuulan lang kami nagkikita tapos pag biglang titigil ang ulan, wala na. Magic. Lupet noh? May karanasan akong ganun at hindi ako nagbibiro. Di ko din masabi na multo yung taong yun pero nakapagtataka sya eh. O baka ako ang multo? Layo naman ata. Kaya ko naman nasabi yun eh dahil sa nung huli ko syang nakita eh kumain kami sa isang mamahaling restoran tapos nakaupo pa kami malapit sa glass window. Dumaan pa nga nun ang mga kaklase ko, kinawayan ko sila tapos di ko alam kung napansin nila ako o hindi -- o kahit ang kasama ko. Kahina-hinala naman eh halos ilang dipa lang ang layo namin sa kanila. Parang yung glass window lang ang nakaharang at hindi naman tinted ang salamin eh di na ako/kami napansin. Ano kami, cloaked? Parang Hary Potter lang na may invisibility cloak? O baka naman may kinalaman ang ulan-ulan na yan? Ang gulo di'ba? Teka, may rain fairy ba? May urban legend ba tungkol dun?

Baka 'yan ang epekto pag masyadong may pagkagusto sa tubig. Yung tipong nakatanga lang sa bintana, pinapanood at pinakikinggan ang ulan. Ganun nga pala ako mula nung bata ako kung kaya't ang bilis lumipas ng oras kahit iyon lang ang ginagawa ko.  Kung ang lahat nga ng bagay ay may emosyon at nakakadama, baka napansin nga ako ng ulan na nakatitig lang sa kanya. Marahil ay naramdaman niyang masaya akong nanonood habang siya ay pumaparito sa lupa na animo'y parang isang dalagang sasayaw sa entablado o isang pintor na sinusubukang iguhit muli ang mundo. Sabay palakpak ng aking mga kamay.

Tumila na ang ulan pero wala pa din ang team leader namin. Ang tagal naman ng lunchbreak niya. Hahahaha! Buti na lang at wala masyadong ginagawa at may pa-merienda pa sila mamaya. Buti na lang. Ayan, kakain na pala kami. Oh siya, magdala ka ng payong para di ka mabasa.

Teka, nawawala ang payong ko!

Along the way...

Okay. First things first. Hello.

I read a couple of blogs lately. Some are months old and some are just recently posted not so many hours ago. And that left me hanging. Why can't I post anything entertaining here in my blog? The answer? I'm afraid. Afraid that no one will read it and just keep it as it is. Swift as the wind, as they say. But hell, let me tell you something I think worth reading. It may sound a little bit off but why care, right? It's just a story. Some fragments of my memory. Yes, memories.

Travelling is one of my favorite things to do and even though most of time I am commuting, I make the most of it. I feel like whenever I travel I am feeding myself something intangible -- something I do not know. Perhaps, it's happiness. I'm not sure but I guess it's the closest answer I can give to myself. I tend to see fresh faces and with some divine luck, I might get to know the person. Nothing's wrong with that one, correct? As long as the conscience is good. 

I met a lot of people as I walk the path I chose. Some of them are fun to be with. Others, really got my attention. And a few are so so... uhm, -- what should I call them? -- exceptional. And come to think of it, my life's definitely like an anime. Remember a guy in some anime where all his friends are bunch of pretty girls from school? It's like I'm that guy. Hahaha. It may sound funny but I can't help thinking about it. This is my version of it.

The Tower Knight. There is this girl I met a year ago and she's hell of a beaut. Being tall and all -- beauty and brains -- she's one a man must show to the altar and marry. I was her classmate in the review school during those days but we never talked in classes. But then again, like they always say, things happen in the most unexpected places. We met in a bookstore where I was searching for this odd book I keep looking for some time now. And there she was standing reading a novel. I'm so fond of her beauty that is why with all bravery that the universe can offer, I approached her and asked what's in my head. Damn not only her looks but her attitude as well. During that time, I felt like I met an odd girl. So that was the reason I'm in that bookstore. To met an odd girl. She's cheerful, always smiling. Often asking me things that can make someone happy -- even me. She's a literal joker and God, how I love the way she shows her teeth whenever she poses for a smile. I do like her. And her to me? Well... This is what happened. She confessed indirectly (She's not vocal when it comes to those things involving heart matters)  her feelings to me. My response? I rejected her. It's the most wise decision a man can make, in my opinion. I mean, given her omnipotent beauty and all, she's not the one for me and I for her. Additionally, she also had a boyfriend. I don't wanna be the catalyst to break their bond. Or a snake to ruin their lives. My conscience cannot stand that idea. So there was I giving her the reason to cry. She can't blame me, after all. Yes, I do love her in some point but only as a friend. Perhaps my eyes can see what is her role in my life and better leave it as it is.

The Untouchable. Also happened a year ago, there was this girl whom I met. Okay, honestly, I did not meet her or had the chance to see her in person. How can that happen? I was with my brother and we're buying tickets for a movie we really wanted to see. Looking back to that particular memory, that day was an ordinary brother-bonding moment day. Watch a movie. Eat a big meal. And voila, go home eventually. But that girl saw me in the ticket booth that same day and identified me as her sister's schoolmate. She sent me a private message to my Facebook account asking me if I was the one she saw. I confirmed it and thus the start of our weird relationship, quote-unquote, partnership. Up to this point in time, we never see each other in person. Oh, wait. She can see me like twice a week but I can't see her. Pretty weird. We communicate by sending messages via Facebook and imagine the thread we made. You can write a book with that! She's like me. Same persona, I think. Or maybe because we're both first-born. Similar attitudes. Both freaks (What's the connection, I don't know!). Blah blah! I frequently asks her to watch a movie with my brother and a personal friend but she always hesitate to come saying she's got an errand to do or an appointment to attend. How I wonder. If Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere is a person, that girl would be it. Disregard the thought of shaking her hand if someday we'll meet, but the thought of seeing her face to face? It's not that hard to do, right? To compensate that meeting up, I'll keep teasing her (alright, even pestering her) hair. What a vague way to do.

The Dream. Of all the exceptional girls I know, this girl garnered the impossible. I met her in a church where she approached me and offer her hand for a handsake. After knowing bits of each other, we ate lunch and with some heaven's luck (I believed it after all) we had our date later that night. Every week during that time, I got the chance to see her and talk to her. Being with her is extraordinary. Imagine a girl you just met, stops in a local convenience store, buys a Milo chocolate powder sachet, and eats it in front of you. How weird and funny is that? On the other hand, we agreed on many things.  Damn her eyes. Its her wonderful eyes I keep on blaming. Whenever she stares at me, the idea that the Dark Lord Sauron looks at me from his throne pops into my head or like Medusa's gaze that can petrify me in seconds. It's infectious. Toxic. Unnatural. Her beauty is one of a kind and I consider her as the most gorgeous of all. She saw the real me -- the hidden kid inside a mysterious shell. But in most stories that we read and heard about, reality bites. Not all are happy endings. Fairy tales are also a no no. Fantasies can kill. Months passed and I never saw her again. I tried to call her several times before but I failed to hear from her again. Why can't I see her once more? Was she a dream? Or am I her dream? Never had the chance to tell her what I wanted to say -- what I truly feel. Seeing her again years from now is such a long shot. I'll wage anyway. And hope...yeah, hope.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! =)

It's been a long long time...

Okay, I take it back. It's not that LONG since I last visited my blog and posted an entry. Two months is not that long time, right? Right? God, look at that. I typed the word "long" twice already (that excludes the title I think). Darn it! And so it goes...

I've been really pre-occupied these couple of weeks and having been able to finish a book I bought two months ago last night with only 300 or more pages is a total failure to me. My original gameplan for reading books was having one book reserved while reading another. In that case, I'll be very much obliged to read them and succeed this year's challenge. But like I said, it was FAIL. Now, instead of one-book lag, it's two. Not much of a big deal for others but it's like hell on my part. So weird.

Like my current book challenge situation, my gaming time suffice because of my work. Two months passed and I only managed to finish only one game. One game! I still have to finish lots and lots of games before October comes for Dark Souls, November for Skyrim, AC Revelations and Uncharted 3.

So much to do. Much to do. Really.

I'm guilty of my own self. I keep telling myself that I'll write a story, perhaps a novel, but nothing's finished up to this point in time. Yes, I started writing a month ago but still I left it hanging on a bridge somewhere out there. I mean it, I have lots and lots of ideas here in my head. The only problem I see is how should I execute it in readable form. As the saying goes, substance over form. But in this case, form is necessary.





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