Theory of Good and Bad

Today is the start of a brand new month. Yes, it is! September is the name. This coming Saturday is my much-awaited examination for the Certified Bookkeeper program in which I'm enrolled and attending for almost a month now. BUT, I'm far more interested three days after the said exam date because it'll be my younger brother's birthday.

Moving on...

I still don't get the point why others insist that a person is prone to changing his habits. You know, the notion that the only thing in the world that is not changing is the word itself -- change? But, how come? A common idea nowadays for that matter is that nothing is constant except the "change" word and time itself. Well, I don't know. It bothers me, really. A snake molting its skin or a phoenix dying and being reborn -- it's a never-ending process, right? With that nature, one can say that dynamism is absent and will not take place. It is, of course, refutable and not nature's law to begin with. Even my example of that phoenix is a myth! Heck, what am I writing, anyway?

I strongly disbelieve that a person will change due to time element. I mean, being a good person then eventually becoming a bad one? Uh-uh. Nope. It's not like that. Here is what I theorized.

Imagine the Periodic Table of Elements. Too many data, right? Aside from an element's name, all other figures are indicated for it specifically. And I don't wanna tackle and narrow it down for you because that's a different story. If I'm still in love with chemistry, I may able to discuss it. BUT, I'm not! To continue it, replace these elements with a human trait. Example, an oxygen would be replaced as, let's say, kindness; helium as cruelty. Pretty simple, correct? What I'm truly trying to say (oh, it's still not clear? God!) is that since a person's arrival to this realm, both the goodness and badness are present in him. Given a numerical assignment, assume all of these traits have a common value of 1 with a cap two hundred points to allocate. That being said, a person is neutral of both extremes. Hence, one will not change but instead, applying the above-mentioned assumption, attributes will tend to increase or decrease because of human nature or even the advent of an environment in which a person is exposed to. Needless to say, a good person becoming a bad one is nonetheless possible. But the belief of him reforming from the former trait to the latter? Absolutely no! He just took a value from a positive trait and shifted it to a negative one. Makes sense?

Here is another school of thought. I remember reading one famous quote by William Shakespeare. He said that in this world, "there's no good nor bad, only man makes it so". Thinking about it manifests the existence of both extremes. We only apply our own sets of colors to it. Mankind is the one who perceived it as it is. If I'll say for instance that killing is bad, then it's bad from my own set of eyes. No matter how good the intention would be, I will always classify it as a wrong-doing. No questions asked! But ask a clan of assassins about it and they'll reply that what they're always doing is right. Two conflicting doctrines. Two warring convictions. Both debatable, of course.

Good or bad. A person suddenly changes his attitude. Two scenarios but both worth discussing. I think. :)

Still, the question remains. What am I writing, anyway? I can't answer. This entry sprung into my head like a  white daisy in the meadow or it was like I'm listening to an audio book and what I did is to write everything I hear. I'm fascinated of what I did just now. I really am. 

But before I end my first entry for this month of September, here's a new question. If some scholars say that the element Iridium is the rarest metal here on Earth, what would be man's rarest trait? Food for thought, indeed.   

Thank you for reading and have a great month ahead. Feel free to comment below if you find my entry good or bad. Oh wait, didn't I say earlier that there are no such things? Oh, man!



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