God of War III

This game made my gaming world happy than ever before. This was actually my birthday present to myself. =) Graphics-wise, this is the best I've seen so far. Battling your way up to Mt. Olympus with the titans along your side. Killing one olympian after another. Unleashing chaos into the world of men. Kratos is the most bad-ass type of protagonist in the recent years of gaming, in my opinion. The only downside about this game is its script. It is very confusing and inconsistent with the overall plot. Except that, this game will put the gamer into some real action in the light of Greek Mythology. A jaw-dropping game, indeed.

Dead Space 2

This game will really scare the shit out of you. Terror from Dead Space 1 evolved in this sequel. Follow Engineer Isaac Clarke as he tries to escape the Sprawl, located in one of Saturn's moons. Necromorphs (dead corpses that came to life because of an alien organism) will be in Isaac's way as he travel through places like laboratories, tram stations, and a church. I definitely love this game even it's in a horror genre. Play this at night with lights off and your gaming experience will never be the same again.

Mass Effect 2

I tracked this game since 2009. You know, watching some trailers, gameplay videos, and even EA's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)! If you're a Star Wars and Star Trek fanboy (or fangirl), your first impression might be that this game is a wannabe. I'm afraid it is not. Mass Effect 2 is an RPG that is a sequel for the same title and follows the adventure of Commander Shepard to save the galaxy from the Reapers. I haven't played the first one because it's only for the 360 and PC. Thank God, the PS3 port came out early this year and I got the chance to play this epic space adventure. 

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The God of War series infected my system back in 2008 when my brother and I bought a PS2 unit. I never actually know this kind of game and its genre. The fact that Sony published it made me eager to play it. This game takes place between God of War and God of War II in the PS2. Kratos' victory over the god of war Ares made him (Kratos) the new occupant of Ares' throne. However, visions about his past regarding his brother Deimos came. With blood lust and mountain-high rage, Kratos sails to Atlantis to find clues about his brother. But as his search continues, revelations will emerge and he eventually realizes why he is (Kratos) truly the ghost of sparta.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia was really in my wishlist back in 2008. Colorful environment. Huge world map. A giant tree temple in the middle of the desert where people worship. It's an outstanding game for me although it's somehow repetitive. The story tells about a nameless prince who got separated with his donkey named Farah due to a sandstorm. After that, the prince got lost, arrived in an unknown kingdom and got caught in the middle of a celestial war. Full of pure action, wonderful imagery, and acrobatic stunts, this game was simply awesome.

Motorstorm Apocalypse

I first played this game in the PSP when my younger brother offered me. Being a loyal racing game fan, I didn't hesitate to grab the wheel. Motorstorm Apocalypse is the latest game from Evolution Studio in which they made two previous titles for the PS3 console. Before I had the chance to play it thoroughly in the PS3, I was in awe with its graphics and sceneries. But I was wrong! Again! My verdict? The game was so short, full of bugs, ugly graphics, and the destruction sequences when you drive? It really really sucks! What a wasted game. Poof~!

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is a beast! And when I say it is, IT IS! This particular franchise occur to me about two or three years ago when the first game came out. People say it has the best graphics for a FPS game on a PC. So I watched some videos of it in the web and found out that their comments were actually true. It's not like Medal of Honor or the Call of Duty franchise yet its "sci-fi" theme made it king of all FPS. Back then, I wanted to buy a new gaming rig for me to play it but then I failed. Studies were my priority and gaming is off the charts.

Good things come for those who wait. Indeed! After four years, Crytek released Crysis 2 not only for the PC but also for the XBOX 360 and for the PS3. It was the moment I've been waiting for. The game was worth the wait. Believe me, never a dull moment in the game. Amazing graphics, action-packed sequences, intriguing story, sharp enemy AI, and heart-pounding musical score makes this game superb. Whether a fan of FPS or not, this game will simply take your breath away. 


This is one of the best games of the last decade, in my own opinion. FPS, yes... But the fact that it's somehow scary if one plays it alone in the middle of the night is a surprising thing. I never imagined finishing this piece of art barely a month ago (I actually played it after office hours). Venturing a fictional underwater city called Rapture in Bioshock gave me such intrigue about the true nature of humankind. How dark one's heart and soul can be because of power. Such solid story and the advent of plastids and tonics (not to mention our good old Adam), players shall feel the creepy and odd environment underneath the ocean as they wander around fighting for survival to see the sun once more.

Battlefield 2: Bad Company

Although it's only a short game, Battlefield 2: Bad Company still delivers the action-packed gameplay and interesting plot one expects in a FPS game. Being regarded as one of the heralds of shooter games in the industry, Battlefield 2: Bad Company really has its own version of fun and entertainment that players will notice the first time they lay their hands unto it. All elements in the game captures my attention. Making your way through a village in Chile, or fighting to escape an enemy encampment, and hi-jacking an airplane are some of its key missions that the game itself can showcase. And even though there are some faulty glitches, Battlefield 2: Bad Company is just an awesome game not only for die-hard FPS fans but also to those who are new to this genre. 

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The forgotten sands takes place in between The Sands of Time and The Warrior Within arcs originally released for the Playstation 2. This game tells the story of the prince's (nameless prince) adventure to his brother's kingdom away from Babylon. As always, the prince finds himself in a midst of chaos involving sand creatures/monsters and surprisingly in this game, Ifrit shows up. Because it is based from The Sands of Time universe, players once again has the ability to rewind time if some unusual circumstances comes in the way. The traps are back of course, and with some new idea, Ubisoft made the game a little bit of a hack-and-slash type of game in which the prince must kill hordes of sand soldiers. Except for some technical glitches like the Final Climb near the end of the game and terrible enemy AI, PoP:The Forgotten Sands is nonetheless entertaining inside and out.

Dragon Age II

I never played the first one. They said that the first Dragon Age rocked hard because of its innovative gameplay and most importantly, it was created by Bioware. So, I took the liberty to try Dragon Age II. It was fun at first, yes. But as the game progresses, no matter how the story goes, it's like doing the same thing over and over again. Same maps. Same people. Same quest pattern. Same shit, different day. Additionally, it's an ordinary hack-n-slash game even if I played as a magician. Oh, and the items were so generic. I can't stand it, honestly.

But then again, if you love role-playing games, you might try this one. For over 30 long hours of gaming time, Dragon Age II deliveres the fun and excitement that Japanese RPGs cannot. After all, you can slay dragons in this game. Yep, a fire-breathing one.

Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 is just wow! After finishing the game last night, I'm still mesmerized by that tear-jerker ending in which I almost clapped my hands for about ten minutes, inclusive of the credits. Set for nearly a decade after the events of the first Bioshock game, players now experience the role of Rapture's all-powering behemoth -- Big Daddy. With Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine dead, the underwater utopian city is now under the leadership of a clinical psychiatrist named Sofia Lamb whose primary objective is to use Ryan's idea to establish a being that is selfless and has no free will. A medium that will contain all Rapture's ideas and memories. This being (which is in fact Lamb's only daughter and the first little sister) helps Subject Delta (the game's protagonist) by way of mental contact to find the former's body and be reunited with the bond that's between them: a parent and a child.

The game is highly controversial and philosophically tackles the nature of a human's heart. I personally love the sequel's atmosphere even though the fright that was present in the first game diminished by a little. The characters are also unforgettable additional  to its gripping story. New weapons are also present especially the drill that would help you a lot in difficult situations. Full upgrade of the drill with four or five tonics and you'll have this monster strength that can kill splicers instantly. Yes, instantly. Speaking of the common enemies called splicers, 2K Games introduced three new monsters namely Alpha Series (first version of Big Daddies), Brute Splicers, and Big Sisters. These enemies will try to immobilize Delta as he traverse Rapture and fight not only for his survival but also for the first utopian.

Portal 2

Deny the laws of science with Portal 2! With immense amount of puzzles that could let you think for a moment, the game is pretty ingenious and innovative that no other puzzle games in the industry can compete. (That's a tiger-out-of-the-cage remark!) Using one's wits and analysis, Portal 2 takes players into a wild ride that makes them realized that nothing is impossible with science. Needless for me to say but science is my favorite subject back in basic education. LOL!

Portal 2 begins after years of what have had happened back in the first game. The facility of Aperture Science where they conduct tests for all detainees has changed. By pairing up with a personality core (or should I say robot) named Wheatley, Chell (the game's protagonist) followed Wheatley as they try to escape the Aperture Science. As they go on their way to freedom, they accidentally passed the "somewhat-somehow" remains Aperture's cruel AI, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Direct Operating System) which her primary motive is to exact revenge for Chell who murdered her from the previous game. With the help of Wheatley and a Portal Gun, Chell must complete countless of test chambers given by GLaDOS in order to get close to GLaDOS's main chamber and instilling Wheatley to be the lead AI of Aperture.
Unfortunately for me, I did not manage to play the first one because it's only for the PC. How much a PC costs is one of the many reasons why. Second is that I'm still studying back then (it was 2007 and I was like second year in college). But, of course, I do know the game itself. You know, series of puzzles that I should take and all? Yep sir, that's the one. The thing that interested me since then is the Portal Gun itself. It's like you're leaping through the impossible with that kind of thing. The good news is, Portal 2 was ported to game consoles and I realized that dream of "leaping". Portal 2 is absolutely superb in everything -- story, gameplay, innovation, and even BGMs (especiall the end-credit song). With various twists and plots, Valve's got my two thumbs up for their addicting game that lets you not only thinking with portals but ultimately, being with portals.

I gave it a perfect score! No doubt about that! I hope Valve would make another one. :)


So true. Damn it. Hahaha!

A Fruit of November

When Life plays as a catalyst. Always.

Standing inside a bus for more than an hour is such a headache.

Passing the Registered Cost Accountant exam, on the other hand, is such an honor. (Although there are numerous things that should be a bonus, it's fine.

One more to go... =)

The Stop

One...Two..Three! MAGIC! (Something like that...)

I met someone tonight. And he's a public transport vehicle dispatcher. Going home from a very tiring day, I rode the usual bus trip, embarked into the next bus stop and waited to ride the famous public transport vehicle of this nation -- jeep. I never expected to have an anomaly tonight in my routine. You know, the common "go-to-work-and-go-to-school-to-teach-and-go-home-exhausted" type of game plan for every single day since last week. Some crazy schedule, huh?

As I stepped off the bus to ride the everlasting jeep, I noticed something strange -- there are no other passengers except myself. A little scared, maybe. Doubtless? No. It's really effing strange because in the last couple of days, I can see other passengers waiting for the jeep in that place. But tonight? I was alone with the good old ride. 

And then he came. He approached me, said things that confused me and left me hanging to my sanity. "What in the world is he talking about?", I asked myself. I thought he was drunk but he was not. He was smiling whenever he opened his mouth and say those bizarre words. He was looking at me. Those happy eyes that caught my soul, grasped by his hand. The next thing I knew, we were both talking like some good old friends that did not see each other for so long. For about 20 minutes, no other passengers came. It's just the two of us. I'm not sure if he's hypnotizing me or some sort to steal my belongings. Never did I thought of that. We talked just about anything -- his ideal girl, cigarettes (I'm not smoking), cancer, and some other stuff. He's some type of guy. A gem, I think. Rare but worthy.

I said all of these because I've been thinking about the reason why we met or whatever. Perhaps to exchange some thoughts, ideas, or principles? Or to learn something new? --

-- to smile whenever you are alone.


I read an interesting phrase or line today. I MISS YOU.

It's such a wonder when people you're not expecting to act or say those words can actually express what they feel in the most odd time and scenario. After getting home from work and teaching, two of my girlfriends said that to me on Facebook. Happy, of course. But you know what? If only I'm close to them or they said those simple yet meaningful words to my face, I would doubtlessly hug them. Why? I think it's the best way of expressing my sincerest gratitude. After all, actions speak louder than words. 

The Prince and the Pauper

I started teaching commerce students particularly accountancy students. Well, that's indeed a surprise.

It's almost been a week since I became an instructor. It's fun and exciting in one point and the other, disappointing. I can now understand when my professors back in the undergrad were mad like hatter if a few of my classmates were not paying attention to them or not reading topics that our professor asked us to read. Sucks to be me, it happens now -- to me. I don't know the reason. Honestly, I gave them a brief instruction of what to do in the next meeting but unfortunately, they just let it slip by and let me handle the rest. Oh man! Perhaps I can blame myself, then. Blame myself for being too much kind and gentle when it comes to my students. 

I think it's time for me to go Berserk Mode.

I'm back!

I am too busy! Super!

Work in the morning. Gaming in the evening. Studying in between (especially on Saturdays). I am so pre-occupied. Jesus Christ, help me!!!

As a matter of fact, I have no idea of what I am doing now here in my blog. It's such a shame for me to let my site wither on its own with me as its main conspirator. Sigh! The good news is I'm writing again. Yes! Last week, I started to write a story. It's actually about paper cranes. Well, the idea just sprung into my head and the rest followed. I'm loving it, anyway.

Now, how to nurture my blog? Hmm... :)

Hello October!

So it begins, the final quarter of the year.

To start this so-called "OctoberFest" -- which I don't know if it's a feast related solely to booze and all -- let me recount some of the things in the past that I did not write. (Obviously, I'm busy. That's why.)

See my wish list in the right side of my blog? Yep, that's the one. Out of seven of those, I managed to obtain -- or should I say, materialize -- six. Not bad, eh? The only one that hindered me from getting all of them is the book entitled, "Needful Things". Work, work, work; sleep, sleep, sleep. I'm so eager to finish it up that there are instances in which I put the book in my bag, go to work, and read it in front of my boss. Hahaha! Pretty weird, right? But then again, I failed to finish the goddamn book. 

Departing from my wish list, let me tell you some interesting story. Last Monday, I walked out from my office due to some stressful things left and right. Would you believe that? Better believe it! I'm so angry with my superior that time because of the leadership style she possesses. I've been doing things like I've been told but in the end, it turned out to shit. Thanks to her, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to her. So I decided to escape her domain (because it's almost 1PM and we're not yet having our lunch), and went home. 

In two weeks time, I'm starting to attend classes again for the CAT program. This time, it would be the level 2, the Registered Cost Accountant level. I love cost accounting and I'm exuberantly excited about it. Another four weeks of studying, indeed. What more can I ask?

What more can I ask? Well, it's October. Yes, October! My gamer soul wanted this month to come since May. Hahaha! More games, more games, more games. Yay!

Happy October, everyone! 

Rain, rain

"Rain, rain"

It's raining once more...

...and I dunno what to write.

Here we go again...

...another day in sight.

Hindi Dala Ang Payong

"Hindi Dala Ang Payong"

Hindi ako makaiimik o makagalaw,
Sa bawat ngiti mong ako ay nasisilaw;
Tunay nga bang marikit ang sadyang paglitaw,
Ng mga alaalang kay hirap ibitaw?

Dala ko ay kwaderno sa aking pagtakbo,
Matuling paglisan sa tahanang alabok;
Yagyag ang mundong asul sa pagtatalukbong,
Nakaraang gwardiyado ng daang hukbo!

Ang nagbabadyang konsepto, itong karimlan,
Kumakapit, binubura ang nakagisnan;
Dito ba o doon sa daang minamasdan,
Huwad silang tulay pipiliin nino man.

Payong kong nawala at nabaon sa limot,
Siya sanang hahadlang sa paglitaw ng poot;
Aninong umaangkin at gustong humablot,
Handa ka din bang -- habambuhay na malungkot?

A friend of mine...

Want a shocking truth? I am not dead. My friend is.

Yesterday morning when the sun is doing its everyday routine of climbing the ever blue horizon, my dear friend Ian was killed by a hit-and-run incident. That was eight in the morning and he was twenty-four.

I met Ian back in my high school years -- we were both in third year. He was a transfer student who is usually regarded as a math prodigy. Topping math exams in those days was his identifier. A wizard, indeed. Ian often smiles a lot. And never did I see him wearing a sad mask toppling his real face. Whenever I notice him in the corridor during recess, he's not aloof but rather enjoying the company of his new school -- his new family. I was not yet a classmate of Ian by then, if I recall it correctly. I'm not quite sure either if he knew me by then. While he's busy solving math problems especially trigonometry (I'm in love with proving identities in the past if you'll ask me) and talking to pretty girls left and right, I was -- as always (again!) -- computing my way with accounting (my one and only ticket). 

We're friends in our last year in UE-Manila. Oftentimes, we kid our classmates and even some of our professors. Speaking of which, I remember one instance when Professor Bigno (he's gay, I suppose) threw a wooden chair towards Ian's location with me speaking mentally to him, "Watch your flank!" Professor Bigno almost hit Ian but luckily he's as quick as lightning when he avoided it. He's agile, after all. 

Aside from pestering others, we stalk pretty girls around campus with me as the main conspirator. Well, who else? Like him, I do love numbers; gorgeous ladies, a religion. In any case, Ian and the rest of our so-called F4 group did those things just the same. We were young, happy, and had the big world in front of us -- looking at us.

I know he wanted to be an engineer. Believe it or not, in our group, I was the only one who took accountancy (the ticket is still valid, I guess) while all of them decided to be an engineer. They love math. We all loved it. After graduation and saying goodbyes, we realized that the world is now closer than we imagined. It was huge. Tremendous. Cunning. Unfathomable. And lastly, unfair. 

Years passed us by and our paths did not cross again. I met some of my classmates last year but the F4? Still disbanded. No fucking reunion. 

Ian told me once that Math enthusiasts are always hyper, always-on-the-go, and surprisingly naughty. I still hear his voice whispering those words into my ears. The memories we shared. The smiles we showed. And the hardships we surpassed. We made it all. We really did.

He's dead all right. And I know in the coming days, I will be meeting my classmates. Even the F4 group would also have this chance to meet but sadly, like the Fellowship of the Ring, it's now broken because Gandalf the Grey is no more and has fallen into the shadows. Of course, it's sad. The thing now is to move on and relive the tale of our dear old friend. Err, no. Our wonderful friend.

Requiescat in pace, Ian. 

Thanks to my classmates for the photos. 

Soliloquy of an Accountant

Last night, I went to a shopping mall in our locality. The reason? Sale! What else? Hahahaha! Actually, I have had no prior plans of commencing my "shopping spree" habit not until its the second week of October. Nevertheless, thanks to my mom and brother, they dispelled my long day of slumber and drag (of course, it's not literal!) me to shop and dine, for a change.

Gamer -- the adjective that it's so attached to my skin. Yes, so is my only brother. We're both individuals whose happiness is derived -- aside from getting high scores in exams and quizzes -- from playing games. PS3 games, to be exact. And there I saw in Toy Kingdom the game I've been wanting for quite some time now. Surprised I was because I did not bring any cash with me. The good thing is, my mom brought her ATM and charged it to her savings account. Being an accountant, I was crazy last night of having an accounting entry in my own imagination. Debit PPE and Credit Accounts Payable. I laughed a little when I thought of that. First is that I never classify my hobby as an expense, may it be of buying books and games. Second is Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE) -- that's an appropriate account in my own humble discretion. After all, it's how I classify things. How I artistically classify it. Jeez, I'm nuts! Accounting lecture yet again. In short, my mom paid for it and off we go. Hahaha!

Afterwards, we visited our mom's friend working in an eye clinic. My brother asked if it's free to have our eyes checked and if there's a possibility of wearing eyeglasses in the near future. The reply was in the affirmative and they examined our eyes. The results? My sibling's vision is still perfect as always. 20-20, is that how you put it? I think it is. On the other hand, I was told that I have astigmatism. (Wait, let me google it.) Okay, now I know what it is. To continue the story, I told them to return next week after getting my paycheck and have my first spectacles to correct my vision. That explains why in the past weeks, my head hurts most of the time and I feel dizzy. 

I bought two new polo shirts and pants. Additionally, some batteries and a new pair of slippers. What in the world is the reason for purchasing batteries? It's our clock in the house. Stuck it is in 9:30 and -- with some reason I cannot explain -- gives me the creeps. Bizarre, you can say that. A few moments later, we ate our dinner in a fastfood chain because first, I crave for their steak. Secondly, we're all hungry and cannot afford to wait for long minutes of cooking and preparation if we opted to dine in a restaurant. A few chats and stories enveloped our dinner. We even discussed the future. Yep, the future.

Happy, I am last night. To the extent of burning thousands of pesos in buying things necessary or just for leisure is not to be thought over and over again. Rather, it's how you spent your time with your family. On a side note, we're all aging. Even if I'm only 22 and still have a long way to go, I can't help but think that perhaps in the coming years the scenario would be different. BUT, I want to contain that thought into a box and place it somewhere for the time being. The future is mysterious and we cannot deny it. I cannot deny it. 

The important thing is we're all happy last night and stay happy and kicking, if not always, most of the time.

Happy Sunday to you all. :)

The more you sow, the more you reap!

Just in case you did not notice the blog's right side where I posted my wish list for the current quarter, I hate to say this (what? hate?) but I passed the Certified Bookkeeper examination held last September 3rd. Yippee ki-yay!

Meet Wheatley!

This calls for a celebration I've been thinking since then. Hmm. A movie, perhaps? Dinner? Buy a new book? In any case, before I go out in the open and celebrate my latest merit slash achievement -- alone that is (I'm talking about my solo partying...sucks, right?) -- here are some snippets from the letter I received.

Yours truly is so damn proud!

CAT Level 2 Exam, here I come! ^_^

Kwentong Pang-Miyerkules na nahuling i-post!!!

Miyerkules na naman. Ang bilis ng mga araw. Ay, hindi pala. Mabagal. Sana nga’y Oktubre na eh. Matagal din akong hindi nakapagsulat dito sa aking blog. Nalipat kasi ako ng workplace at talaga namang ga-bundok ang dami ng tatrabahuhin ko. Nakakaya ko naman. Ako pa? Pero alam mo, nalungkot lang ako kahapon. Kasi ba naman, nag-a-la-janitor ako sa opisina. Naglampaso at nagwalis. Propesyunal ako ha? Titulado pa. Pero yun ang utos sa’kin nung bago kong boss eh. Wala akong magagawa. Basta, nakakalungkot na nakakaasar. Nakakaawa akong tingnan.

“Kumusta ang trabaho mo?”

Pero hindi yun ang ikukwento ko ngayong araw. Hindi iyon. Minsan na nga lang ako magsasalaysay tapos trabaho na naman? Tama na siguro yun sa opisina. Iniwan ko muna yun dun. Balikan ko bukas. Parang marami-rami akong sasabihin sa’yo ngayon. At baka maging mahaba ang entrada ko. Pang-bawi na lang siguro sa mga nakaraang araw na wala ni isang artikulong naisulat o naibahagi man lang.Kahit na subsob pa din ako sa trabaho ay hindi ko pa din iniwan ang tungkulin kong mag-aral. Ewan ko ba. Sadyang gusto ko lang talagang gawin ito. Ang saya kaya! Saka para din naman iyon sa kinabukasan ko eh. Naniniwala kasi ako dun sa kasabihan na mas mabuting mas higit ang itinatanim mo ngayon kaysa ang pag-aani. Parang larong farmville lang (oops, hindi ako naglaro nito dati. Sinabi lang sa’kin ang basics ng laro), may mga oras para sa pagkuha ng mga ani mo. May matatagal anihin, may madali. Pero mas pabor ako dun sa matatagal. Long-term eh. At saka, parang pananggalang ko na din yun at insurance para sa aking buhay sa hinaharap. Okay na sa’kin ang unti ngayon pero sandamak-mak sampung taon mula ngayon. Mamuhunan, ika ng iba. Ngunit hindi din ako sa pera. Desidido ako sa karera. Pangalawa lang ang pangangailang pananalapi. The best things in life are free, di ba? Ayun, nag-advance study pa din ako para sa susunod na certification program na aking papasukin sa susunod na buwan. Basta aral muna at trabaho, sabay laro syempre. Babasagin ko kasi ang kaseryosohan ko nun kapag naglaro ako. At isa pa, mahirap ang masyado sa aral. Baka kung ano ang mangyari. Hindi ko nais na kolektahin lahat ng pwedeng titulo na katulad ng pagiging CPA. Oo, asaran naming magkaka-klase nung nasa kolehiyo pa ako na pahabaan daw kami ng pangalan pagdating ng panahon. Kung sino ang manalo, siya ang pinaka-elite sa amin. Elite. Okay, sabi mo eh. Pero, may mas malalim akong dahilan. Ganito kasi iyon.

Noong bata pa ako, laging kawawa ang pamilya namin sa mga kamag-anak namin. Lagi na lang kaming niyayabangan at parang saling-pusa sa kanila. Ultimo mga pinsan ko, ganun sa’kin pati na sa kapatid ko. Halimbawa, naaalala ko noon, tinanong ako ng nakatatanda kong pinsan, “8+5”. Hindi ako umimik. Nag-isip talaga ako. Bata pa ako nun at talaga naman mahiyain. Tahimik. Tahimik ako nun. Paiyak na nga ako nun eh. Walang anu-ano’y sinabi sa’kin ang sagot ng pinsan ko. Itinapat niya pa nga sa’kin ang mga daliri niya para bilangin ko. Ang saklap, di’ba? Bata pa ako nun pero nakaramdam ako na ang bobo ko. Bobo ako, salamat sa kanya. Ang kulang na lang ay sabihin sa lahat ng andun sa bahay nila na simpleng tanong lang ay hindi ko masagot. Bobo mo, bobo! Umiyak ako nun. May uhog pa. Isang halimbawa pa ay nung medyo malaki na ako. Siguro nasa elementarya pa ata ako noong mga panahon na iyon. Nagtanungan kaming magpipinsan kung ano ang nais namin pagtanda namin. Sinabi agad ng pinsan ko na gusto niyang maging emperador (hindi yung alak ah). Namangha ako, malamang. Kahit di ko alam ang ibig sabihin nun ay sadyang nabilib ako sa kanya. Ang sarap kasing pakinggan eh. Sarap sa tainga. Sunod na nagsalita ay ang kapatid ko. Sinambit niyang, “Gusto kong maging hari!” Nakatawa pa siya nun at todo ngiti. Ako naman, bumilib din sa kanya. Kasi alam ko ang ibig sabihin nung salitang “hari” pero ang "emperador", hindi. Hari, may sariling kaharian na nasasakupan. Emperador? Ano iyon? Maya-maya ay tumawa ang pinsan ko ng malakas. “Mas mataas pa din ang emperador kaysa sa hari mo!” Hagakpak ang tawa niya sabay batok sa kapatid ko. “Ang bobo mo”, sabi pa niya. Umiyak ang kapatid ko. Paiyak na din ako noong mga oras na iyon. Ang ayaw ko kasi sa lahat ay ang nakikitang umiiyak ang kapatid ko. Nahahawa ako eh. Sobra! Bigla akong sumigaw. Malakas na sigaw. “Gusto kong maging diyos!”, yun ang eksaktong sinabi ko. Natahimik siya. Lumapit. Sabay, sinapak ako. “Diyos mo, mukha mo! Hahahahaha!

Ewan ko kung bakit ganun ang kinalakihan ko sa angkan namin. Akala mo naman ay kung sinong mayaman at napakagandang kurso ang tinapos. Kahit nga yung usapan namin noong mga ilang taon na ang nakakalipas tungkol sa pelikulang The Da Vinci Code ay hindi rin pinalampas. “Bago mo panoorin iyon, basahin mo muna ang libro!” Anak ng?! Hanggang dun ba naman? Kailangan ko pa bang tanggapin o aminin sa kanila na hindi ko sila ka-lebel o kapantay sa mundo nilang sadyang hirap abutin? Na sila na ang pinakamatalino sa amin, pinaka-astig, pinakahabulin ng mga babae? Ang pinaka?? Iyon na lang ba lagi ang sukatan? O talagang dapat may sukatan ang lahat? Nakakalungkot...sila. 

Pero teka, sadyang nakakatawa ang mga nangyari. Kung iisipin ko nga yang mga yan ay matutuwa na lang ako at tatawa ng palihim. Maniwala ka man o hindi, nasa memorya ko ang mga ito. Oo, galit ako sa kanila. Sobra!! Kahit nga yung propesyon ko o yung kursong accountancy noong nasa unang taon pa lang ako sa kolehiyo, hindi din pinalagpas eh. “Bakit? Ilan lang bang CPA sa isang kumpanya ang kailangan?” “Kaya mo ba? Baka di mo kayanin”. “Taas ng pangarap ah”. Pusang-gala! Tama na! Tantanan niyo ang pangarap ko. Hindi pa ba sapat na kayo ang naghulma ng pagkabata ko? Kung paano ninyo ipinamulat sa’kin na ano ako sa mundo? Na isa akong bubwit at kayo ang aapak sa’kin? Kayo ba ang nagpapakain at nagbabayad sa matrikula ko? Hindi di’ba? Eh bakit panay ang pakikialam niyo? 

Propesyonal na ako ngayon. At oo, naglampaso ako kahapon. Nagwalis pa nga. Pero kahit ganun pa man, at nakakatawa mang isipin, may isang bagay sa mundong ito ang sigurado. Umiikot

Pero masaya naman ako, walang biro yun ah. Nagagawa ko pa din naman ang gusto ko. Nakakapagtrabaho kahit minsan ay wala na sa linya ko. Nakakapaglaro din. Nakakapagbasa ng mga libro. Nakakapag-aral ulit. Masaya kahit ganun. Tawa na lang. Sabay ngiti. Kumanta ka pa, pwede din.Simula nung naabot ko ang pangarap ko, hindi ko na nakausap ang mga pinsan ko. Mga gago eh. Akala mo ang gagaling eh sila ngayon ang tumiklop. Niluto nila ang mga sarili nila. Ayaw ko ng sabihin kung ano at nasaan na sila ngayon. Basta ang sasabihin ko sa’yo, mas angat na ako. "CPA, for the win!", sabi nga ng kapatid ko. Kung may lawyer pa sana sa mga pinsan ko eh sana ako ang titiklop. Wala eh. Ako din ang kukuha nun. Tatalon ako ng malayo para hindi nila ako maabutan. Kainin nila mga kayabangan nila. Okay lang sa’kin kahit hindi nila ako pansinin o pinapansin. Sanayan lang. Oo, sanayan lang. Ganun talaga ang senaryo kapag naungusan. Dedma.

Siguro iyon nga ang naiisip kong dahilan kung bakit ko gustong mag-aral. Marahil, hindi rin lang iyon. Malay natin.

“Kuya, si Byron oh. Ang pinsan natin.”
“Magaling ba ‘yan?”, tanong ko sa kanya.

Sukatin natin ang mundo. Bow. 

When LSS Struck hard! Again! Come on!

A video?! Again?! What the *toot*?!

You know what? For this entry, I typed a story about what happened to me yesterday but decided to delete it even if it was long enough like a short story. I'm kinda disappointed in the office, that's why. Let's leave it with that, shall we?

Last night, being so depressed and upset, I plugged in my PS3, got my controller and played Portal 2 in which I managed to beat it with flying colors. (I even said to myself last night, "I'm not going to work tomorrow!") Hey, if you're going to check out my 2011: Games I finished page, you will notice that Portal 2's review is not even present as of now. I'll update it this coming weekend so don't be sad! :)

Speaking of sadness, at the ending credits of the game, shocked I was as I listened to this very cute little song. The title was, "Want You Gone" and sung by the game's tritagonist, GLaDOS (voiced by Ellen McLain). GLaDOS's voice was so beautiful and perfectly matched for the song's intriguing lyrics making me to smile wide enough -- to show my braces! -- after the song ended and as I go to sleep. 

The point is, whether you played the game or not, as long as you have your own problems and living in stressful environments, play this song or just sing it. Bye-bye negatives and hello positives! Try listening to it and you'll never be disappointed.

Let's all have a stress-free September!

When LSS struck hard! Real hard! (Midnight release!)

Kwentong pang-miyerkules. Na naman. 

Oo, di ka nagkakamali sa nakikita mo. Isang video nga 'yan. Sa katunayan, nang dahil sa maikling pelikulang pinamagatang 5 Centimeters Per Second (anime ito ha?) na napanood ko ilang araw na ang nakakalipas, na-LSS ako sa kantang "One More Time, One More Chance" na siya mismong naturang awitin sa pelikulang ito. Aaminin ko, nalungkot talaga ako sa kinalabasan ng palabas na ito. Marami din siguro sa inyong mga nakapanood nito ang di maaring itangging tinamaan siya ng mga linya at tagpong tila wala nang mas lulungkot pa. A slice of life, ika nga.

Pansin ko lang, ito na pala ang ikalawang entrada ko para sa pelikulang nabanggit. Ano ito? Promotion? Hindi. Hindi po. Minahal ko lang talaga ng lubos ang istorya, ang musika, at ang mga linya. Tumatak sa isip at puso ko, kumbaga.

Hindi din ako in-love. Ang labo ata nun. Hindi na yun ang inuuna ko ngayon. Trabaho na, at mas lalong dapat sa karera. Pero maaring masabing mong in-love nga ako dahil sa ginagawa kong ito. Marahil, tama ka. Ngunit alam mo ba, kung ano talaga ang dahilan? Hindi yun dahil sa may mahal akong bagong babae; kundi nang dahil sa pelikulang ito, napamahal ako sa bansang Japan. Ang kultura nila, ang puno ng sakura, ang mga tren, lahat. Dahil sa palabas na ito, nalimutan kong pinoy ako. 

O ganun talaga ang nararamdaman 'pag naapektuhan masyado? Malay ko ba. Ewan.

Maiba ako, kaarawan ng kapatid ko kanina (September 6, o sige kahapon na). Maligayang kaarawan sa kanya! Wala kaming litrato na nakuha para okasyong ito kasi nalimutan namin ang kamera. Kumain lang namin kami sa isang restawran. Okay na iyon.

Nasabi ko pala sa kanya na gusto kong pumunta sa Japan kasama siya 'pag ka-graduate niya. Kunsabagay, parang regalo ko na 'yun sa kanya. Naku, malaki-laking pera iyon. Ako ang financier eh! Natahimik ako isang saglit at napaisip. Gusto ko din kasing makakita ng snow pero 'di winter 'pag April. Kaya ang dilemma, pupunta ng Japan sa Abril na makakakita ako ng magagandang puno ng sakura ngunit walang niyebe? O sa Disyembre na mayroong niyebe pero walang nakakaakit na bulaklak ng sakura? Ang lungkot naman. Trade-off! Opportunity costs! Accounting na naman!

Di bale. All is well! 

Maraming salamat kay blogger totomai para sa mga ideya na naibahagi niya sa'kin hindi lamang sa pelikula kundi na rin sa bansang Japan. At oo, siya din ang nagbigay ng link ng video na nasa itaas. Ang bait niya di'ba? Arigatou Gozaimasu, senpai!

Kasabay nito ang pagtugtog ng kantang "Find the Way" ni Mika Nakashima at pagbaba ng telon. Tutulo ang mga luha -- luha para sa kinabukasan.

Omnipotent: A poem

Photography Graphics, Tumblr Photography

Run forth.
Detach yourself to me.

Be still.
Don't you shed a tear.

Will you?
The sky might leave you here.

The man.
We need him to be free.

The portal's closing near.

Keep 'em coming!

~ Accounting

Today's my examination day for the Certified Bookkeeper program. At long last, it comes to an end after a month of review classes and hardships (I think). Finally! 

Wish me luck, guys! 

I hope that in two weeks time, I'll write my name like this:

 Let's get it on!!! :)


UPDATE: With four whole hours to answer seventeen pages of accounting problems, I was a bit shocked when I saw the examination papers given to me first-hand. Call that coincidence or not, it was the same set of problems I studied and answered two or three weeks ago! I feel that it's kind of deja vu but it isn't. It's real. What I solved before were the ones given earlier this morning. Copy and paste? So much for effing verbatim. 

Although I walked out the examination room tired and powerless after almost three hours of writing, solving, analyzing (yep, I still used it), the feeling of happiness and eagerness suddenly invaded my heart. Two more certifications to go and off I go to a Law School -- which in fact I will be the one to support myself.

Thank God for handing me that set of exam. It's like a bonus material, if you'll ask me. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe. Always. 

5 Centimeters Per Second: Movie Review

I once told myself that I will never watch another heart-breaking TV show or movie -- may it be a fiction or not, anime or not. Watching these kind of genre pierces my heart giving them the advantage to obliterate my sanity much more of my stone-hearted persona. It's not that I don't want to cry and use a roll of tissue to wipe away my tears but rather the invisible mark that will stick with you? I can't stand it. A bond that holds my heart in a chain of sad memories.

Out of curiosity, I watched 5 centimeters Per Second. First and foremost, I only acquired information about the movie yesterday because of this forum I rarely visit. Some said that the film itself has a very sad ending. So, what did I do? I challenged myself. 

5 Centimeters Per Second tells the story of a young boy named Takiko who was transferred to an elementary school in one of the towns in Japan where he met another transfer student named Akari. With both of them having the same qualities, interests, and attitudes, the bond between them grew realizing that there's much more to them than just mere classmates or friends. However, as the final year of their basic schooling draws to a close, revelations appeared that will keep them apart. Forever.

The film is yes, a slice of life. No magical event, no fictional element in the movie itself -- they constitute what life is really all about. Numerous symbols are depicted to the movie that somehow symbolizes our desires, endeavors, and our inner souls. It's unusual for films today or even TV shows that discuss these things in addition to the essence of being alive and the concept of our dreams for a certain goal or even a person we dear the most. 5 Centimeters Per Second is, in its truest form, a love story. And like Clannad, there's more than just saying those three magic words to our love ones
A scene that will never be forgotten
I love the movie. Speechless. Really.

My rating of the movie --> 9/10

Theory of Good and Bad

Today is the start of a brand new month. Yes, it is! September is the name. This coming Saturday is my much-awaited examination for the Certified Bookkeeper program in which I'm enrolled and attending for almost a month now. BUT, I'm far more interested three days after the said exam date because it'll be my younger brother's birthday.

Moving on...

I still don't get the point why others insist that a person is prone to changing his habits. You know, the notion that the only thing in the world that is not changing is the word itself -- change? But, how come? A common idea nowadays for that matter is that nothing is constant except the "change" word and time itself. Well, I don't know. It bothers me, really. A snake molting its skin or a phoenix dying and being reborn -- it's a never-ending process, right? With that nature, one can say that dynamism is absent and will not take place. It is, of course, refutable and not nature's law to begin with. Even my example of that phoenix is a myth! Heck, what am I writing, anyway?

I strongly disbelieve that a person will change due to time element. I mean, being a good person then eventually becoming a bad one? Uh-uh. Nope. It's not like that. Here is what I theorized.

Imagine the Periodic Table of Elements. Too many data, right? Aside from an element's name, all other figures are indicated for it specifically. And I don't wanna tackle and narrow it down for you because that's a different story. If I'm still in love with chemistry, I may able to discuss it. BUT, I'm not! To continue it, replace these elements with a human trait. Example, an oxygen would be replaced as, let's say, kindness; helium as cruelty. Pretty simple, correct? What I'm truly trying to say (oh, it's still not clear? God!) is that since a person's arrival to this realm, both the goodness and badness are present in him. Given a numerical assignment, assume all of these traits have a common value of 1 with a cap two hundred points to allocate. That being said, a person is neutral of both extremes. Hence, one will not change but instead, applying the above-mentioned assumption, attributes will tend to increase or decrease because of human nature or even the advent of an environment in which a person is exposed to. Needless to say, a good person becoming a bad one is nonetheless possible. But the belief of him reforming from the former trait to the latter? Absolutely no! He just took a value from a positive trait and shifted it to a negative one. Makes sense?

Here is another school of thought. I remember reading one famous quote by William Shakespeare. He said that in this world, "there's no good nor bad, only man makes it so". Thinking about it manifests the existence of both extremes. We only apply our own sets of colors to it. Mankind is the one who perceived it as it is. If I'll say for instance that killing is bad, then it's bad from my own set of eyes. No matter how good the intention would be, I will always classify it as a wrong-doing. No questions asked! But ask a clan of assassins about it and they'll reply that what they're always doing is right. Two conflicting doctrines. Two warring convictions. Both debatable, of course.

Good or bad. A person suddenly changes his attitude. Two scenarios but both worth discussing. I think. :)

Still, the question remains. What am I writing, anyway? I can't answer. This entry sprung into my head like a  white daisy in the meadow or it was like I'm listening to an audio book and what I did is to write everything I hear. I'm fascinated of what I did just now. I really am. 

But before I end my first entry for this month of September, here's a new question. If some scholars say that the element Iridium is the rarest metal here on Earth, what would be man's rarest trait? Food for thought, indeed.   

Thank you for reading and have a great month ahead. Feel free to comment below if you find my entry good or bad. Oh wait, didn't I say earlier that there are no such things? Oh, man!

Pinoy nga naman...

Kwentong pang-miyerkules.

Noong isang linggo, nakausap ko sa telepono ang isa kong kaibigan na CPA din. Sa totoo lang, magaling yun pagdating sa accounting. Kung magaling ako sabi ng iba, di hamak na mas magaling yun. Tatlong beses pa ata kaysa sa'kin ang lupit nun pagdating sa propesyon namin. Isa din yun sa mga idolo ko eh. Tapos, babae pa siya. Haha! 

Ngunit nakakairita lang nung huling pag-uusap namin nung isang linggo. Katunayan nga nyan eh, may balak kaming manood ng sine at ang panonoorin pa namin dapat nun ay Cars 2. Teka, bago muna 'yun, dun muna ako sa iku-kwento ko.

Lumipat ang usapan namin nun sa pelikulang Captain America kasi nga nabanggit ko ata 'yun sa kanya. Oo, napanood na din daw naman niya 'yun. Nang tinanong niya sa'kin kung napanood ko na ang palabas, sinabi ko agad na, "Oo, ako pa." At ayun na nga ang nangyari, inasar niya ako. Kaya ko daw pinanood 'yun kasi dahil sa aktor na si Chris Evans na gumanap bilang si Captain America. Ang laki daw kasi ng katawan. Sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, "Parang bading ako ah." Oops, bago ka mag-kumento, hindi ako ganun. Ang layo at suntok sa buwan 'yun. Iyon lang talaga ang pang-aasar niya sa'kin. Pa'no ba naman kasi, para kasing babae ang mukha ko. Okay, ituloy ko na. Tumawa ako nung sinabi niya sa'kin yun pero pinagdidiinan pa din niya na 'yun lang ang ipinunta ko sa sinehan. Dahil sa katawan. Kaya para matapos na ang ganung kumento niya, sinabi kong, "Kaya ko pinanood 'yun kasi ang ganda ni Agent Carter". Tumahimik siya. Nag-isip. Sabay sabing, "Sino 'yun?" Ako naman, nagulat. Biruin mo, sabi niya ay napanood niya 'yun pero di niya kilala? Alam mo kung ano ang naging reaksyon ko nung nagtanong siya nun? Sarap batukan. Sobra. "Ha? Siya yung love interest ni Steve sa pelikula. Di mo ba alam 'yun?" Dinagdagan ko pang, "I have this thing for brunettes. That's why." Iyon, natameme siya. Hindi ko lang masabing, "Sino ngayon ang nanood lang nun dahil sa katawan nung bida? Sino sa atin ngayon ang nakaintindi ng kwento?" Hindi. Hindi ko sinambit syempre. Kahit na naiirita ako dahil dun, tahimik na lang.

Ang mahirap kasi sa mga pinoy ngayon, akala nila alam na lahat. Ultimo simpleng bagay ay hindi pinagtutuunan ng pansin. At hindi porket magaling ka eh magaling ka talaga. Dun ako sigurado.

Lumipas ang ilang mga araw at hindi na natuloy ang plano naming manood ng sine. Siguro nahiya sa'kin. Marahil ay ayaw niyang malaman ko na isa din siya sa mga pinoy na nanonood lang ng pelikula dahil maganda sa paningin pero ang pag-intindi sa kwento at mga karakter ay sadyang mababaw; o ang masaklap pa eh, hindi nila alam ang ginagawa.


Exuberantly Absurd (I think)...

Yahhhhhh! I'm mad and angry! Anyway...
I can't take it anymore.
Still attached to that Bioshock 2 ending. After all, Rapture's story was just the beginning. Gonna fly to Columbia next year because of Bioshock Infinite. Yay! 

I was amazed when someone from Stephen King's website stated that he finished a thick book entitled "Needful Things" for about two days. Damn!!! How fast is that! I remember last April where I finished reading "Under the Dome" under a week. It consists of like more than a thousand pages. If I assess myself, I'm kinda slow in reading books. That sucks!

I hope I'll be able to finish Different Seasons in the next couple of days because I got three more books to read. The books are The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Just After Sunset, and Needful Things. Good luck to me, my friends. =)

Remembering Final Fantasy IX

The man in the silver dragon
WHAT IF those fictional places you've always keep dreaming of suddenly passed the fine line that separates fantasy and reality? Your reaction would be what? Happy, right? Yours truly is a very imaginative person. Sometimes, I can't help but think about the places I read, watched, or even played, hoping that someday I'll go there and have a picture with each landmark behind me, or even towering me. However, that's a downside of being fantasy: Intangible. They will only exist in our mind as a main product of what the experts call imagination.

It's been been a decade since I played Final Fantasy IX on the Playstation. As I fairly recall, one of my friends gave me the game as a gift for Christmas. I was in my first year in high school back then and thinking of it now after so many years puts me in a state of disenchantment and insanity (that isin a good way); that no matter how I bind myself to a different world, reality will nevertheless kick in and strangle me back undeniably. Reality sucks, so they say. Even so...

My imagination takes me to some places which in real sense, it is unmistakably impossible. Impossible for me to step my feet and walk around, nurturing the feeling of incomparable happiness and contentment. That makes me sad. If only those places are real. If only those places exists. If only fantasy is reality. If I were to travel another world, it would be the beautiful planet of Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. Why, you ask?

Grab my hand. Let's take a walk.

Why didn't I bring my umbrella?
Almost all places in the whole Final Fantasy universe has its own sense of uniqueness and intrigue. Some can really capture someone else's heart in a flash. Burmecia, for instance, has been one of them. Outside Gizamaluke's Grotto lies the realm of eternal rain -- Burmecia. Believe me when I say so that it's kind of literal. The rain never stops enticing the ambiance of sadness and sorrow to whoever that sets his foot into this faraway land. Aside from the never-ending drops of water from the sky above, the way doors open in this unique town is somehow magical yet simple. You'll open locked doors by way of using bells. Yes, bells. The sad part, however, is that after ringing one for a certain door, the bell will shatter into pieces -- like a memory that is to be forgotten.

A paradise inside a sandstorm
Next stop on my list would be the glorious settlement of the cleyrans. Cleyra is one of the jaw-dropping sites in FFIX. Being a gigantic tree that is enveloped with a magical twister/sandstorm in the Mist Continent, Cleyra is definitely a must-seen landmark. This said sandstorm actually protects the tree's inhabitants from harm and chaos. Basically, if there's such a peaceful place, Cleyra would be it. Unfortunately, in the game where the Queen of the Alexandrian kingdom summons the eidolon Odin, the tree was ultimately destroyed leaving a mushroom cloud in its wake. Wanna watch it? Click the video below.

The tree of souls
Moving along, yet another tree challenges Cleyra. The Iifa tree is, in my own humble opinion, the popular tree in the planet Gaia. This said tree is not ordinary like the other trees. Even Cleyra cannot match the significance and role of Iifa in FFIX. It's actually a tree... a tree of souls. Yep, you read that part right. It's a tree that filters Gaian souls and hinder them to go forth the planet's core thus destabilizing the planet's cycle. The tree is also called a sanctuary because newly-wed couples, as part of their marriage ceremony, will journey to the tree to inscribe their names and let the ancient souls witness their undying vows.

The Dark Tower of FFIX
Last but not the least would be the place where memories are contained and relived -- Memoria. Memoria is like a database for all the memories of the planet Gaia since time immemorial. Every Gaian soul has their own memory that Memoria can capture and store. Crystals represent these memories. And like some 'planetarium' where you can see heavenly bodies, Memoria has its own version. The very beginning of the planet's life can be viewed and studied. The somehow 'fusion' of both planets Gaia and Terra is also showcased. Memoria is not only a record-keeper place but also a tremendous landmark suitable for reflecting, meditating, and yes, visualizing.

In the end, like I said earlier, it's impossible for all of these to be visited. But actually, we can. Use the right-side brain.

Thank you for reading. 

Grave Encounters: Movie Review

When I see movies which are filmed with the perspective of a first-person, I can't help remembering movies like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, or even Cloverfield. And having viewed them in that simple perspective give us this type of fear that's unexplained and controversial. It's kind of a real thing, basically. A true event. 

When things go bad
Grave Encounters tells about the story of a crew of some ghost-hunting reality TV show where their next prospect for the show's series would be an abandoned psychiatric facility. With a crew of four for their latest reality episode, Lance Preston (Shawn MacDonald) leads his fellow ghost hunters to have an 8-hour lock down inside the premises. Sophisticated gadgets (not only of a standard camera) such as infrared cams, UV flaslights, a common tape recorder for EVP, a geiger counter -- are some of the devices to capture and verify the unknown spirits, if any, that roam in the facility's realm. With a prior briefing about the place, certain hot spots (as I personally call them) were pinpointed and located because, as the common plot suggests, there were ghosts occurrence. And, yes, weird anomalies are of the issue, too.

Simple plot but could have been better if the story was not that predictable. Watching it for a few minutes made me enthusiastic about it. As I can see it in my own perspective, mental institutions are one of the few scariest places here on earth. It's like living in an another world where those admitted have also their own world. How sick is that? 

From left to right: Matt, Sasha, Lance, and Houston
The movie was fair and all. Not that great like its predecessors but it can live up the hype. The cast were well fit for them -- especially Mackenzie Gray playing as Houston Gray. He's so funny. I can't stop laughing with him making faces. Perhaps it's just me but heck, he's worth to watch in the movie because of the comic relief he gives. 

Some scenes which I duly noted are comparable to what happened in the ending scenes of Cloverfield and Quarantine. They're very much the same. The directors of Grave Encounters must've ran out of ideas. Tsk. Another thing is the Silent Hill theme. I bet you'll notice that one too after watching this one.

Fan of horror flicks? You might give Grave Encounters a try. 

My rating of the movie --> 7.5/10

Cowboys & Aliens: Movie Review

Can you imagine a scenario where a bunch of cowboys fight a horde of an alien race? Well, the movie Cowboys and Aliens shall give you that one. And it'll also give you one or two remedies to fight the urge of sleeping your way throughout the movie. Pun, intended.

I want to have that!
In every movie where there's a war element on it, count me in. People fighting for survival has been the most common plot in the movie industry today. As we've seen from zombie-based movies like Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil,  and alien-based flicks like Cloverfield, Battle: Los Angeles, and even the Alien anthologies, movie-goers such as myself tend to extract and digest the same thing, same idea, same cliche, over and over again. I mean, are there no more concrete ideas out there to withstand and innovate this type of genre? Or is it really the same junk we've all been watching since then up to now?

Cowboys & Aliens is a slow-paced movie. Jake Lonergan (as played by Daniel Craig) finds himself in the middle of the desert with some metal bracelet attached to his left wrist. With no memory of his own, he ventures to a town called Absolution to aid his wounds and bruises, and ultimately, to find clues regarding his own identity. But, as the common plot goes, chaos strikes the town where beings not of this world starts to bombard the area and takes locals for only-god-knows what reason it is (but if you watched Ancient Aliens on History Channel, you'll correlate them to the Annunaki's). And as Colonel Dolarhyde (as portrayed by Harrison Ford) decided to have an alliance with Jake Lonergan to rescue the town's citizens, series of events happen that will help the latter remember who he was, and what he's capable of with the bracelet-turned-gun making him the mysterious gunslinger of the Old West.

To be truthful with the movie, I dozed a little when I sat there in the movie house. My eyes were peeled in the first few minutes because I wanted to dissect the identity of Daniel Craig's character as the story goes. But sad to say, I got bored as minutes flew away like birds in the open. Too many loopholes in the story. Like in the case of Ella (Olivia Wilde). It's truly vague for me. Then, the alien creatures were kinda ugly (of course they are!) that one might say that they're not fully polished like an "alien" is supposed to be. Another thing is the conflagration effects. It's the same old thing I keep seeing with the kind of movies in genre.

In the end, it's still entertaining thanks to Harrison Ford. I can't stop laughing when he make-face in some of the scenes in the movie. All he need is Chewbacca and off they go to traverse the galaxy in Star Wars fighting Vader's stormtroopers. But, unfortunately, that won't happen. He's stuck on Earth with Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, pesky cowboys, ugly aliens, and of course, a forgettable story.

My rating of the movie --> 7/10

It is better to give than to receive...

Magandang araw!

Ito ang kwento ko ngayon. Di ba alam mo naman yung kasabihan na "It's better to give than to receive"? Totoo talaga! Masaya kasi ako 'pag nakakatulong ako sa iba -- kahit di ko pa kakilala yung pagbibigyan. Basta, masarap sa pakiramdam. Kung tutuusin, totoo din pala yung "The best things in life are free". 'Di ko na kailangan pang bumili ng kung anu-ano pang mga materyal na bagay para lang sumaya ako. Kahit nga yung simpleng makakita lang ako ng magandang binibini, masaya na ako. Kakaiba, ano?

Okay, ito na talaga ang kwento ko. Noong isang linggo dito sa opisina, habang may binili ako sa labas, lumapit sa'kin yung isang matanda na laging nakikita ko sa tuwing papasok ako at sa tuwing uuwi na ako. Matanda siyang babae. Basta, kahit ganun itsura niya, pakiramdam ko ang bait niya. Biruin mo, 'pag umaga, babati siya sa'kin ng "Good morning" tapos kapag uuwi naman ako, "Oh, uwi ka na? Ingat ah". Tapos, lagi pa siya nakangiti kahit na mahirap lang siya. Ayun nga, nakasalubong ko siya nun tapos humingi siya sa'kin ng dalawang piso. Eh, dahil sa nagmamadali ako, nabigyan ko siya ng limang piso. Simpleng bagay lang yun pero kita ko sa kanya na tuwang-tuwa siya. Ang gaan talaga sa loob nung mga panahon na yun. Pero para nga akong ewan nun eh. Limang piso lang ang ibinigay ko samantalang 'di lang naman yun ang kaya kong ibigay. Iba talaga ang epekto pag accountant na, masyadong matipid.

Ops, di pa dun nagtatapos ang kwento ko. Nung biyernes ng umaga habang tinatahak ko ang Shaw Blvd., nakasakay ako sa dyip. Siguro naranasan mo na din ito. Yung mga batang paslit na umaakyat ng dyip tapos may mga dalang sobre para manlimos? Naaalala mo ba yun? Lagi ako nakakasakay ng ganun pero nung umaga na yun, naawa ako dun sa umakyat na dyip. Batang lalaki na kuba. Talagang kuba. Payat. Di pa talaga kumakain, ang wari ko. Ako naman, may binili ako sa isang convenience store ng ham and cheese sandwich na dapat yun ang almusal ko kasi ayaw ko pang gumastos ng malaki habang di pa natatapos ang inaasikaso ko nung araw na yun. Kaya yun, kahit di pa ako nag-almusal, binigay ko dun sa bata. Tuwang-tuwa siya. Nakatingin nga sa'kin yung ibang mga pasahero nung dyip eh. Ewan. Parang mas mukhang may kaya pa sila kaysa sa'kin pero di nila tinulungan yung bata. Ganun pa man, masaya ako dun sa ginawa ko. 

At yun nga, nakatulong ako sa dalawang di ko kakilala.

Ang pabuya? Sa totoo lang, di ko naman naghangad ng kapalit eh. Pero masyadong misteryo para sa atin kapag ang Diyos ang gumawa ng paraan.

Nag-enroll ako para sa isang certification program para sa career ko. Ang mahal ng bayad kahit na nakatipid pa ako. Bale, isang buwan na puro sabado ang klase ko. Tapos, buong araw pa. Noong isang araw yung unang araw ko. Oo, madali naman para sa'kin kasi nga sanay na sa mga ganung accounting problems eh. Tapos, nung uwian na nung klase, tinawagan ako ng tatay ko. Kasama daw niya yung kapatid ko. Kaya ayun, pinuntahan ko sila sa isang mall. Pagdating ko dun, nakita ko ang isang bagay na di ko akalain na magkakaroon ako ngayong taon. Isang digital piano. Walang biro. Isang itim na piano. Sorpresa daw pala sa'kin ng tatay ko yun. Ewan ko kung pa'no niya nalaman na gusto kong magkaroon nun kahit na di ako marunong tumugtog. Marahil sinabi sa kanya yun ng kapatid ko. Kaya ayun, nagpasalamat ako sa kanila. Nagulat kasi talaga ako. At hindi lang yun, binigyan din niya ako ng bagong relo. Aaminin ko sa'yo ah, gusto ko talaga ang mga relo. Talagang hindi yun nakakalimutan ng tatay ko. 

Naalala ko bigla yung mga natulungan ko, tapos biglang sambit ko sa sarili ko na may balik din sa'kin. Ten-folds pa! Masaya ako, siyempre. Masaya dahil may bago na akong relo. Masaya dahil nagagamit ko na ang piano ko at malapit ko ng ma-perpekto ang isang kanta na gusto kong tugtugin. At huli sa lahat, masaya ako dahil nakakatulong ako -- kahit simpleng bagay lang.

Friday Quiz II

Now, now, for our Friday Quiz! Boom!!

  1. Will I finish the story I'm currently writing?
  2. Did Diamella really fled my line of vision? If so, why?
  3. Will I ever get another Mcdonald's meal from Lea?
  4. Am I weird enough that's why girls never give a damn or two to recognize and notice me? Yeah right...
  5. I wonder, when can I practice world conjuring?

Theory of Bad Traffic

Sometime December last year and I think a few more days before Christmas, I find myself riding an FX in which I am stranded in a highly congested street along España Boulevard. I was on my way that particular day to Megamall because we're about to buy this Home Theater System my brother and I is dreaming to have for our gaming and movie habits. Yep, we did buy the system and still enjoying it up until now. But, that's not what I'm going to discuss although a part of me is urging me to write it. Oh well.

A man keeps looking into his watch... 
A pretty girl asks him, "Why always keep checking the time? 
Are you in a hurry? 
Don't you want to stand down and cherish this moment with me?"

I have this negative feeling for bad traffic. Well, who would not? I bet all of us hate being trapped in a situation where the vehicle you are in suddenly stops, uhm, not by a red light but by a devastating, mind-irritating traffic that would last for an hour if luck's present or if not, it would take a lifetime (that is, to exaggerate the point, of course).  You know what I'm thinking? If life's a bitch as they say, then bad traffic's her life-sucking whore disciple --  an entity which consumes too much of our time. And that's a bad thing, no? 

Recalling that particular day where I was stranded, the feeling of being immobile and being stuck invaded my mind. I even saw different signage that I read and read...yup, and read, for me to think that time's moving and did not end. And so I keep checking my watch if it's still working or not: Time check! Eventually, I'm gonna say, "Good grief! I'm still alive." because of that. I'm an 'always-on-the-go' type of guy. I don't want to be in delay in whatever I'm doing, or wherever I'm going. Patience is a virtue? My ass! If experiencing bad traffic is a test of patience, flunking it with a red mark of hatred and insanity would be the most probable result.

What I feel when this particular situation comes, additionally for what I said earlier, is that the world actually ended. Time stopped. All things immobile. And I am stuck in the middle of such chaos -- sweating really hard, and abandoned by Pandora herself. Time is a crucial thing in this world. As my professor back in high school told us in class, "We are all slaves of time". Thanks for the tip, Sherlock. Many, many thanks. If only I can compute the present or future value of such thing, I would have avoided it. But I can't! It's not accounting. It's a freaking horror train with no brakes!

Another thing I truly don't like is the fact that nostalgia strikes me down hard. Real hard. I don't now if it's true or not but the idea that when someone's near to die, all his/her memories accumulates and starts to absorb your sanity releasing a blinding light; you know, like making you cry with matching melancholic piano pieces even if it's a good memory? -- I relate it to a bad traffic. It may sound a little bit off and a bit of a long-shot, but I honestly connect it with what I'm experiencing in a bad travel day. Yep, somehow it connects.

Bad traffic. Time. Memories. Nostalgia.

The man did not say anything at first,
his eyes meet the lady's ; 
then he says, "I don't belong here, love."
"I do not."

Thank you for reading, everyone. May you have a great day ahead! Minus the traffic, of course. =)

Theories: An Introduction

Barely a year ago, I read Stephen King's collaborative work entitled "Everything's Eventual". In that book, different short stories and/or novellas are present. Even the 2007 horror film "1408" about a terrifying room in a fictional hotel can also be found in that precise book under the same title. To tell you guys honestly, I bought the book because I watched the film. For two-hundred bucks, I brought it home.

For you to know upfront, this is no book review. I'm simply fascinated by one short story in that book. That story affected me too much because, surprisingly, it's not a horror story in totality (though in the end, it turned out to be one) but rather humorous, funny, and believe it or not, an utterly tearjerker story. I like it much as I like "1408". The short story's title? L.T.'s Theory of Pets. Mysterious, right? Well, as the title implies, it's about a man's theory with pets; particularly dogs and cats in consonance with his marriage. Believe it or not, my dear readers, that theory is right after all. Moreover, the story gave me an idea. 

Being an observant type of guy, I managed to collect my own theories for me to share and post here in my blog. Hmm. I have a few, indeed. I will post my first theory tomorrow so please support me. I beg of you! Hahahaha!

Have a nice day!

Needless to say, I highly recommend you to read the above-mentioned short story. 
You won't regret reading it. =) 





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