Rain, rain

"Rain, rain"

It's raining once more...

...and I dunno what to write.

Here we go again...

...another day in sight.

Hindi Dala Ang Payong

"Hindi Dala Ang Payong"

Hindi ako makaiimik o makagalaw,
Sa bawat ngiti mong ako ay nasisilaw;
Tunay nga bang marikit ang sadyang paglitaw,
Ng mga alaalang kay hirap ibitaw?

Dala ko ay kwaderno sa aking pagtakbo,
Matuling paglisan sa tahanang alabok;
Yagyag ang mundong asul sa pagtatalukbong,
Nakaraang gwardiyado ng daang hukbo!

Ang nagbabadyang konsepto, itong karimlan,
Kumakapit, binubura ang nakagisnan;
Dito ba o doon sa daang minamasdan,
Huwad silang tulay pipiliin nino man.

Payong kong nawala at nabaon sa limot,
Siya sanang hahadlang sa paglitaw ng poot;
Aninong umaangkin at gustong humablot,
Handa ka din bang -- habambuhay na malungkot?

A friend of mine...

Want a shocking truth? I am not dead. My friend is.

Yesterday morning when the sun is doing its everyday routine of climbing the ever blue horizon, my dear friend Ian was killed by a hit-and-run incident. That was eight in the morning and he was twenty-four.

I met Ian back in my high school years -- we were both in third year. He was a transfer student who is usually regarded as a math prodigy. Topping math exams in those days was his identifier. A wizard, indeed. Ian often smiles a lot. And never did I see him wearing a sad mask toppling his real face. Whenever I notice him in the corridor during recess, he's not aloof but rather enjoying the company of his new school -- his new family. I was not yet a classmate of Ian by then, if I recall it correctly. I'm not quite sure either if he knew me by then. While he's busy solving math problems especially trigonometry (I'm in love with proving identities in the past if you'll ask me) and talking to pretty girls left and right, I was -- as always (again!) -- computing my way with accounting (my one and only ticket). 

We're friends in our last year in UE-Manila. Oftentimes, we kid our classmates and even some of our professors. Speaking of which, I remember one instance when Professor Bigno (he's gay, I suppose) threw a wooden chair towards Ian's location with me speaking mentally to him, "Watch your flank!" Professor Bigno almost hit Ian but luckily he's as quick as lightning when he avoided it. He's agile, after all. 

Aside from pestering others, we stalk pretty girls around campus with me as the main conspirator. Well, who else? Like him, I do love numbers; gorgeous ladies, a religion. In any case, Ian and the rest of our so-called F4 group did those things just the same. We were young, happy, and had the big world in front of us -- looking at us.

I know he wanted to be an engineer. Believe it or not, in our group, I was the only one who took accountancy (the ticket is still valid, I guess) while all of them decided to be an engineer. They love math. We all loved it. After graduation and saying goodbyes, we realized that the world is now closer than we imagined. It was huge. Tremendous. Cunning. Unfathomable. And lastly, unfair. 

Years passed us by and our paths did not cross again. I met some of my classmates last year but the F4? Still disbanded. No fucking reunion. 

Ian told me once that Math enthusiasts are always hyper, always-on-the-go, and surprisingly naughty. I still hear his voice whispering those words into my ears. The memories we shared. The smiles we showed. And the hardships we surpassed. We made it all. We really did.

He's dead all right. And I know in the coming days, I will be meeting my classmates. Even the F4 group would also have this chance to meet but sadly, like the Fellowship of the Ring, it's now broken because Gandalf the Grey is no more and has fallen into the shadows. Of course, it's sad. The thing now is to move on and relive the tale of our dear old friend. Err, no. Our wonderful friend.

Requiescat in pace, Ian. 

Thanks to my classmates for the photos. 

Soliloquy of an Accountant

Last night, I went to a shopping mall in our locality. The reason? Sale! What else? Hahahaha! Actually, I have had no prior plans of commencing my "shopping spree" habit not until its the second week of October. Nevertheless, thanks to my mom and brother, they dispelled my long day of slumber and drag (of course, it's not literal!) me to shop and dine, for a change.

Gamer -- the adjective that it's so attached to my skin. Yes, so is my only brother. We're both individuals whose happiness is derived -- aside from getting high scores in exams and quizzes -- from playing games. PS3 games, to be exact. And there I saw in Toy Kingdom the game I've been wanting for quite some time now. Surprised I was because I did not bring any cash with me. The good thing is, my mom brought her ATM and charged it to her savings account. Being an accountant, I was crazy last night of having an accounting entry in my own imagination. Debit PPE and Credit Accounts Payable. I laughed a little when I thought of that. First is that I never classify my hobby as an expense, may it be of buying books and games. Second is Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE) -- that's an appropriate account in my own humble discretion. After all, it's how I classify things. How I artistically classify it. Jeez, I'm nuts! Accounting lecture yet again. In short, my mom paid for it and off we go. Hahaha!

Afterwards, we visited our mom's friend working in an eye clinic. My brother asked if it's free to have our eyes checked and if there's a possibility of wearing eyeglasses in the near future. The reply was in the affirmative and they examined our eyes. The results? My sibling's vision is still perfect as always. 20-20, is that how you put it? I think it is. On the other hand, I was told that I have astigmatism. (Wait, let me google it.) Okay, now I know what it is. To continue the story, I told them to return next week after getting my paycheck and have my first spectacles to correct my vision. That explains why in the past weeks, my head hurts most of the time and I feel dizzy. 

I bought two new polo shirts and pants. Additionally, some batteries and a new pair of slippers. What in the world is the reason for purchasing batteries? It's our clock in the house. Stuck it is in 9:30 and -- with some reason I cannot explain -- gives me the creeps. Bizarre, you can say that. A few moments later, we ate our dinner in a fastfood chain because first, I crave for their steak. Secondly, we're all hungry and cannot afford to wait for long minutes of cooking and preparation if we opted to dine in a restaurant. A few chats and stories enveloped our dinner. We even discussed the future. Yep, the future.

Happy, I am last night. To the extent of burning thousands of pesos in buying things necessary or just for leisure is not to be thought over and over again. Rather, it's how you spent your time with your family. On a side note, we're all aging. Even if I'm only 22 and still have a long way to go, I can't help but think that perhaps in the coming years the scenario would be different. BUT, I want to contain that thought into a box and place it somewhere for the time being. The future is mysterious and we cannot deny it. I cannot deny it. 

The important thing is we're all happy last night and stay happy and kicking, if not always, most of the time.

Happy Sunday to you all. :)

The more you sow, the more you reap!

Just in case you did not notice the blog's right side where I posted my wish list for the current quarter, I hate to say this (what? hate?) but I passed the Certified Bookkeeper examination held last September 3rd. Yippee ki-yay!

Meet Wheatley!

This calls for a celebration I've been thinking since then. Hmm. A movie, perhaps? Dinner? Buy a new book? In any case, before I go out in the open and celebrate my latest merit slash achievement -- alone that is (I'm talking about my solo partying...sucks, right?) -- here are some snippets from the letter I received.

Yours truly is so damn proud!

CAT Level 2 Exam, here I come! ^_^

Kwentong Pang-Miyerkules na nahuling i-post!!!

Miyerkules na naman. Ang bilis ng mga araw. Ay, hindi pala. Mabagal. Sana nga’y Oktubre na eh. Matagal din akong hindi nakapagsulat dito sa aking blog. Nalipat kasi ako ng workplace at talaga namang ga-bundok ang dami ng tatrabahuhin ko. Nakakaya ko naman. Ako pa? Pero alam mo, nalungkot lang ako kahapon. Kasi ba naman, nag-a-la-janitor ako sa opisina. Naglampaso at nagwalis. Propesyunal ako ha? Titulado pa. Pero yun ang utos sa’kin nung bago kong boss eh. Wala akong magagawa. Basta, nakakalungkot na nakakaasar. Nakakaawa akong tingnan.

“Kumusta ang trabaho mo?”

Pero hindi yun ang ikukwento ko ngayong araw. Hindi iyon. Minsan na nga lang ako magsasalaysay tapos trabaho na naman? Tama na siguro yun sa opisina. Iniwan ko muna yun dun. Balikan ko bukas. Parang marami-rami akong sasabihin sa’yo ngayon. At baka maging mahaba ang entrada ko. Pang-bawi na lang siguro sa mga nakaraang araw na wala ni isang artikulong naisulat o naibahagi man lang.Kahit na subsob pa din ako sa trabaho ay hindi ko pa din iniwan ang tungkulin kong mag-aral. Ewan ko ba. Sadyang gusto ko lang talagang gawin ito. Ang saya kaya! Saka para din naman iyon sa kinabukasan ko eh. Naniniwala kasi ako dun sa kasabihan na mas mabuting mas higit ang itinatanim mo ngayon kaysa ang pag-aani. Parang larong farmville lang (oops, hindi ako naglaro nito dati. Sinabi lang sa’kin ang basics ng laro), may mga oras para sa pagkuha ng mga ani mo. May matatagal anihin, may madali. Pero mas pabor ako dun sa matatagal. Long-term eh. At saka, parang pananggalang ko na din yun at insurance para sa aking buhay sa hinaharap. Okay na sa’kin ang unti ngayon pero sandamak-mak sampung taon mula ngayon. Mamuhunan, ika ng iba. Ngunit hindi din ako sa pera. Desidido ako sa karera. Pangalawa lang ang pangangailang pananalapi. The best things in life are free, di ba? Ayun, nag-advance study pa din ako para sa susunod na certification program na aking papasukin sa susunod na buwan. Basta aral muna at trabaho, sabay laro syempre. Babasagin ko kasi ang kaseryosohan ko nun kapag naglaro ako. At isa pa, mahirap ang masyado sa aral. Baka kung ano ang mangyari. Hindi ko nais na kolektahin lahat ng pwedeng titulo na katulad ng pagiging CPA. Oo, asaran naming magkaka-klase nung nasa kolehiyo pa ako na pahabaan daw kami ng pangalan pagdating ng panahon. Kung sino ang manalo, siya ang pinaka-elite sa amin. Elite. Okay, sabi mo eh. Pero, may mas malalim akong dahilan. Ganito kasi iyon.

Noong bata pa ako, laging kawawa ang pamilya namin sa mga kamag-anak namin. Lagi na lang kaming niyayabangan at parang saling-pusa sa kanila. Ultimo mga pinsan ko, ganun sa’kin pati na sa kapatid ko. Halimbawa, naaalala ko noon, tinanong ako ng nakatatanda kong pinsan, “8+5”. Hindi ako umimik. Nag-isip talaga ako. Bata pa ako nun at talaga naman mahiyain. Tahimik. Tahimik ako nun. Paiyak na nga ako nun eh. Walang anu-ano’y sinabi sa’kin ang sagot ng pinsan ko. Itinapat niya pa nga sa’kin ang mga daliri niya para bilangin ko. Ang saklap, di’ba? Bata pa ako nun pero nakaramdam ako na ang bobo ko. Bobo ako, salamat sa kanya. Ang kulang na lang ay sabihin sa lahat ng andun sa bahay nila na simpleng tanong lang ay hindi ko masagot. Bobo mo, bobo! Umiyak ako nun. May uhog pa. Isang halimbawa pa ay nung medyo malaki na ako. Siguro nasa elementarya pa ata ako noong mga panahon na iyon. Nagtanungan kaming magpipinsan kung ano ang nais namin pagtanda namin. Sinabi agad ng pinsan ko na gusto niyang maging emperador (hindi yung alak ah). Namangha ako, malamang. Kahit di ko alam ang ibig sabihin nun ay sadyang nabilib ako sa kanya. Ang sarap kasing pakinggan eh. Sarap sa tainga. Sunod na nagsalita ay ang kapatid ko. Sinambit niyang, “Gusto kong maging hari!” Nakatawa pa siya nun at todo ngiti. Ako naman, bumilib din sa kanya. Kasi alam ko ang ibig sabihin nung salitang “hari” pero ang "emperador", hindi. Hari, may sariling kaharian na nasasakupan. Emperador? Ano iyon? Maya-maya ay tumawa ang pinsan ko ng malakas. “Mas mataas pa din ang emperador kaysa sa hari mo!” Hagakpak ang tawa niya sabay batok sa kapatid ko. “Ang bobo mo”, sabi pa niya. Umiyak ang kapatid ko. Paiyak na din ako noong mga oras na iyon. Ang ayaw ko kasi sa lahat ay ang nakikitang umiiyak ang kapatid ko. Nahahawa ako eh. Sobra! Bigla akong sumigaw. Malakas na sigaw. “Gusto kong maging diyos!”, yun ang eksaktong sinabi ko. Natahimik siya. Lumapit. Sabay, sinapak ako. “Diyos mo, mukha mo! Hahahahaha!

Ewan ko kung bakit ganun ang kinalakihan ko sa angkan namin. Akala mo naman ay kung sinong mayaman at napakagandang kurso ang tinapos. Kahit nga yung usapan namin noong mga ilang taon na ang nakakalipas tungkol sa pelikulang The Da Vinci Code ay hindi rin pinalampas. “Bago mo panoorin iyon, basahin mo muna ang libro!” Anak ng?! Hanggang dun ba naman? Kailangan ko pa bang tanggapin o aminin sa kanila na hindi ko sila ka-lebel o kapantay sa mundo nilang sadyang hirap abutin? Na sila na ang pinakamatalino sa amin, pinaka-astig, pinakahabulin ng mga babae? Ang pinaka?? Iyon na lang ba lagi ang sukatan? O talagang dapat may sukatan ang lahat? Nakakalungkot...sila. 

Pero teka, sadyang nakakatawa ang mga nangyari. Kung iisipin ko nga yang mga yan ay matutuwa na lang ako at tatawa ng palihim. Maniwala ka man o hindi, nasa memorya ko ang mga ito. Oo, galit ako sa kanila. Sobra!! Kahit nga yung propesyon ko o yung kursong accountancy noong nasa unang taon pa lang ako sa kolehiyo, hindi din pinalagpas eh. “Bakit? Ilan lang bang CPA sa isang kumpanya ang kailangan?” “Kaya mo ba? Baka di mo kayanin”. “Taas ng pangarap ah”. Pusang-gala! Tama na! Tantanan niyo ang pangarap ko. Hindi pa ba sapat na kayo ang naghulma ng pagkabata ko? Kung paano ninyo ipinamulat sa’kin na ano ako sa mundo? Na isa akong bubwit at kayo ang aapak sa’kin? Kayo ba ang nagpapakain at nagbabayad sa matrikula ko? Hindi di’ba? Eh bakit panay ang pakikialam niyo? 

Propesyonal na ako ngayon. At oo, naglampaso ako kahapon. Nagwalis pa nga. Pero kahit ganun pa man, at nakakatawa mang isipin, may isang bagay sa mundong ito ang sigurado. Umiikot

Pero masaya naman ako, walang biro yun ah. Nagagawa ko pa din naman ang gusto ko. Nakakapagtrabaho kahit minsan ay wala na sa linya ko. Nakakapaglaro din. Nakakapagbasa ng mga libro. Nakakapag-aral ulit. Masaya kahit ganun. Tawa na lang. Sabay ngiti. Kumanta ka pa, pwede din.Simula nung naabot ko ang pangarap ko, hindi ko na nakausap ang mga pinsan ko. Mga gago eh. Akala mo ang gagaling eh sila ngayon ang tumiklop. Niluto nila ang mga sarili nila. Ayaw ko ng sabihin kung ano at nasaan na sila ngayon. Basta ang sasabihin ko sa’yo, mas angat na ako. "CPA, for the win!", sabi nga ng kapatid ko. Kung may lawyer pa sana sa mga pinsan ko eh sana ako ang titiklop. Wala eh. Ako din ang kukuha nun. Tatalon ako ng malayo para hindi nila ako maabutan. Kainin nila mga kayabangan nila. Okay lang sa’kin kahit hindi nila ako pansinin o pinapansin. Sanayan lang. Oo, sanayan lang. Ganun talaga ang senaryo kapag naungusan. Dedma.

Siguro iyon nga ang naiisip kong dahilan kung bakit ko gustong mag-aral. Marahil, hindi rin lang iyon. Malay natin.

“Kuya, si Byron oh. Ang pinsan natin.”
“Magaling ba ‘yan?”, tanong ko sa kanya.

Sukatin natin ang mundo. Bow. 

When LSS Struck hard! Again! Come on!

A video?! Again?! What the *toot*?!

You know what? For this entry, I typed a story about what happened to me yesterday but decided to delete it even if it was long enough like a short story. I'm kinda disappointed in the office, that's why. Let's leave it with that, shall we?

Last night, being so depressed and upset, I plugged in my PS3, got my controller and played Portal 2 in which I managed to beat it with flying colors. (I even said to myself last night, "I'm not going to work tomorrow!") Hey, if you're going to check out my 2011: Games I finished page, you will notice that Portal 2's review is not even present as of now. I'll update it this coming weekend so don't be sad! :)

Speaking of sadness, at the ending credits of the game, shocked I was as I listened to this very cute little song. The title was, "Want You Gone" and sung by the game's tritagonist, GLaDOS (voiced by Ellen McLain). GLaDOS's voice was so beautiful and perfectly matched for the song's intriguing lyrics making me to smile wide enough -- to show my braces! -- after the song ended and as I go to sleep. 

The point is, whether you played the game or not, as long as you have your own problems and living in stressful environments, play this song or just sing it. Bye-bye negatives and hello positives! Try listening to it and you'll never be disappointed.

Let's all have a stress-free September!

When LSS struck hard! Real hard! (Midnight release!)

Kwentong pang-miyerkules. Na naman. 

Oo, di ka nagkakamali sa nakikita mo. Isang video nga 'yan. Sa katunayan, nang dahil sa maikling pelikulang pinamagatang 5 Centimeters Per Second (anime ito ha?) na napanood ko ilang araw na ang nakakalipas, na-LSS ako sa kantang "One More Time, One More Chance" na siya mismong naturang awitin sa pelikulang ito. Aaminin ko, nalungkot talaga ako sa kinalabasan ng palabas na ito. Marami din siguro sa inyong mga nakapanood nito ang di maaring itangging tinamaan siya ng mga linya at tagpong tila wala nang mas lulungkot pa. A slice of life, ika nga.

Pansin ko lang, ito na pala ang ikalawang entrada ko para sa pelikulang nabanggit. Ano ito? Promotion? Hindi. Hindi po. Minahal ko lang talaga ng lubos ang istorya, ang musika, at ang mga linya. Tumatak sa isip at puso ko, kumbaga.

Hindi din ako in-love. Ang labo ata nun. Hindi na yun ang inuuna ko ngayon. Trabaho na, at mas lalong dapat sa karera. Pero maaring masabing mong in-love nga ako dahil sa ginagawa kong ito. Marahil, tama ka. Ngunit alam mo ba, kung ano talaga ang dahilan? Hindi yun dahil sa may mahal akong bagong babae; kundi nang dahil sa pelikulang ito, napamahal ako sa bansang Japan. Ang kultura nila, ang puno ng sakura, ang mga tren, lahat. Dahil sa palabas na ito, nalimutan kong pinoy ako. 

O ganun talaga ang nararamdaman 'pag naapektuhan masyado? Malay ko ba. Ewan.

Maiba ako, kaarawan ng kapatid ko kanina (September 6, o sige kahapon na). Maligayang kaarawan sa kanya! Wala kaming litrato na nakuha para okasyong ito kasi nalimutan namin ang kamera. Kumain lang namin kami sa isang restawran. Okay na iyon.

Nasabi ko pala sa kanya na gusto kong pumunta sa Japan kasama siya 'pag ka-graduate niya. Kunsabagay, parang regalo ko na 'yun sa kanya. Naku, malaki-laking pera iyon. Ako ang financier eh! Natahimik ako isang saglit at napaisip. Gusto ko din kasing makakita ng snow pero 'di winter 'pag April. Kaya ang dilemma, pupunta ng Japan sa Abril na makakakita ako ng magagandang puno ng sakura ngunit walang niyebe? O sa Disyembre na mayroong niyebe pero walang nakakaakit na bulaklak ng sakura? Ang lungkot naman. Trade-off! Opportunity costs! Accounting na naman!

Di bale. All is well! 

Maraming salamat kay blogger totomai para sa mga ideya na naibahagi niya sa'kin hindi lamang sa pelikula kundi na rin sa bansang Japan. At oo, siya din ang nagbigay ng link ng video na nasa itaas. Ang bait niya di'ba? Arigatou Gozaimasu, senpai!

Kasabay nito ang pagtugtog ng kantang "Find the Way" ni Mika Nakashima at pagbaba ng telon. Tutulo ang mga luha -- luha para sa kinabukasan.

Omnipotent: A poem

Photography Graphics, Tumblr Photography

Run forth.
Detach yourself to me.

Be still.
Don't you shed a tear.

Will you?
The sky might leave you here.

The man.
We need him to be free.

The portal's closing near.

Keep 'em coming!

~ Accounting

Today's my examination day for the Certified Bookkeeper program. At long last, it comes to an end after a month of review classes and hardships (I think). Finally! 

Wish me luck, guys! 

I hope that in two weeks time, I'll write my name like this:

 Let's get it on!!! :)


UPDATE: With four whole hours to answer seventeen pages of accounting problems, I was a bit shocked when I saw the examination papers given to me first-hand. Call that coincidence or not, it was the same set of problems I studied and answered two or three weeks ago! I feel that it's kind of deja vu but it isn't. It's real. What I solved before were the ones given earlier this morning. Copy and paste? So much for effing verbatim. 

Although I walked out the examination room tired and powerless after almost three hours of writing, solving, analyzing (yep, I still used it), the feeling of happiness and eagerness suddenly invaded my heart. Two more certifications to go and off I go to a Law School -- which in fact I will be the one to support myself.

Thank God for handing me that set of exam. It's like a bonus material, if you'll ask me. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe. Always. 

5 Centimeters Per Second: Movie Review

I once told myself that I will never watch another heart-breaking TV show or movie -- may it be a fiction or not, anime or not. Watching these kind of genre pierces my heart giving them the advantage to obliterate my sanity much more of my stone-hearted persona. It's not that I don't want to cry and use a roll of tissue to wipe away my tears but rather the invisible mark that will stick with you? I can't stand it. A bond that holds my heart in a chain of sad memories.

Out of curiosity, I watched 5 centimeters Per Second. First and foremost, I only acquired information about the movie yesterday because of this forum I rarely visit. Some said that the film itself has a very sad ending. So, what did I do? I challenged myself. 

5 Centimeters Per Second tells the story of a young boy named Takiko who was transferred to an elementary school in one of the towns in Japan where he met another transfer student named Akari. With both of them having the same qualities, interests, and attitudes, the bond between them grew realizing that there's much more to them than just mere classmates or friends. However, as the final year of their basic schooling draws to a close, revelations appeared that will keep them apart. Forever.

The film is yes, a slice of life. No magical event, no fictional element in the movie itself -- they constitute what life is really all about. Numerous symbols are depicted to the movie that somehow symbolizes our desires, endeavors, and our inner souls. It's unusual for films today or even TV shows that discuss these things in addition to the essence of being alive and the concept of our dreams for a certain goal or even a person we dear the most. 5 Centimeters Per Second is, in its truest form, a love story. And like Clannad, there's more than just saying those three magic words to our love ones
A scene that will never be forgotten
I love the movie. Speechless. Really.

My rating of the movie --> 9/10

Theory of Good and Bad

Today is the start of a brand new month. Yes, it is! September is the name. This coming Saturday is my much-awaited examination for the Certified Bookkeeper program in which I'm enrolled and attending for almost a month now. BUT, I'm far more interested three days after the said exam date because it'll be my younger brother's birthday.

Moving on...

I still don't get the point why others insist that a person is prone to changing his habits. You know, the notion that the only thing in the world that is not changing is the word itself -- change? But, how come? A common idea nowadays for that matter is that nothing is constant except the "change" word and time itself. Well, I don't know. It bothers me, really. A snake molting its skin or a phoenix dying and being reborn -- it's a never-ending process, right? With that nature, one can say that dynamism is absent and will not take place. It is, of course, refutable and not nature's law to begin with. Even my example of that phoenix is a myth! Heck, what am I writing, anyway?

I strongly disbelieve that a person will change due to time element. I mean, being a good person then eventually becoming a bad one? Uh-uh. Nope. It's not like that. Here is what I theorized.

Imagine the Periodic Table of Elements. Too many data, right? Aside from an element's name, all other figures are indicated for it specifically. And I don't wanna tackle and narrow it down for you because that's a different story. If I'm still in love with chemistry, I may able to discuss it. BUT, I'm not! To continue it, replace these elements with a human trait. Example, an oxygen would be replaced as, let's say, kindness; helium as cruelty. Pretty simple, correct? What I'm truly trying to say (oh, it's still not clear? God!) is that since a person's arrival to this realm, both the goodness and badness are present in him. Given a numerical assignment, assume all of these traits have a common value of 1 with a cap two hundred points to allocate. That being said, a person is neutral of both extremes. Hence, one will not change but instead, applying the above-mentioned assumption, attributes will tend to increase or decrease because of human nature or even the advent of an environment in which a person is exposed to. Needless to say, a good person becoming a bad one is nonetheless possible. But the belief of him reforming from the former trait to the latter? Absolutely no! He just took a value from a positive trait and shifted it to a negative one. Makes sense?

Here is another school of thought. I remember reading one famous quote by William Shakespeare. He said that in this world, "there's no good nor bad, only man makes it so". Thinking about it manifests the existence of both extremes. We only apply our own sets of colors to it. Mankind is the one who perceived it as it is. If I'll say for instance that killing is bad, then it's bad from my own set of eyes. No matter how good the intention would be, I will always classify it as a wrong-doing. No questions asked! But ask a clan of assassins about it and they'll reply that what they're always doing is right. Two conflicting doctrines. Two warring convictions. Both debatable, of course.

Good or bad. A person suddenly changes his attitude. Two scenarios but both worth discussing. I think. :)

Still, the question remains. What am I writing, anyway? I can't answer. This entry sprung into my head like a  white daisy in the meadow or it was like I'm listening to an audio book and what I did is to write everything I hear. I'm fascinated of what I did just now. I really am. 

But before I end my first entry for this month of September, here's a new question. If some scholars say that the element Iridium is the rarest metal here on Earth, what would be man's rarest trait? Food for thought, indeed.   

Thank you for reading and have a great month ahead. Feel free to comment below if you find my entry good or bad. Oh wait, didn't I say earlier that there are no such things? Oh, man!





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