Funny Pics!

I am still on the verge of buying a decent camera. Not that I am undecided, though. But I think it is a battle between a good handycam and a digicam. All for blogging, mateys!

So here's for me to share today: Some funny photos I accidentally clicked and viewed. 

These are what I call stress equalizers! Humorous and Hilarious. I hope you had fun like I did. :)

OPM: What We Want

I was having a dinner with my dad when I watched the news. Our respectable OPM artists were kind of baffled -- or should I say -- threatened. Their enemy? Foreign performers.

This particular news intrigues me. You know, I love Filipino artisans. Musicians like Ogie Alcasid, Noel Cabangon, and even the funny songwriter Lito Camo, are all but legends. And when they write songs, and puts hymn and melody? God, it's music! Notwithstanding if it can make you cry or laugh. Or even think twice for its double meaning. 

That's what good about those guys. It's what makes them heroes in my heart that separates them from those self-proclaimed singers *ehem* actors *slash* composers, who all they do is sing a song, a goddamn foreign song, make a cover of it, and pretend that their own version is extraordinary. 

The urgency of this threat began from the series of concerts of foreign artists like of Avril Lavigne's, Katy Perry's, and the rock band Simple Plan, has been in all decency a face over a mask and not the other way around. It is too damn obvious. They keep on coming, too. If not American music icons, or Canadian, send some type of a circus club from Africa. In fact, they did. And we let them in.

Who wouldn't be intimated, anyway? The locals ignore our own, shift their eyes to the sun from the west. Market shares are significantly affected. No more audience for OPM artists. No more.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

They proposed a resolution, these people from our own music industry. A call for an amendment to the 1987 memorandum of agreement where foreign shows must pay a certain fee for them to conduct a show. They say the fee must be increased because 2012 is far from 1987. 

The issue is very clear: We are all dying. We don't have any more shows to perform. With that, we have no money. 

Their uncanny and well-thought solution: Let's ask them to pay more before having a show.

Problem resolved? Actually, no. Never will. And I say, fuck it!

Seriously?! With all those too much blah blahs, this will be your resolution? Instead of writing new songs, great songs, and comic skits, you're all just going to beg for money? Tired of being too artistic and would solely rely on greasing palms? 

Jesus Christ. I can't imagine what would happen to this nation's entertainment industry in the next few years. All are lost and new ones would be lost. 

So pointless.

Oh really? I did not know that!

I want to share you guys an interesting text message I got from my friend earlier today. As I'm not really an advocate of text quotes, chain messages, and the like (yeah, I'll delete it as soon as possible if it's that worthless or not work-related), I find this particular trivia worth a shot. 


These are the things you don't need to know but I am going to tell you:

  1. All shrimps are born female, but become male as time goes by. (So are they like gayish?)
  2. Starfishes are pretty but they don't have brains. (So be offended if someone calls you one.)
  3. Penguins can only have one mate. They spend almost half of their lives looking for their destined partner; then spend the rest of it with them. (How sweet is that?)

I do not know if you find these amusing at all. But I do and hope you find your penguin. :)


Have a nice weekend everyone. ^_^

The Tibetan Personality Test

I am fond of taking dozens of personality tests all over the web. You know, answering numerous questions for a few minutes and afterwards you'll have your corresponding results? Yeah, that's the one! From simple psych questions to the infamous color quiz, I tried and answered them all. Some results were fascinating, while the others, a shocker! And I'm looking at you, Color Quiz! 

Here's the thing: I am quite sure you've already tried this one. It has been circulating Facebook some time ago due to feeds by my friends. Yes, I was curious so I took the opportunity and clicked the link, and stumbled with a new face of persona quiz. 

The link is here --> The Tibetan Personality Test

This quiz only involves three questions. As you might be surprised, however, you got to have a pen and a piece of paper to write your answers down. I don't want to spoil anything but simply enjoy it. :)

In my humble opinion after I was tested by this quiz, the results were highly accurate. Yes, it's one of those sticky shocker tests that will left you hanging by a thread which opened your shell like 1,2, and 3.

Your thoughts? ^_^

Those Four Things About You

For a minute or two before constructing these words and sentences, I deeply wonder why I am doing this. It's fairly clear, as a word of caution(?), that I'm a good friend and a good colleague at the same time. Helping people makes me happy. 

I sincerely thank you Floyd for giving me the reason to write another post in my blog. And I'm still mad at you for intervening my Assassin's Creed:Revelations multiplayer match last night when you called. *Evil laugh*

With much dedication to Romaine. The nexus of my innermost strengths and weaknesses.

The Paper Crane. I don't know if you remember this or not but we walked inside a bookstore once. And like a couple, we raided the shop looking for something - our own personal space of books, egos, and privacy. I never told you what was I looking for, right? It was a book about Origami. I have always wanted to give you one. Just a simple piece of paper molded into something artistic and given life of its own by my mere hands. I found one book actually. And as I gazed around the bookstore to look for you, there you were in the magazine section and talking to yourself. But I was wrong. You were not soliloquizing but singing. Time stopped. The people around us froze. I was staring at you as I hear your melodies, as if I am the only one around. It was music, yeah, but during that time, I realized something. That I was looking for the lady in my dreams? No. That I was totally over you? No. It's something different. Entirely different.

We walked inside a bookstore once. I found no book to buy, unfortunately. Instead, I found a breathtaking spectacle of fantasy and reality. And in between them, is you.

The Picture of You. It is a common practice nowadays for individuals to have photos of their love ones. May it be on their wallets, photo albums, or picturesque walls, it does not matter. As a matter fact, I do not have any pictures of you. Believe it or not, I don't have one. But I do have this. It's one of your many drawings. I really admire this photo simply for two reasons. First, it's you who drew it. Never did I take that seriously when you say that you can draw. But now, the joke's on me. You can draw. Like literally. Secondly, it is a true representation of you. Simple. Neat. With a fiery set of eyes fueled by determination and passion. The eyes I love the most.

The Way Movies Work. We almost have the same interests and opinions. Why the president is like that. Why people go to Starbucks. The electoral proceedings. The Harry Potter books. And even the movies we grew up with. But the best chat we had is the way flicks work. It is not the actors and actresses that make those scenes roll. Nor is the story, the makeup artists, sound directors, and costumers. Rather, it's the director. The way he open his mind and heart to create something out of an ordinary manuscript. The way he move his hands and illustrates his ideas with so much compassion and eagerness. The way one's life creates a new one. You know, if there is one director in this life, I think he made me to meet you. There has to be some reason behind all this. That I have something to deliver for you. A line perhaps, or an act. Whatever that'll be, I'm glad that director points me to you. 

The Traveler's Road. I still wanted to read The Gunslinger but failed to buy one. I always fancied to lay my eyes upon its story where, obviously, The Gunslinger is in pursuit of a man dressed in black. Pretty linear, right? But I do like the plot. It's like the protagonist has only one reason as far as the story goes. No other memes and whatchamacallits. Well in reality, we all choose our paths to take and go on with it, irrespective of those inherent consequences that can either lift us up or bring us down. I am not in pursuit of a man clothed in black. Do I have any particular reason for choosing this road? None! And I do not think any other traveler would pick this one. They even say this was the hardest of them all. But here we are; alone in the middle of nowhere. I, for one, don't have a concrete idea of what will happen to us in reaching the road's end, or if it will not end, there might be an instance that this path will fork. Are we still gonna continue our journey on another road together? Or perhaps go on and part ways? 

How I wish this will not end. But it's inevitable and all will end eventually. How I wish every step we'll take brings no end for us. Instead, moves us closer bit by bit, and although with a slowest speed, I can show you or even make you feel that in this paved road there is a definite reason, even though vague, why we are together. Especially, why I have you.


I think I passed my limit. It. Is. Too. Damn. Corny. 

The rest if up to you, my dear readers. :)

The Versatile Blogger

Here it is! The Versatile Blogger Award! 

I would like to thank jenponix of JenPonix for having me as one of her many recipients for this type of award. Again, thank you very much. 

To start the to-do's when a blogger received this, here are the rules: a) Thank the blogger who sends you the award and add a link to his/her blog b) Write 7 random things about you c) Give the award to other 15 bloggers you love and tell them

Here are my seven random things about myself that are not included in the About Me section of my blog:

  1. I'm very straight-forward. 
  2. One of my dear students fell in love with me. No kidding.
  3. A very complicated person.
  4. Craves for chocolate every now and then.
  5. Workaholic. 
  6. Hates disrespectful persons.
  7. Most of my personal stuff are game paraphernalia. 

Honestly, I don't want to pass this award anymore to my fellow bloggers. The reason is that they've already been chosen. And the fact that I made this late proves it. 

Oh well. 'Til then. :)

Kickback available!

It is nice to be back! Many things happened to me these past few weeks after that "incident". And from the way I see it, I'm moving on. 

Random things. I'll try to summarize everything in short phrases or sentences. Yes, I included some pictures. 

NOTE: Forgive me for the low resolution of the pics. I'm not fond of taking pictures. One high-end camera costs too much. 

  • I sent her a message and she replied, "Sorry. I shouldn't act that way." As of now, we're okay. Very okay.

  • So in our batch of financial experts, there are only three guys. Leo, Ed, and yours truly. Sad to say but Leo is gonna leave us for a much better job in the metro. Kudos, my friend!

Three Wise Men

  • It's been a year since I started this personalized blog way back in March 2 of 2011. I'm supposed to give a giveaway but we're too busy making our 2013 Budget at Tagaytay. Some other time, then.

  • Two Saturdays ago (March 3), I slept at 4:30 in the afternoon and woke up the following day at 7:30 in the morning. 

  • I gave up. My parents will never ever reconcile. They're both drowning with their own pride.

  • New rule: No late equals chocolate.

  • Remember the PS Vita I bought last month? I gave it away to my brother. "Thanks, bro." *With a big grin*

So long...

  • I finally ate at Sbarro. Guess what? I did not like the food. 

  • John Carter on IMAX 3D was spectacular. What really made my day is the 6 or 7-minute prologue of The Dark Knight Rises.

  • This year: The Dark Knight Rises > The Hobbit > Avengers & Spider-man

  • I love this photo with my friend, Mharnel. :) I look like a jerk, though.


  • I spent six thousand bucks yesterday. Cold cash. 

  • And to answer Kaye Langit-Luistro's comment just recently, here's one for you. "Thank you for dropping by. I never though someone out there would still visit my blog even I'm too busy with other things. Yes, I'm into animes too. But with only selected titles. I'm glad that you like the piano piece."

That's it for now. Have a wonderful week ahead. :)

Move On

UPDATE: Credits to the beautiful Ile Odarod for the title.

I'm supposed to tell another story today -- a jolly one -- but the fact that I read her reply changed my mood. I knew it. And I pretended I'm just being innocent and all. Life sucks. As a matter of perspective. 

"Move on."

No more words to explain such statement as this one. No further clarifications. No argument. Just this. Accept the fact and let it blow you like dandelions dancing in the air. 

Should I reply? No. It's better not to. I think it is better for me to go away and move on as well. It is funny to think that I've kept my feelings for her for so long, and eventually it will not turn out so well. 

My consolation prize? "Well, at least I tried." (Can't believe I said that.)

How I wish back in those days when I walked her home the first time we met, I did not notice her eyes looking at me, telling me to ask for her number. None of this would've happened. 

So as of today, I lost two handkerchiefs, one 8gb flash drive, three Pilot ballpens, my two students' exam papers, my salary (I sacrificed my own salary to suffice other expenses of my agency), and the person I love the most.

What a month this is.

The Curious Tag Game

Hello. I am not an advocate of chain messages and of some sorts but this particular tagging game made me accept the fact that there's a first time for everything. 

Before anything else, I would like to thank JenPonix about this, and of course, my fellow bloggers and followers who constantly read everything that I'm saying here in my blog -- even though most are pointless. A big thanks to you guys!

(I know, I know. Photos. We'll come into that soon.)


So for the tagging game, here are the rules:
- Post these rules
- Post 11 random things about yourself
- Answer the questions that tagger set for you in their post
- Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
- Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged

11 Random things about myself:

1. I hate hospitals.
2. All my personal things have their own names. 
3. I'm melancholic.
4. It's almost six months since I played my piano.
5. I don't like this number.
6. A jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none fellow.
7. I have braces.
8. I long for a hug. 
9. Hates traffic and being late.
10.Has a strong affinity with water.
11.I always gaze upon the night sky searching for Orion.

Answered questions of the tagger:

1. Would you rather be famous or rich? 
   -> Famous.

2. If you're a thing, what are you? Why?
   -> A piano. I can make a person weep.

3. Tropical or 4-seasons? Why?
   -> Four seasons. I want spring. :)

4. What is the biggest amount of money did you have in hand so far?
   -> Five million pesos.

5. What's you greatest achievement as of now?
   -> Being a CPA and an educator.

6. If I give you a thousand pesos, how and where will you spend it?
   -> I'll deposit it.

7. Handsome & Poor or Despicable & Rich? Why?
   -> The latter. There's a negative connotation about being poor but still handsome. It's a complex combination.

8. If you're going in an island, what are the 3 things you will bring?
   -> A pad paper, a box of pens, and a blanket.

9. Pluck or shave? Why?
   -> Shave. Period.

10. What's your greatest romance fantasy?
   -> Playing the piano for the girl of my dreams.

11. What's the best ever present you received and from whom?
   -> A picture of me and my brother. He gave it to me after I passed the board exam. 

11 new set of questions:

1. Do you easily fall in love?
2. Sunrise or sunset? Why?
3. Why do you blog?
4. What books are you currently reading?
5. Legit or piracy?
6. Your favorite hangout?
7. PC vs. Tablet vs. Laptop. Your pick. Why? 
8. Are you into horror movies?
9. In a relationship, are you the aggressive type or not? Why?
10.Do you believe in fairy tales?
11.Will you tell us one word that can describe you as a whole?

Now, I'm going to pass this tagging game to michymichymoo of [i am a dekaphobic], ^_^ wReY and R0bbY of fasHI0nm0T0, and Wonder Woman of Wonder Woman Rises.

Have a nice time answering my questions. Keep tagging. ;)

Field Report | Etched Words


The road to my own emancipation is nonetheless difficult, abysmal, and uncertain. 

I did not see her yesterday. That's a fact. As early as four in the morning, I knew she wasn't coming. And even though I knew that for certain because of her twitter account, I still went to church and pray. 

It is sad. My heart almost fell from my chest because of excruciating pain. She's not there. She's far away and I cannot accept the fact that she's gone. Gone in my life? No, we never had this...this, that kind of thing. We just clicked like a door lock, and parted with a huge block. And our little romance barely two years ago? Nah, it's now history. 

I know she moved on. Why wouldn't she? I'm just an empty shell, and she knew that. I am a vessel with no core inside. No living thing. No such thing. I feel so, so... empty.

One of my girl friends asked me once, "That girl. Do you really...?"

"Yes." There was silence. 

"Instead of me, huh? Some girl. Who is she?"

"The lady who'll listen to me when I play the piano."


A thing they call love

Good luck on me tomorrow.

I know that this day will eventually come. A turning point, nonetheless. Of course, I love. All of us do. It's the quintessential aspect of being a human. Very subjective, treacherous, steep, and most importantly, unpredictable. I rarely speak about my love life. And for the obvious fact that I don't disclose for that matter does not necessarily mean I am a cold-hearted guy that spends most of his time in front of the computer working like a horse. I do love. But when I do, I tend to be melodramatic. Seriously. 

If the tip I received is undeniably correct, I would be able to see her or even talk to her tomorrow in the church where we first met. It is almost two years since I saw her face, her smile, and heard her cheerful voice. She sings, too. Barbara Streisand songs, if I remember it clearly. 

Her hair that moves in the summer wind. Those eyes attentively watching the world around her. The way she dresses. Damn, I cannot stop thinking about her. It's so painful. Everyday I read her tweets on twitter to know a thing or two about her. Her problems, thoughts, achievements -- I secretly compile them inside my head. A stalker? You can say that. I'm such a coward, right? 

What's my plan tomorrow? Simple. Tell her what I really feel for her. I don't care her reactions would be. It's time for me to be free. To be free from this torment.

Good luck. 


Yesterday was Valentine's Day, right? Sadly, I do not have any dates. Except our family dinner at 10pm, that is. Anyway, here's my story.

One of my students said in front of the class yesterday that he's too thankful that they have me as their lecturer. I undoubtedly asked why, of course. 

"Because other professors bring thick books before entering our class and they discuss it impromptu. While you sir, you come to our class with a big old backpack, a water tumbler, and a handkerchief. You keep your things away in a corner and takes two or four chalks, an eraser, and a piece of paper. You seriously know what you're teaching unlike others.

I laughed a little after he said that. Flattered. That's the word. Although I wanted him to explain further what on his mind, I smile and said,

"I was a student once. And back from high school, there was this female professor in our bookkeeping class who stand tall like me, smiles a lot like me, and brings a hanky like me. She often armed herself with two chalks, and a tissue paper. No gigantic books whatsoever. She's single, too."

We all laughed. To be frank, I suddenly miss that professor after cherishing the memory. I was her top student back then and there are times when she would call me and answer her questions making my words stutter because of shyness and nervousness. Oh, nostalgia.

"Class, she's my inspiration."

A kid from yesterday

Off to a new day. A new start. A kid from yesterday.

After that negative emotion I build up yesterday, I realized that over-thinking about it will bring no good for myself. It's time to let it go and face the sun for a bright new day. 

I am a big fan of My Chemical Romance. Songs like Helena, Disenchanted, I Don't Love You became my addiction from the undergrad up to the review school last year. Even as I write this, I do not consider of breaking the bond I made with their songs.

Bookmarked! I strongly believe that songs, whether pop or country or rock, serve as a marker in our lives. They are left behind that whenever we hear them, we remember something or someone out of the blue. This is true for a typical guy like me. So true. Will you believe that I keep playlist/s labeled with a person's name/s aside from the common labels like a band name or an album? I dunno when did I start to practice that kind of thing, so to speak.

Months before I took the board exam last May, I found out this song of MCR from their latest album, Danger Days:

This song became my battle cry during those days. I keep telling myself that I'm not a kid anymore and will not stay forever. That it is time for me to end my lack of courage and shyness. That this marks the day that I will always remember. 

I ventured the road towards my dream and found out that it's just the beginning. A new light shined upon the road-end and another adventure is yet to come. 

Many will pass me by as I'll take the road and simply nod at me. Others will converse as well as argue with me due to different perceptions and ideas. And only a few will walk beside me to support each other's back like the good old Spartan code.


Finally, departing from the "career side" story about the song, there was this girl last year (who is undoubtedly taken) that always sit beside me outside the classroom before the review session start. It's simply impossible that it's purely coincidence because it's too damn early in the morning - 6:00 AM - and with too many chairs around the vicinity, she would always place herself beside me. I always offer her my breakfast along with a few candies but fails to accept it. She's too weird. And I like her for being that way. 

The story of my life. *bow* 

The day that made me angry

Let me express my rant here in my blog:

Pumupunta po ako sa opisina niyo dahil sa trabaho. Kulang kasi ang allotment na ibinigay niyo sa cost center ko. Kahit sinong accountant, magiging mausisa at gagawa ng paraan para mai-salba ang kanyang nasasakupan. Ano po sa tingin niyo, ma'am? Pumupunta ako dito sa opisina niyo para magpa-cute sa inyo? Para tumambay? Excuse me lang po ah. Hindi po ako magiging CPA kung ganoon lang din ang gagawin ko. Sanay po ako sa hirap, ma'am. Hindi po biro ang bumyahe papunta dito para makapag-request sa inyo. Sino ba ang mali? Ako ba? Kayo po. Ang departamento niyo po. Wala po kayong basehan para pagsalitaan ako ng ganun. Ultimo mga computations niyo eh sablay sa'kin eh. Tapos sasabihin niyo sa akin na bakit ako naririto ulit? Dahil sa trabaho po, tanga. Wag lang sanang umabot sa puntong uminit ang dugo ko sa inyo kundi ilalabas ko ang calculator, papel at lapis ko, at ako pa po mismo ang magle-lecture ng accounting sa inyo.
Rant ended.



I am in dire need of an inspiration because I tend to be frolicking everything I do. The worst case is, I somehow abscond and get the hell out of the situation fast leaving my workplace in a horrible mess. (Wait 'til you see my office desk.) Dear God, what's wrong with me?

Love life is not the utmost reason that causes me to act this way, in my opinion. It's someone or something else. I recalled a lore in American Gods where deities lose their powers and even their own existence because of one simple thing: men losing their faith and rejects the idea of them being real.

Maybe I'm losing faith in myself. 

(...therefore, you need a love life. Spice your life a little bit.)

I like someone here in the blog realm. She's cute and kind of smart. If only I could go there, look directly into her eyes ,shake her hand, and say, "Hello. Here's a bouquet of flowers. The first one I ever gave one." 

Oh, I think that's too corny. Nevermind. 


I was LSSed with this song! It's Bon Jovi! Shocked I was knowing that it's him. Yippee ki-yay! 

I am so sorry if this post is not constructed clearly. Many thoughts came out and here they are. Silly of me. 

Rest day

Enter! I bravely fought the urge of buying a new tech gadgetObviously, I failed.

After one freaking week with me doing reports and thinking about my current status in my job, I decided to go out and have myself emancipated and relieved. Today is the right time, indeed. No classes for me to lecture. No paper works to be made. Nothing. It's just me...and my brother, of course.

He asked me if we could watch the movie Chronicle which I am so happy to oblige. The flick turned out to be so cool, in my own opinion, despite other critics bashing it. I did enjoy it. But I think it's the bonding we had as brothers I enjoyed the most.

Moving along... 

I was contemplating these past few days whether to buy Sony's next generation portable gaming device called PS Vita. With state of  the art functions and capabilities, it's like I'm carrying my own PS3 unit and our LED TV all in one. So I did buy it. Losing about $500 dollars was not a joke. There goes my money. Down the drain because of my addiction. To video games, of course. 

What a day. At least, I am happy. As well as Sony.  

Father and Son

I did it. I told them what I really wanted.

January 30, 2012. Today is my dad's birthday. After my last class for this evening, I managed to make my way as fast as I can to catch my family having dinner in a local restaurant. I did bring my gift for him in which I bought last night when I was strolling down in a mall. It was a shirt. A simple one. I bet he knows for sure that for the both of his sons, I would be the one giving him such gift. Nope, not "the one". The "only one".

We ate and discussed matters about our work, and our family, of course. Some future travels (*crosses fingers*) were proposed and I am too excited about it. Why, who shouldn't?

And then I spoke with all their eyes beaming on me. The moment I've been waiting for.

"I'm gonna quit these two jobs I have", I calmly said. They all observed me. I reason them as soon as I noticed my dad reloading his argument gun. I do love my father. And with his plan that he wanted me to be someone that I don't want to is really depressing. It's not all about the money, and it's not my career. It's about me

I want to grow and be part of the world I dreamed of. To expand my boundaries, to test my limit. To meet new people, and to know other things. Like a little bird, I want to fly high and see the beauty of the earth with my own eyes. My own abilities. Myself. 

Trust me, dad. Trust me. I may not be as great as you but I can be the man I truly am. 

Happy birthday. 

(LSS) Change the world

Who the heck is Eric Clapton?? I dunno. But after listening to this wonderful song as I travel my way to the office, I can't help but to sing. As I open my lips to mouth *change the world* in the chorus, it's as if I'm gonna spend a long vacation all by myself or with someone else. Or to ride an airplane as we ascend and watch the earth below us. Then came the realization that this song, his song? It's music.

Who the heck is Eric Clapton? I dunno...but he's a freaking genius. 

Come on. Let us sing to all our heart's content! 

5-minute reading


An old man walks up to the front of the store and opens the glass door. The bell rings and he gazes upon the tall book shelves that tower over him. His eyes are not good back when he was twenty-one  but he knows for sure that he can venture inside this unknown shop unassisted.

He stops surprisingly, moves his head to the right and finds it: a diary. The old man smiles as he grab the journal and make his way to the counter. A young lady takes it and scans the diary's bar code. She then confesses to the old man, "I never knew we sell diaries here like this one." The lady turns a page after page of the note, pauses, and eventually closes it. "Like filled-up diaries", she adds. 

The old man pays for it and the lady puts the diary inside a small paper bag. He thanks the young miss and walks to the exit. As the mysterious old man turns the doorknob, he finally says, "She looks just like you...but only speaks of a different answer." 

The young lady doubts if the old shopper asked her a question but she's definitely right, he never asked her of anything. 

And then the old man breaks his silence and said, "She told me that she did not see anything in this diary except for her name. That she wanted to write her own destiny and not be controlled by some invisible mover. That someday, in some alternate world if there is, our fate is not governed by laws and principles which are made by false gods. That our lives are endless in order for us to write another page."

With the diary in his satchel, the old man exits the store and feels the breeze of the summer air. 

Move on

Okay, I'm tired. I totally revamped my blog and forgot all my priorities in my workplace. Time flies so fast when one's enjoying. Yep, I did make the most out of it by fixing my personal space even if I ran out of time to add a few more widgets and tools. Come to think of it, three months of hiatus in blogging was a long time. Some of the blogs I follow drastically changed, having dozens of new and fresh entries since I decided to lie low and focus on working. A few -- how should I say this? -- retired. That's a bit of sad on my part because when I started doing this kind of hobby, they were there. I guess they moved on with their lives and tried other things. Perhaps new things like baseball. Just kidding.

As for me, I think I should do the same kind of thing: to move on. To try other things out there. Maybe to have an ice cream on a bread. To swim. To climb a mountain (Huh? Can I do that?). To catch a fish. To bungee jump. Or to join a marathon. So many things yet so little time. But fear I must not. Living a day like it is your last can make a difference. Yes it can. 

New look

Still constructing my blog as of this moment.

I kinda like this new look. How about you? :)

Light Post

"Light Post"

Grab this tiny palm,
With all you can bear;
Sing my advent psalm,
To light you somewhere.

Firefly, lead her please,
Connect my old root;
Gently as a kiss,
My forbidden fruit.

Speak up lil' lady,
"Is this the way home?"
Know it's uncanny,
'Tis not in your tome.

Time pass by like rain,
But here I shall stay;
Like a paper crane,
Made by their own way.

The cat from hell

I just woke up from a crazy and half-remembered dream. A dream of a cat. But not just any ordinary cat, it's a talking cat!

In my dream, he approached me and spoke. The voice sounded familiar but I cannot remember who or what it sounded like. The furry beast just spoke and told me the people he killed. It's as if the goddamn "meow-meow" is inventorying his murder list. That thing made me sick. 

Of course I tried to recall the names mentioned  by the cat in my dreams. No single name came out from my head. All I remember is the depiction of him, seating beside me, looking directly to me, and saying those forgettable names. 


EDIT: Cats appearing in a dream symbolizes being independent, having strong ideas about how things should be.

This is particularly true about me. My ideas are like cancer to me and with them, I tend to be perfectionist of almost anything. Lessening this trait would be a good start. :)

When a joker stopped joking

It's been a while since I last wrote here. I feel ashamed of myself. Jeez...

I've been in some countless workloads for these past few months and from the way I see it -- the bitterness of reality -- has only just begun. There are many bumps along these days that affected me so much causing my health to deteriorate bit my bit. I often ask myself, "How far will you go, master? How far?" And with a sigh, I simply hide my winter-y eyes and have an escape in the form of silence. 

My colleagues knew that I always kid around. Say funny things like this. Have an amusing look at that. Make a comic remark hidden in an insult. And smile like there's no tomorrow. Of course I do those things to hide my stress. To suppress my melancholic personality. 

When was the last time I read a fiction book? I don't know. When was the last time I date myself? I don't know either. It's as if the universe conspires with Sisters of Fate disallowing me to have my own free time to do the things I do best.

Anyhow, the die is cast and I have no doubt to go back to whoever I was before. The funny thing is despite the fact I now have my own workplace, I travel a lot (like 40-50 kilometers a day) making the long highway my second home. The only thing that's left for me to bring during that everyday venture is a huge pillow and a white blanket. Yeah, I know it sucks.

But here's the deal, I'm gonna quit one of my jobs this coming April. The reason? The job takes me for granted -- abusing my kindness knowing that getting 'angry' is not in my long list of words. 

Maybe I'll start studying again. Reading law books this time. And to emancipate myself the trouble I had in the undergrad. 

Here I go. 





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