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Don't expect things turn out to be the way you expected it. And that is what happened to me last night. Been a die-hard fan of Stephen King's books. Ranging from thin to thick books of trade paperbacks and hardcover, SK's short stories, novellas, and novels really are captivating. Sometimes, as you read through the words of his works, you'll feel a cold chill in your spines. A true horror. A masterpiece. Best-seller.

I watched the movie, "Dreamcatcher" last night. Disappointed. Why? It's very different to what I read. Seriously speaking, the original story written by Stephen King is perhaps one of my favorite books of all time. Heart-warming story about friendship and extraterrestrials, eery environment, and unforgettable characters -- made up the Dreamcatcher. The movie, on the other hand? Not all is well. *sigh*

The lesson learned? Read the book first. Don't watch the movie unless if you're up to a huge disappointment. 

Moving along. Here are some updates of my blog:

~ Changed the overall template.
~ Omitted Falling leaves script.
~ Omitted Book Development label.
~ Added a Search box. (might come in handy...)
~ Added contents to 2011:Book Challenge
~ There are some links in the header of the blog. (not fixed yet...)

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hahaha.. so true! books to movies are good for not so book loving people.

niwey.. i like the new lay-out. its better than the old one. puno ba yan ng bayabas?, hahaha, char. its now "the new tree" LOL.. just kiddn.

ge tc.


Thanks for reading. Oo, nagbago ako ng layout. Masyado kasi gloomy ung dati. May naisip ulit akong bagong article. Kaso di ko magawa kasi calculator ang madalas kong hawak.

Regards! =)

P.S. Di ko alam kung bayabas yan. LOL.

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