A Prayer for our Creator

Oh Creator,
Maker of the universe and bringer of life;
Harbinger of death, destroyer of worlds,
A humble message from home - prayer, I offer.

Fifteen days to go,
Still a long period for some, a bit short for me;
I've done what I must do,
To be able to stand up and be one - a Jedi.

Two trials remaining,
Last of the walls I need to surpass;
One's a bit conceptual while the other, procedural,
Will my Force and lightsaber, carry it on?

I've been there before,
Failed to conquer those two;
Now, I'm facing it again,
Sure of me to end the deed.

Guide me oh Creator,
Together with the Fates;
Keep the fire burning in my heart,
For this flame will illuminate me as a whole.

Let Clotho weave the ideal thread for me,
Lachesis, draw my length;
But please tell Atropos,
For she cut those walls' lives, not my own.

Hear my message, my Master,
The end is nigh, indeed;
And from it, a new beginning shall sprung,
New stories of a lone traveler.

(A prayer to help me ease my nervousness.
I feel terrified in the last couple of hours...
...and I bet will continue to the upcoming days.)



EJJ Chicano

very interesting prayer Hokage:) May the heavenly force be with you!


@ejj.. thank you ejj. I appreciate it a lot! =)

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