Hello October!

So it begins, the final quarter of the year.

To start this so-called "OctoberFest" -- which I don't know if it's a feast related solely to booze and all -- let me recount some of the things in the past that I did not write. (Obviously, I'm busy. That's why.)

See my wish list in the right side of my blog? Yep, that's the one. Out of seven of those, I managed to obtain -- or should I say, materialize -- six. Not bad, eh? The only one that hindered me from getting all of them is the book entitled, "Needful Things". Work, work, work; sleep, sleep, sleep. I'm so eager to finish it up that there are instances in which I put the book in my bag, go to work, and read it in front of my boss. Hahaha! Pretty weird, right? But then again, I failed to finish the goddamn book. 

Departing from my wish list, let me tell you some interesting story. Last Monday, I walked out from my office due to some stressful things left and right. Would you believe that? Better believe it! I'm so angry with my superior that time because of the leadership style she possesses. I've been doing things like I've been told but in the end, it turned out to shit. Thanks to her, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to her. So I decided to escape her domain (because it's almost 1PM and we're not yet having our lunch), and went home. 

In two weeks time, I'm starting to attend classes again for the CAT program. This time, it would be the level 2, the Registered Cost Accountant level. I love cost accounting and I'm exuberantly excited about it. Another four weeks of studying, indeed. What more can I ask?

What more can I ask? Well, it's October. Yes, October! My gamer soul wanted this month to come since May. Hahaha! More games, more games, more games. Yay!

Happy October, everyone! 



Free Mind

Good luck to you dear JC! Hope you have more of what you love to do!

Free Mind

I dunno if the comment was posted. Power surge all of a sudden. XD Good luck dear _ _! Can I mention your name? Hope you get to do all that you love to do!


^Thanks! Yes, you can mention my name. :)

Regards. =)

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