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It is nice to be back! Many things happened to me these past few weeks after that "incident". And from the way I see it, I'm moving on. 

Random things. I'll try to summarize everything in short phrases or sentences. Yes, I included some pictures. 

NOTE: Forgive me for the low resolution of the pics. I'm not fond of taking pictures. One high-end camera costs too much. 

  • I sent her a message and she replied, "Sorry. I shouldn't act that way." As of now, we're okay. Very okay.

  • So in our batch of financial experts, there are only three guys. Leo, Ed, and yours truly. Sad to say but Leo is gonna leave us for a much better job in the metro. Kudos, my friend!

Three Wise Men

  • It's been a year since I started this personalized blog way back in March 2 of 2011. I'm supposed to give a giveaway but we're too busy making our 2013 Budget at Tagaytay. Some other time, then.

  • Two Saturdays ago (March 3), I slept at 4:30 in the afternoon and woke up the following day at 7:30 in the morning. 

  • I gave up. My parents will never ever reconcile. They're both drowning with their own pride.

  • New rule: No late equals chocolate.

  • Remember the PS Vita I bought last month? I gave it away to my brother. "Thanks, bro." *With a big grin*

So long...

  • I finally ate at Sbarro. Guess what? I did not like the food. 

  • John Carter on IMAX 3D was spectacular. What really made my day is the 6 or 7-minute prologue of The Dark Knight Rises.

  • This year: The Dark Knight Rises > The Hobbit > Avengers & Spider-man

  • I love this photo with my friend, Mharnel. :) I look like a jerk, though.


  • I spent six thousand bucks yesterday. Cold cash. 

  • And to answer Kaye Langit-Luistro's comment just recently, here's one for you. "Thank you for dropping by. I never though someone out there would still visit my blog even I'm too busy with other things. Yes, I'm into animes too. But with only selected titles. I'm glad that you like the piano piece."

That's it for now. Have a wonderful week ahead. :)




is this your first time to post with pictures?:D
this is the first i saw post of yours with pictures.


The last time I post a picture of me was June of last year. Hahaha. I rarely post my face. Shy-type. :)


I'm quite surprised you didn't like Sbarro, I wonder why. :)

Anyway, if I could only tell you how much my camera costs, I bet you'd be surprised. :)


I don't know either. But the four of us agreed to give it a negative remark.

What is the cost? Tell me! :)


I love Sbarro. Nom nom nom.

YES to this--> Dark Knight>The Hobbit>Avengers

Have a great week!


It's around Php7k to 8k. I own a Canon PowerShot A3200 IS. That's what I'm using for my blog. :D

Wonder Woman


Inggrid Monalita

i have just discovered your blog. Your blog is interesting, adorable! Mind to follow each other? I make sure to followed you back!


Your new blog template looks refreshing. Nice to hear what's going on about you. Great photos. You look good. :)


Eh, I hate Sbarro. But that's probably because I've got a trauma for pizza now. ( Meh, don't ask ).

PS Vita... I'm so jealous .___.

And I'm glad that you're moving on :)

My boyfriend and I are thinking of watching John Carter. Is it awesome or just... so-so? :3


hey... ur blog is so interesting right?? love it,btw what theme is it?
maybe we canfllw each other??i'll fllw u back

^_^ wReY and R0bbY

Wow! Happy 1st year anniversary to your cool blog!
We are excited for the Avengers too. And you're right, Sbarro's pizza is not tasty, we prefer Yellow Cab! ツ

by the way, please visit our blog again for our newest post! 乂⍲‿⍲乂

thank you! Ϡ


i passed to you the versatile blogger award.
read it here:


Wow,, so you're into anime too? what's your favorite? and Jenponix was right, it's also my first time to see photos in your post :D glad that you included yours!
btw, I included you on my blog roll.. just so you know :)

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