Move On

UPDATE: Credits to the beautiful Ile Odarod for the title.

I'm supposed to tell another story today -- a jolly one -- but the fact that I read her reply changed my mood. I knew it. And I pretended I'm just being innocent and all. Life sucks. As a matter of perspective. 

"Move on."

No more words to explain such statement as this one. No further clarifications. No argument. Just this. Accept the fact and let it blow you like dandelions dancing in the air. 

Should I reply? No. It's better not to. I think it is better for me to go away and move on as well. It is funny to think that I've kept my feelings for her for so long, and eventually it will not turn out so well. 

My consolation prize? "Well, at least I tried." (Can't believe I said that.)

How I wish back in those days when I walked her home the first time we met, I did not notice her eyes looking at me, telling me to ask for her number. None of this would've happened. 

So as of today, I lost two handkerchiefs, one 8gb flash drive, three Pilot ballpens, my two students' exam papers, my salary (I sacrificed my own salary to suffice other expenses of my agency), and the person I love the most.

What a month this is.




Everything will be alright. Try to focus on yourself first.

Ile Odarod

ouch. But I think you should have entitled this post "move on" instead.


Okay. Will do. :)


I know michy. Maybe someone's better for me. What a life.


Feeling sad is normal but remember that everything happens for a reason. You're right, maybe someone better's out there for you. Maybe what you had with this girl was never meant to be. Maybe she just existed in your life to so you will learn a lesson. :)

Orange Pulps ♥

ay. that's just so sad. but I know you will move on soon. go kuya. ^_^

i visited here:


I though about that, too. She passed me by just to give me a lesson.


Thank you ate. :)

Sumi Go

Don't worry 'cause as Bee said, everything happens for a reason.. :) Some day, you'll find someone who'll love you as much as you love her. So cheer up and try to look at the good things in your life.


Pain is actually an opportunity for you to gain wisdom and an eye-opener for you to be able to see beyond your limitations. Don't push away your pain when you are not yet ready to let it go - you can use such emotions to your advantage, you know... brilliant musicians/artists/writers' inspiration stems from such profound emotions. Just remember to not let it eat you away - all would be better again some day, and you'll see that this will help you mold into a better man. :) Good luck!

Wonder Woman

Chin up! It can only get better from here :)

Timeless Confection

How are you doing friend? Hope you're feeling much better now. I just love the piano piece you selected for this post. It's so beautiful! are you into animes too?

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