Oh really? I did not know that!

I want to share you guys an interesting text message I got from my friend earlier today. As I'm not really an advocate of text quotes, chain messages, and the like (yeah, I'll delete it as soon as possible if it's that worthless or not work-related), I find this particular trivia worth a shot. 


These are the things you don't need to know but I am going to tell you:

  1. All shrimps are born female, but become male as time goes by. (So are they like gayish?)
  2. Starfishes are pretty but they don't have brains. (So be offended if someone calls you one.)
  3. Penguins can only have one mate. They spend almost half of their lives looking for their destined partner; then spend the rest of it with them. (How sweet is that?)

I do not know if you find these amusing at all. But I do and hope you find your penguin. :)


Have a nice weekend everyone. ^_^



Ile Odarod

hahaha. so a text message is worth sharing if it has something really cheesy in it, eh?


Hahaha! You are so right. :)


I remember Patrick Starr and the movie Mr. Poppin's Penguins. :D I don't remember anything at all with shrimps. Haha. And yeah, I hope you find your penguin too. :)


I have heard already the penguin thingy :) And the first time I've heard of it, it really touched my heart and made me say "awww". OHHH I hope guys are like penguins! =))

Sumi Go

I definitely find these interesting.. :D Hope my bf is like a penguin.. haha.. XD

Albert Einstein☺

and corals too are brainless but they are one of the most wonderful creatures on Earth....


yes! I do know about that fact on penguins.. But what shocked me are these two other : (1)shrimps are born female and turned male in the years to come and (2) starfishes don't have brain..

toot.. toot.. Still marks a question mark on my mind ! hahah.. thats funny .. xD

but at least ive learned somthn' today!. hahaha

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