Memory synchronization, complete!

And there I was last night, the school which I was enrolled for four years taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. The memories of my hardships and trials when I was there were coming back as fast as a speeding bullet. They just keep flashing and bombarding my brain like a loose cannon from afar. Nevertheless my friends, it's good to be home. It is so nice to see my professors who inspired me to carry on my dreams. Needless to say, it seems like yesterday when I was taking exams, solving accounting problems in front of the class, debating issues with my colleagues, and of course, to be scolded by our terrifying dean. 

From left to right -- Sir Ordinanza, Luke, ME, Olivia, Maureen, Leonle, Dean Paz, and Ma'am Montserrat
From left to right -- Maureen, Leonle, and ME
When the time came for me to render my speech, I was a little bit nervous because public speaking is not in my list of abilities. It consistently gave me goosebumps and the way I speak? -- I was stuttering. Well, that was before. I stood in front of the undergrads delivering my speech with ease and excitement. Perhaps, my way of speaking improved. No more 'ums', or 'ahhs'. It was smooth. Yes, I prepared a speech but I chose -- in the last minute -- to have it as a guide and not as a letter reading in front of them. I do admit I kept looking to my notes in the few seconds of my message though as the time flew away, I'm on my own. I leveled up, alright. And besides, I'm no undergrad now. I'm an accountant. A professional accountant (though my grammar still needs to be honed). That sucks! :) The chance of seeing my fellow classmates who also passed the exam felt like a reunion. Reminiscing the good old times inside the classroom, the canteen, the library, the campus. We are now the kids from yesterday. I humbly thank the Creator for giving me the knowledge, patience, confidence, and wisdom to be in this profession. They say, passing the CPA is one hell of a challenge -- far more devilish than the Bar exam itself. But who knows? I am up for a challenge, I guess. But still, it's destiny. I wrote my destiny to be a CPA. And I wrote it with a smiling face in my heart.

My good old buddies.
(From left to right -- Luke, Olivia, ME, and Leonle)

(From left to right -- Mom, ME, Leonle, and our Dean)

From left to right -- My brother Miko, Gene, and ME)

From left to right -- Miko, Leonle, Gene, ME, and Mom)

The one that almost made me cry is when one of our professors told me that I am still the gentle one she knew. I was surprised. I really did. She's a 'terror' back in those days. Come to think of it, even an angry lion has a soft heart.

Gonna miss being in school. Moving forward now...

Memory Synchronization, complete. 




visiting your alma mater really gives a whole lot of good memories.
thanks for visitng my blog. i left a reply to your comment there :)


Thank you for also visiting my blog. You are right. Going back to our alma mater gives us new memories. A new start. A new journey.


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