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Okay. First things first. Hello.

I read a couple of blogs lately. Some are months old and some are just recently posted not so many hours ago. And that left me hanging. Why can't I post anything entertaining here in my blog? The answer? I'm afraid. Afraid that no one will read it and just keep it as it is. Swift as the wind, as they say. But hell, let me tell you something I think worth reading. It may sound a little bit off but why care, right? It's just a story. Some fragments of my memory. Yes, memories.

Travelling is one of my favorite things to do and even though most of time I am commuting, I make the most of it. I feel like whenever I travel I am feeding myself something intangible -- something I do not know. Perhaps, it's happiness. I'm not sure but I guess it's the closest answer I can give to myself. I tend to see fresh faces and with some divine luck, I might get to know the person. Nothing's wrong with that one, correct? As long as the conscience is good. 

I met a lot of people as I walk the path I chose. Some of them are fun to be with. Others, really got my attention. And a few are so so... uhm, -- what should I call them? -- exceptional. And come to think of it, my life's definitely like an anime. Remember a guy in some anime where all his friends are bunch of pretty girls from school? It's like I'm that guy. Hahaha. It may sound funny but I can't help thinking about it. This is my version of it.

The Tower Knight. There is this girl I met a year ago and she's hell of a beaut. Being tall and all -- beauty and brains -- she's one a man must show to the altar and marry. I was her classmate in the review school during those days but we never talked in classes. But then again, like they always say, things happen in the most unexpected places. We met in a bookstore where I was searching for this odd book I keep looking for some time now. And there she was standing reading a novel. I'm so fond of her beauty that is why with all bravery that the universe can offer, I approached her and asked what's in my head. Damn not only her looks but her attitude as well. During that time, I felt like I met an odd girl. So that was the reason I'm in that bookstore. To met an odd girl. She's cheerful, always smiling. Often asking me things that can make someone happy -- even me. She's a literal joker and God, how I love the way she shows her teeth whenever she poses for a smile. I do like her. And her to me? Well... This is what happened. She confessed indirectly (She's not vocal when it comes to those things involving heart matters)  her feelings to me. My response? I rejected her. It's the most wise decision a man can make, in my opinion. I mean, given her omnipotent beauty and all, she's not the one for me and I for her. Additionally, she also had a boyfriend. I don't wanna be the catalyst to break their bond. Or a snake to ruin their lives. My conscience cannot stand that idea. So there was I giving her the reason to cry. She can't blame me, after all. Yes, I do love her in some point but only as a friend. Perhaps my eyes can see what is her role in my life and better leave it as it is.

The Untouchable. Also happened a year ago, there was this girl whom I met. Okay, honestly, I did not meet her or had the chance to see her in person. How can that happen? I was with my brother and we're buying tickets for a movie we really wanted to see. Looking back to that particular memory, that day was an ordinary brother-bonding moment day. Watch a movie. Eat a big meal. And voila, go home eventually. But that girl saw me in the ticket booth that same day and identified me as her sister's schoolmate. She sent me a private message to my Facebook account asking me if I was the one she saw. I confirmed it and thus the start of our weird relationship, quote-unquote, partnership. Up to this point in time, we never see each other in person. Oh, wait. She can see me like twice a week but I can't see her. Pretty weird. We communicate by sending messages via Facebook and imagine the thread we made. You can write a book with that! She's like me. Same persona, I think. Or maybe because we're both first-born. Similar attitudes. Both freaks (What's the connection, I don't know!). Blah blah! I frequently asks her to watch a movie with my brother and a personal friend but she always hesitate to come saying she's got an errand to do or an appointment to attend. How I wonder. If Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere is a person, that girl would be it. Disregard the thought of shaking her hand if someday we'll meet, but the thought of seeing her face to face? It's not that hard to do, right? To compensate that meeting up, I'll keep teasing her (alright, even pestering her) hair. What a vague way to do.

The Dream. Of all the exceptional girls I know, this girl garnered the impossible. I met her in a church where she approached me and offer her hand for a handsake. After knowing bits of each other, we ate lunch and with some heaven's luck (I believed it after all) we had our date later that night. Every week during that time, I got the chance to see her and talk to her. Being with her is extraordinary. Imagine a girl you just met, stops in a local convenience store, buys a Milo chocolate powder sachet, and eats it in front of you. How weird and funny is that? On the other hand, we agreed on many things.  Damn her eyes. Its her wonderful eyes I keep on blaming. Whenever she stares at me, the idea that the Dark Lord Sauron looks at me from his throne pops into my head or like Medusa's gaze that can petrify me in seconds. It's infectious. Toxic. Unnatural. Her beauty is one of a kind and I consider her as the most gorgeous of all. She saw the real me -- the hidden kid inside a mysterious shell. But in most stories that we read and heard about, reality bites. Not all are happy endings. Fairy tales are also a no no. Fantasies can kill. Months passed and I never saw her again. I tried to call her several times before but I failed to hear from her again. Why can't I see her once more? Was she a dream? Or am I her dream? Never had the chance to tell her what I wanted to say -- what I truly feel. Seeing her again years from now is such a long shot. I'll wage anyway. And hope...yeah, hope.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! =)




hahaha, permission to use the term..ang "arte".. Ikaw na ang mr. Leading man.
You already told me those stories... I doubt on how i will react.


@lea.. di yun kaartehan ah. gusto lang lumabas nyang mga yan. hahaha. nice, mr.leading man. gusto ko yan. thanks. =)

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