It's been a long long time...

Okay, I take it back. It's not that LONG since I last visited my blog and posted an entry. Two months is not that long time, right? Right? God, look at that. I typed the word "long" twice already (that excludes the title I think). Darn it! And so it goes...

I've been really pre-occupied these couple of weeks and having been able to finish a book I bought two months ago last night with only 300 or more pages is a total failure to me. My original gameplan for reading books was having one book reserved while reading another. In that case, I'll be very much obliged to read them and succeed this year's challenge. But like I said, it was FAIL. Now, instead of one-book lag, it's two. Not much of a big deal for others but it's like hell on my part. So weird.

Like my current book challenge situation, my gaming time suffice because of my work. Two months passed and I only managed to finish only one game. One game! I still have to finish lots and lots of games before October comes for Dark Souls, November for Skyrim, AC Revelations and Uncharted 3.

So much to do. Much to do. Really.

I'm guilty of my own self. I keep telling myself that I'll write a story, perhaps a novel, but nothing's finished up to this point in time. Yes, I started writing a month ago but still I left it hanging on a bridge somewhere out there. I mean it, I have lots and lots of ideas here in my head. The only problem I see is how should I execute it in readable form. As the saying goes, substance over form. But in this case, form is necessary.



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