Soliloquy of an Accountant

Last night, I went to a shopping mall in our locality. The reason? Sale! What else? Hahahaha! Actually, I have had no prior plans of commencing my "shopping spree" habit not until its the second week of October. Nevertheless, thanks to my mom and brother, they dispelled my long day of slumber and drag (of course, it's not literal!) me to shop and dine, for a change.

Gamer -- the adjective that it's so attached to my skin. Yes, so is my only brother. We're both individuals whose happiness is derived -- aside from getting high scores in exams and quizzes -- from playing games. PS3 games, to be exact. And there I saw in Toy Kingdom the game I've been wanting for quite some time now. Surprised I was because I did not bring any cash with me. The good thing is, my mom brought her ATM and charged it to her savings account. Being an accountant, I was crazy last night of having an accounting entry in my own imagination. Debit PPE and Credit Accounts Payable. I laughed a little when I thought of that. First is that I never classify my hobby as an expense, may it be of buying books and games. Second is Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE) -- that's an appropriate account in my own humble discretion. After all, it's how I classify things. How I artistically classify it. Jeez, I'm nuts! Accounting lecture yet again. In short, my mom paid for it and off we go. Hahaha!

Afterwards, we visited our mom's friend working in an eye clinic. My brother asked if it's free to have our eyes checked and if there's a possibility of wearing eyeglasses in the near future. The reply was in the affirmative and they examined our eyes. The results? My sibling's vision is still perfect as always. 20-20, is that how you put it? I think it is. On the other hand, I was told that I have astigmatism. (Wait, let me google it.) Okay, now I know what it is. To continue the story, I told them to return next week after getting my paycheck and have my first spectacles to correct my vision. That explains why in the past weeks, my head hurts most of the time and I feel dizzy. 

I bought two new polo shirts and pants. Additionally, some batteries and a new pair of slippers. What in the world is the reason for purchasing batteries? It's our clock in the house. Stuck it is in 9:30 and -- with some reason I cannot explain -- gives me the creeps. Bizarre, you can say that. A few moments later, we ate our dinner in a fastfood chain because first, I crave for their steak. Secondly, we're all hungry and cannot afford to wait for long minutes of cooking and preparation if we opted to dine in a restaurant. A few chats and stories enveloped our dinner. We even discussed the future. Yep, the future.

Happy, I am last night. To the extent of burning thousands of pesos in buying things necessary or just for leisure is not to be thought over and over again. Rather, it's how you spent your time with your family. On a side note, we're all aging. Even if I'm only 22 and still have a long way to go, I can't help but think that perhaps in the coming years the scenario would be different. BUT, I want to contain that thought into a box and place it somewhere for the time being. The future is mysterious and we cannot deny it. I cannot deny it. 

The important thing is we're all happy last night and stay happy and kicking, if not always, most of the time.

Happy Sunday to you all. :)




I hate accounting!Hahaha and I envy people who are sooooo good in it. Kaso, over analyzing is bad ;p

Weekends are really sacred for families, well at least for us. And yes, it's sad when suddenly you come to think of the future when you move out from the house....waaah!


Thanks for reading madie! How right you are in terms of over-analyzing. Hahaha!

The future is quite mysterious and beyond our wildest expectations. Indeed! =)


I'm not an accountant, but sometimes I do think like one... my Dad is, and I miss him. Enjoy family times together because as you get older, they get to be fewer and far between. Create traditions, like having Sunday lunches or dinners... we still do, even with Dad gone, Mom is still around and likes to have us all for Sunday lunch.
Cheers to you ~


^That's what I'm afraid of. In the long-run, my priorities would change and askew. Still, family first for me.

Your mom is so nice having you all for a Sunday lunch. What a sweet parent. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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