When LSS Struck hard! Again! Come on!

A video?! Again?! What the *toot*?!

You know what? For this entry, I typed a story about what happened to me yesterday but decided to delete it even if it was long enough like a short story. I'm kinda disappointed in the office, that's why. Let's leave it with that, shall we?

Last night, being so depressed and upset, I plugged in my PS3, got my controller and played Portal 2 in which I managed to beat it with flying colors. (I even said to myself last night, "I'm not going to work tomorrow!") Hey, if you're going to check out my 2011: Games I finished page, you will notice that Portal 2's review is not even present as of now. I'll update it this coming weekend so don't be sad! :)

Speaking of sadness, at the ending credits of the game, shocked I was as I listened to this very cute little song. The title was, "Want You Gone" and sung by the game's tritagonist, GLaDOS (voiced by Ellen McLain). GLaDOS's voice was so beautiful and perfectly matched for the song's intriguing lyrics making me to smile wide enough -- to show my braces! -- after the song ended and as I go to sleep. 

The point is, whether you played the game or not, as long as you have your own problems and living in stressful environments, play this song or just sing it. Bye-bye negatives and hello positives! Try listening to it and you'll never be disappointed.

Let's all have a stress-free September!




Still I cannot relate. :(


^Hello michy! I'm sorry if I posted another BS entry! Hahaha! Still, the song's so cute!!! Cuddly! Hahaha!

Thank you for reading!


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