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Today's my examination day for the Certified Bookkeeper program. At long last, it comes to an end after a month of review classes and hardships (I think). Finally! 

Wish me luck, guys! 

I hope that in two weeks time, I'll write my name like this:

 Let's get it on!!! :)


UPDATE: With four whole hours to answer seventeen pages of accounting problems, I was a bit shocked when I saw the examination papers given to me first-hand. Call that coincidence or not, it was the same set of problems I studied and answered two or three weeks ago! I feel that it's kind of deja vu but it isn't. It's real. What I solved before were the ones given earlier this morning. Copy and paste? So much for effing verbatim. 

Although I walked out the examination room tired and powerless after almost three hours of writing, solving, analyzing (yep, I still used it), the feeling of happiness and eagerness suddenly invaded my heart. Two more certifications to go and off I go to a Law School -- which in fact I will be the one to support myself.

Thank God for handing me that set of exam. It's like a bonus material, if you'll ask me. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe. Always. 




When's the result? ;)


Hello michy! The result's gonna be released after two or three weeks ago. I'm so excited! :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Good luck sa exam, at masaya ngang may kadugtong na acronym ang pangalan, heheh.

Panonoorin ko rin ang 5 centimeters per second, sounded really cool. Thanks for sharing!


^Hello spiffy25! Thanks for dropping by! Sana pumasa ako noh? Okay din na achievement yun, di'ba? Go!

Panoorin mo ha? Maganda ang movie. Worth watching! =)

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