I read an interesting phrase or line today. I MISS YOU.

It's such a wonder when people you're not expecting to act or say those words can actually express what they feel in the most odd time and scenario. After getting home from work and teaching, two of my girlfriends said that to me on Facebook. Happy, of course. But you know what? If only I'm close to them or they said those simple yet meaningful words to my face, I would doubtlessly hug them. Why? I think it's the best way of expressing my sincerest gratitude. After all, actions speak louder than words. 




I'm missing somebody these days. I miss him a lot. :( And I'm not afraid of telling him that I miss him. I hope I could get all the hugs I want when I see him.hihi. :)


Go go go, michy! Say what you feel to that person and the rest will follow. :)

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