The Stop

One...Two..Three! MAGIC! (Something like that...)

I met someone tonight. And he's a public transport vehicle dispatcher. Going home from a very tiring day, I rode the usual bus trip, embarked into the next bus stop and waited to ride the famous public transport vehicle of this nation -- jeep. I never expected to have an anomaly tonight in my routine. You know, the common "go-to-work-and-go-to-school-to-teach-and-go-home-exhausted" type of game plan for every single day since last week. Some crazy schedule, huh?

As I stepped off the bus to ride the everlasting jeep, I noticed something strange -- there are no other passengers except myself. A little scared, maybe. Doubtless? No. It's really effing strange because in the last couple of days, I can see other passengers waiting for the jeep in that place. But tonight? I was alone with the good old ride. 

And then he came. He approached me, said things that confused me and left me hanging to my sanity. "What in the world is he talking about?", I asked myself. I thought he was drunk but he was not. He was smiling whenever he opened his mouth and say those bizarre words. He was looking at me. Those happy eyes that caught my soul, grasped by his hand. The next thing I knew, we were both talking like some good old friends that did not see each other for so long. For about 20 minutes, no other passengers came. It's just the two of us. I'm not sure if he's hypnotizing me or some sort to steal my belongings. Never did I thought of that. We talked just about anything -- his ideal girl, cigarettes (I'm not smoking), cancer, and some other stuff. He's some type of guy. A gem, I think. Rare but worthy.

I said all of these because I've been thinking about the reason why we met or whatever. Perhaps to exchange some thoughts, ideas, or principles? Or to learn something new? --

-- to smile whenever you are alone.






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