The Prince and the Pauper

I started teaching commerce students particularly accountancy students. Well, that's indeed a surprise.

It's almost been a week since I became an instructor. It's fun and exciting in one point and the other, disappointing. I can now understand when my professors back in the undergrad were mad like hatter if a few of my classmates were not paying attention to them or not reading topics that our professor asked us to read. Sucks to be me, it happens now -- to me. I don't know the reason. Honestly, I gave them a brief instruction of what to do in the next meeting but unfortunately, they just let it slip by and let me handle the rest. Oh man! Perhaps I can blame myself, then. Blame myself for being too much kind and gentle when it comes to my students. 

I think it's time for me to go Berserk Mode.




Congratulations! Which school are you teaching now? :)

Free Mind

Great to hear you're back OL! Good luck on teaching too. :)


@michy. Thanks! It's just a local school here in the province. :)

@Free Mind. Many many thanks. It's good to be back. Again. :)


Wow you're now teaching haha congrats...and goodluck. It's really stressful...some days are good to you but most of it, NO haha joke lang. at least you teach college studs as compared to graders..promise, mawawala patience mo ;p still goodluck on your new endeavour


Hi Madie! Thanks! hahahaha! You're right! Most of the days in teaching is really annoying. But I can handle it, positively.

Good luck on your career, too. :)

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