Define antagonist. An opponent, of course. A person or event or thing that in its simplest form makes the protagonist’s life feel like hell – that is an antagonist. Antagonism is an automatic rule – more of a superior rule - whether, let us say, a writer wants to write a novel. Or a scriptwriter who wanted to do a script for an upcoming film sequel. Even in our daily lives, we can see lots of antagonists that always (yeah, I mean it) oppose our own goals. One can say it’s her father who is one of those opposing forces because her dad didn't allow her to go hang-out with her friends and do bar-hopping when the darkness fills the sky. Or perhaps a mother of a teenager who simply ignores his true ambition of becoming, for instance, a novelist instead of an accountant. Yet, how many times we keep pushing forward unto something, there will always be someone or something that will make us stumble and stuck. And nonetheless, will keep us mad and mental.

In today’s article, yours truly managed to collect some of the world’s famous antagonists. May it be fiction or not, real or just a fantasy, -- all will still be the same -- antagonists are such a pain in the ass.

(All are of my humble opinion...)

1) Yagami Light or Kira ( Antagonist rating: A+
    First Appeared in: Death Note ( as a Manga, 2003 )

A light for the world
The anime` entitled Deathnote was really the best series of the last decade in my own opinion. Just an ordinary day in high school, Light found a piece of notebook lying on the grass within their school. After opening and reading a first few pages that are contained in the notebook, one thing is what truly he admired, “The human whose name is written in this note shall die." The character of Yagami Light was kinda protagonist and antagonist in the same time. (It’s like business law. Being a debtor and creditor of one’s self is called Confusion. Damn...) With his smart brain and wits to understand all that’s happening around him – chaos, murders,crimes, etc. – he insisted to recreate the world and create it as perfect as possible. No wars, no bad people. And with that, the notebook became his weapon to write thousands and thousands of names – which are deviants of mankind in his godlike view -- to showcase others or for others to realize that what he is doing is the work of a God. In the series, he lasted as Kira (people named him like that) for about 6 years until he made a wrong move to his plan. (It’s his colleague’s mistake anyway. Well both of them are.) What comes up will eventually go down. And not all plans worked as planned. I truly believe that.

2) Professors ( Antagonist rating: A- ) 
    First Appeared in: Human Civilization ( dawn of mankind )

More and more!

Let’ admit it. Our teachers are such huge walls when we are schooling. The one thing to add up in that particular scenario is for the walls actually speak and show their tongues to annoy us. Study for an exam. Take the exam. Fail it. Reason? It’s not because you did not read your lessons and solve whatever thing you wanted to solve, but it’s the exam itself. And that is when you realize that this is not what I studied for. The exam is a flaw so as the teacher so as the school so as the entire education system. It really makes sense for some students when they experience this kind of a thing. Some teachers do not know what they are talking into class (Oh, yes. I know a teacher like that. May God bless her soul).  Some instructors have only one goal and that is to fail some student/s every semester in their own disposal. Reason? It’s their tradition. Their own satisfaction which they derive from it. What a sadistic method, indeed! 

3) Agent Smith ( Antagonist rating: A ) 
    First Appeared in: The Matrix ( as a Movie, 1999 )


In the Matrix trilogy, who will ever forget Hugo Weaving portraying the adamant and the relentless Agent “the goddamn” Smith? Hell, no! In a far away future where mankind was dominated by the Machines and where the sky is not blue but dark as charcoal, Matrix was born. A computer-generated world where humans live not knowing that the world they live in is just an illusion. Those who has a potential to “wake up” will literally be woken up in the real world. And that is where the Agents emerged. To prevent people from waking up and to protect from the people who are outside the Matrix are the basic purposes of these agents. Wearing suits and eyeglasses, they look like a common FBI operative or a federal agent. Plus one for their earpiece and their ability to use one’s body to make their own. Agent Smith is a rare agent. As described by The Architect as an anomally like Neo, he has the ability to copy himself like a simple computer file and multiply in his own liking. Neo really had a hard time dealing with this darn opponent like for example, fighting 100 Agent Smiths in one particular time leaving Neo to flee to the sky, blinding Neo in the real world, and many others which put this villain automatically in my list.

4) Nemesis ( Antagonist rating: A+ ) 
    First Appeared in: Resident Evil 3 ( as a Game, 1999 )

What monster!

The Resident Evil universe has plenty of antagonists when one has the chance to play it. Actually, not all are great, I mean if they made a huge impact to the players. One may say that Wesker should be here instead of my pick. Well, no. Wesker is just a loser. He gets the T-virus, injects himself with it, and voila, he’s an over-powered human being. Nemesis is different from that man. As initially designed by the Umbrella Corporation as a biological weapon, Nemesis was deployed by the sinful company in the streets of Raccoon City for one thing – to kill all S.T.A.R.S. members. It’s a pretty simple thing to do for the monster. The hardest part is for the protagonists. I played Resident Evil 3 when I was in the first year in highschool and the game gave me the creeps. Nemesis runs to you, giving you a clothesline at first. Showing his tentacles that can paralyze and poison you. Using his rocket launcher to do critical damage. And the best part of it all? He (I bet he is a male, after all) shows up in the game which make players surprised and frightened to death (I've been his victim for so many times). How to kill the monster is another marvel for it. Nemesis has so many lives and keeps on regenerating and regenerating. The good thing in the game is that there is a Particle Cannon thingy in the end of the game that can kill the devilish hypocrite once and for all.

5) Fate ( Antagonist rating: S+ 
    First Appeared in: Since time immemorial ( as unknown )

I think is the best example for today’s article. It’s really the wheel of fate that is our common enemy. Yes, one can argue that there’s no fate and that’s we make our own fate and etcetera, etcetera, blah...blah...blah. But how can we be so sure if fate is there (where? It’s over the rainbow), waiting for us to match its indicated plan/s for each and every one of us. How can one be so sure that fate is really not there? I have my two cents with this one. There are accidents that happen all the time no matter how careful we are. People die in a plane crash, or a car.  Somebody accidentally hit by a stray bullet.  Even the law associates the term “fortuitous events” in which they are events that unforseeable and unavoidable (even it is forseeable, it is still unavoidable). How can we manage these things? One can’t assure himself that he will live to die another day because he will be CAREFUL today. I highly doubt that. 

Sisters of Fate
Ancient civilizations believed in fate. For the early Greeks, they have their so-called “Sisters of Fate” where according to them has the power to control one’s destiny. How long one will live, what are his accountable life scenarios – these are some of powers vested to these Sisters. They can even alter one’s life to have a different ending. Think about that. Well it is, in all honesty, a mythology like all other civilizations in the ancient times have. But what if it was true? Myths came from legends, in which legends came from history. I dunno. If there really is fate, it’s invincible. We cannot win over it. It’s the ultimate antagonist one cannot shatter into tiny pieces. But in all of these, I find fate not as an opponent in my life but rather a challenge to have my own version of life’s ending. It may be different from what the wheel of fate has; it may be similar to what I think of it. If so, what shall I do? The answer is simple. Build another wall beside the wall. 

Oh no! Not again!
But wait, you may ask, "What is your antagonist that keeps you mad and all?" You sure wanna know? Here it is. But why, you say? He makes my day bad. I wake up everyday to have a great day then MP will just flash into the TV or in the net. And guess what? What can I expect. Take a look in the pic. It's non sequitur.

Thank you for reading, dear reader. ^_^

I  originally planned this as comic as it would be. Now it's finished, I think it's somehow not.
Been thinking if who I'll pick among The Joker, Agent Smith and Jigsaw. Smith won! 
Been thinking to input Time here as well but I guess Fate includes time. 




Hahaha.. I was reading seriously until I saw Pakyaw's face. LOL!


LOL! It was really a funny article for me. =)

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Nice article Hokage. Gotta disagree with the last part though: I will always be a Pacman fan :)


It's alright jedi_randy. I understand.

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