Battle: L.A.

A few movies showcased this type of film. Same plot, same mission. Aliens invade our planet with their own motive of who-knows-what. Humanity, of course, will not allow that. Then countless battles will pop out and voila, it's either we get annihilated or the invaders flee out of Earth. Does Battle: Los Angeles, in some way, managed to have something new that they can show the audience? Or is it still the same alien-versus-human type of film with no substance, just linear in any way.

Battle: Los Angeles is about the story of an alien invasion on the city of angels where Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz (played by Aaron Eckhart) and his new band of comrades try to counter enemies they never expected. Initially reported as meteor showers, these things (and beings) from outer space landed in different parts of the world, particularly in bodies of water, to have their ultimate mission in effect -- to get our water supply.

To be frank, the film lacks something in the story. Its concept may not be original but the story can show more only if they managed to have more inputs. The CGI was great in every aspect as seen on some scenes. Sound effects also got its proper ranks in line with its great scenes.

Like Sucker Punch who copy-cat some of game elements, this movie also did the wrong thing. Not only that, Resistance 3 is being promoted in the movie. What a tactic for Sony.

Hate to say this but Battle: L.A. will last its charm only for a single viewing. Another round and you'll throw it all up.

~Great action scenes with regards to CGI
~Eckhart's role fits him

~Nothing special except the SFX

My rating of the movie ~ 7/10

Recommendation ~ Watch District 9, instead. =)



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