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Okay! It's raining again but then again, it is alright! That makes me happy if you'll ask me. Are you not happy when it's raining? Maybe you're not as hydrophilic as I am. If that's the case, bring an umbrella or rather stay home to avoid being sick. After all, prevention is better than cure. 

Anyway, I watched Captain America yesterday with my brother at a local mall near our home. The movie is so freaking great! Having been able to watch Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Thor in the past, Captain America s is the catalyst that links all of them as one, maybe prepare the movie-goers for The Avengers which is scheduled next year. A big fan of Marvel? Go watch it! One word of advice though, watch all the movies I mentioned earlier. It will help you understand Captain America. Got that?

But the main course for this entry will not be for the movie itself. It's about the things that I usually notice when I'm inside the moviehouse that keeps me irritated, angry, and mad. I bet you know what I'm talking about and I'm so sure you already experienced it. To cut the story short, here are some of do's and don'ts when watching a movie. Happy reading!

  1. Do not eat whenever you are watching a movie. This not actually conclusive and only an opinion. In my own experience, it can distract other viewers for they tend to focus on what you are all watching. If my memory serves me well, there is this one time where a group of people watching a film have this plastic of junk foods that they keep passing around for their colleagues. Logically speaking, chewing chips creates too much noise in a quiet environment especially the foil and the plastic holding them. The outcome? Others might shift their attention to you instead. Come on now, you're there to watch not to eat. Have a thing for existentialism for crying out loud.
  2. Do turn off your cellphone or if that makes you uneasy, make it 'silent' and avoid using it for the time being. No emphasis should be given to this one. It is, in all aspect, res ipsa loquitur. On a sidenote, having this one manifests being an ethical and professional.
  3. If possible, minimize your trip to the powder room. As your eyes are fixed to the giant screen in front of you, some of us cannot withstand the urge of going to the bathroom and pee. Given the situation, take a pee before the film starts rolling or if it's a medical concern for you to constantly going to the sacred room, have your seat near them. 
  4. Do not bring a child inside the premises. Please and for the love of God, leave your child at home and have a babysitter for him/her. Some of us inadvertently bring a child or two ages 8 and below inside the moviehouse and for what reason, if I may ask? To have fun? No. It is to annoy people because they usually cry. They cry because it's dark and for some reason 'only-God-knows-what'. And besides, what would an 8-year old child understand to a movie not actually suited for them? Gosh, man!
  5. Do not comment on something if in all honesty, yours is a misleading and an impetuous statement. I often experience this when I watch a film or two and that sucks. For example, some Filipinos always talk and talk during the movie. It's as if they know the whole plot, script, etc. But when some scene is on the screen, then they comment on it while there are others who actually know what's going on, they'll look like a bunch of idiots pretenders who regard themselves as the 'know all' type of person. God forbid and heaven forbid,  they're disappointing others especially themselves. Better for them to focus their eyes and ears on the story and not only for the eye-candy special effects. 

Have a nice and fruitful day! =)




Hmm, I watched Captain America with my bro and sis yesterday. Both are below 8 years old. They're well behaved inside the theater, just give them something to eat and they're ok. :)

Maybe it would be better if people would avoid checking their phones inside the theater. Nakakadistract talaga.


Hey, thanks for dropping by! I'm sorry ha? Perhaps it depends on the child, I guess? Okay. Also not conclusive. Hahahaha. Good for you. How I wish all guardians are like you. Nice one dear sister! =)

Nakakadistract, oo! Nakakasilaw pa, may tumatawag pa tapos sasagutin habang nanonood. Ang lakas pa ng boses. Tsk!


No worries. I get your point actually. It was only this year that my siblings got to watch in a moviehouse. I think if people are going to bring children in a theater, they should make sure that they know how to behave. Since I introduced my baby sibs to cinema, naaliw na sila, nakaka 4 movies na sila this year.haha. :)

Yeah, there would always be people who don't have manners. Tsk.


Thanks mmm! =)

4 movies and counting, right? Go elder sister! Make your baby sibs happy. Have fun on your next movie trip.


Yeah. Thanks! :)

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