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An old man walks up to the front of the store and opens the glass door. The bell rings and he gazes upon the tall book shelves that tower over him. His eyes are not good back when he was twenty-one  but he knows for sure that he can venture inside this unknown shop unassisted.

He stops surprisingly, moves his head to the right and finds it: a diary. The old man smiles as he grab the journal and make his way to the counter. A young lady takes it and scans the diary's bar code. She then confesses to the old man, "I never knew we sell diaries here like this one." The lady turns a page after page of the note, pauses, and eventually closes it. "Like filled-up diaries", she adds. 

The old man pays for it and the lady puts the diary inside a small paper bag. He thanks the young miss and walks to the exit. As the mysterious old man turns the doorknob, he finally says, "She looks just like you...but only speaks of a different answer." 

The young lady doubts if the old shopper asked her a question but she's definitely right, he never asked her of anything. 

And then the old man breaks his silence and said, "She told me that she did not see anything in this diary except for her name. That she wanted to write her own destiny and not be controlled by some invisible mover. That someday, in some alternate world if there is, our fate is not governed by laws and principles which are made by false gods. That our lives are endless in order for us to write another page."

With the diary in his satchel, the old man exits the store and feels the breeze of the summer air. 




This story is kinda creepy, but touching nevertheless. :D



Thank you. :)

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