The cat from hell

I just woke up from a crazy and half-remembered dream. A dream of a cat. But not just any ordinary cat, it's a talking cat!

In my dream, he approached me and spoke. The voice sounded familiar but I cannot remember who or what it sounded like. The furry beast just spoke and told me the people he killed. It's as if the goddamn "meow-meow" is inventorying his murder list. That thing made me sick. 

Of course I tried to recall the names mentioned  by the cat in my dreams. No single name came out from my head. All I remember is the depiction of him, seating beside me, looking directly to me, and saying those forgettable names. 


EDIT: Cats appearing in a dream symbolizes being independent, having strong ideas about how things should be.

This is particularly true about me. My ideas are like cancer to me and with them, I tend to be perfectionist of almost anything. Lessening this trait would be a good start. :)




Try a dream interpreter. It might mean something. :)

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