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Okay, I'm tired. I totally revamped my blog and forgot all my priorities in my workplace. Time flies so fast when one's enjoying. Yep, I did make the most out of it by fixing my personal space even if I ran out of time to add a few more widgets and tools. Come to think of it, three months of hiatus in blogging was a long time. Some of the blogs I follow drastically changed, having dozens of new and fresh entries since I decided to lie low and focus on working. A few -- how should I say this? -- retired. That's a bit of sad on my part because when I started doing this kind of hobby, they were there. I guess they moved on with their lives and tried other things. Perhaps new things like baseball. Just kidding.

As for me, I think I should do the same kind of thing: to move on. To try other things out there. Maybe to have an ice cream on a bread. To swim. To climb a mountain (Huh? Can I do that?). To catch a fish. To bungee jump. Or to join a marathon. So many things yet so little time. But fear I must not. Living a day like it is your last can make a difference. Yes it can. 




Welcome back to blogging Vallafax! I'm hoping to see more of your blogposts. :)


Thank you for patronizing my personal world, michy. Many thanks. :)

Phantom of Pulp

A succinct and warm-hearted post.

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