(LSS) Change the world

Who the heck is Eric Clapton?? I dunno. But after listening to this wonderful song as I travel my way to the office, I can't help but to sing. As I open my lips to mouth *change the world* in the chorus, it's as if I'm gonna spend a long vacation all by myself or with someone else. Or to ride an airplane as we ascend and watch the earth below us. Then came the realization that this song, his song? It's music.

Who the heck is Eric Clapton? I dunno...but he's a freaking genius. 

Come on. Let us sing to all our heart's content! 




That song is a feel-good song. :) I think you should listen to oldies more. :)



I love the oldies. But I have the feeling that I should accept this generation's songs and not linger too much in the past. :)


Oh, I love that song even though it's an oldsong! :)


True! Thanks for having the same thought. :D

JC Mercado

it's an inspiring song! wheeeew. Eric Clapton also created 'Tears in Heaven' w/c he dedicated for his son who died. Would be so cool if you'd try that song too.



Whoa! Tears in Heaven is a slow and touching song. Thanks for sharing. :)

Wonder Woman

You need to listen to more of his songs. He is BRILLIANT. And that's an understatement.

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Timeless Confection

he really is a genius!!!love his songs too...

Bino / Frameless World

"Change the World" is one of my favorite song... MJ's "Man in the Mirror" is also a good one.


Man in the Mirror is also a good one! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


No argument on that! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!


I hope I win your giveaway. Anyhow, Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

The Penniless Son

Hey! I know Eric Clapton and yeah you are right about him. I hope more people could hear this song from heart :)



This song has been on loop since I visited your page.


Exactly! Thanks!:)


It's somehow magical to me, this song. I'm sure you felt it, too. :)

Thanks for visiting my page, mademoiselle.


I like Eric Clapton! He is one amazing singer and songwriter. Absolutely love his guitar skills, too. Change the World is one of my favorite Clapton songs. :)


He's one great artist. His songs can capture our hearts, our souls. :)

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