Father and Son

I did it. I told them what I really wanted.

January 30, 2012. Today is my dad's birthday. After my last class for this evening, I managed to make my way as fast as I can to catch my family having dinner in a local restaurant. I did bring my gift for him in which I bought last night when I was strolling down in a mall. It was a shirt. A simple one. I bet he knows for sure that for the both of his sons, I would be the one giving him such gift. Nope, not "the one". The "only one".

We ate and discussed matters about our work, and our family, of course. Some future travels (*crosses fingers*) were proposed and I am too excited about it. Why, who shouldn't?

And then I spoke with all their eyes beaming on me. The moment I've been waiting for.

"I'm gonna quit these two jobs I have", I calmly said. They all observed me. I reason them as soon as I noticed my dad reloading his argument gun. I do love my father. And with his plan that he wanted me to be someone that I don't want to is really depressing. It's not all about the money, and it's not my career. It's about me

I want to grow and be part of the world I dreamed of. To expand my boundaries, to test my limit. To meet new people, and to know other things. Like a little bird, I want to fly high and see the beauty of the earth with my own eyes. My own abilities. Myself. 

Trust me, dad. Trust me. I may not be as great as you but I can be the man I truly am. 

Happy birthday. 




Happy birthday to your dad! Go where your heart leads you. :)


♥ hana banana ♥

wow, such a brave soul...gO, go, gO!!!! ^^


Thank you michy. I will! :)


I like that. :)


Happy Birthday to your Dad! I wish you good luck to the new road you're about to take. :)


Happy birthday to your Dad. You made the right decision. I was in your shoes years ago. Following your heart will lead you to happiness. Best of luck!


My thanks, mademoiselle. :)


Yes. To live a happy life. Thank you, Mrs. A. :)

Ile Odarod

what did you tell them other than quitting your job? what are you planning to do?


That I want to stand on my own, create my own self. I've had enough following them around. But I said those things in a good way.

My plan? Try my luck to the country's biggest auditing firms. Other than that, study law and pass the bar exam. :)


Yes, go for it! I love this. I love the fact that so many people are making 2012 their breakthrough year.




It's now or never, as they always say. :) Thanks!

Wonder Woman

I am so proud of you. Go, you! And, since you praised Darth Maul on my blog, I am now following you. Yes, I'm that easy to please. Haha.


Sumi Go

You are inspiring. Not many people can say no to what their parents want for them.. Myself included. I hope some day, I can be in the path that I want to be. For now I'll just use what my parents gave me as a stepping stone. Anyway, belated happy birthday to your dad and good luck to what you've decided for yourself. I'm sure everything will turn out well especially when it's what you've always wanted.. :)


Aww this is lovely, you should always be who you want to be and not what people expect you to be. Follow your dreams and you'll go far.

Your father will see that in enough time, and be so proud of you.

Really enjoyed your blog, I am your newest follower.

Niki @ LQM&M

JC Mercado

This is more than inspiring. It's always you who makes your own dreams possible.


Aiza Coronado

Congratulations. Just follow your dreams. I'm still figuring out what I need to do with my life. :)

Just what they say, if your dreams don't scare you, then maybe they aren't big dreams. Go for it.

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