A kid from yesterday

Off to a new day. A new start. A kid from yesterday.

After that negative emotion I build up yesterday, I realized that over-thinking about it will bring no good for myself. It's time to let it go and face the sun for a bright new day. 

I am a big fan of My Chemical Romance. Songs like Helena, Disenchanted, I Don't Love You became my addiction from the undergrad up to the review school last year. Even as I write this, I do not consider of breaking the bond I made with their songs.

Bookmarked! I strongly believe that songs, whether pop or country or rock, serve as a marker in our lives. They are left behind that whenever we hear them, we remember something or someone out of the blue. This is true for a typical guy like me. So true. Will you believe that I keep playlist/s labeled with a person's name/s aside from the common labels like a band name or an album? I dunno when did I start to practice that kind of thing, so to speak.

Months before I took the board exam last May, I found out this song of MCR from their latest album, Danger Days:

This song became my battle cry during those days. I keep telling myself that I'm not a kid anymore and will not stay forever. That it is time for me to end my lack of courage and shyness. That this marks the day that I will always remember. 

I ventured the road towards my dream and found out that it's just the beginning. A new light shined upon the road-end and another adventure is yet to come. 

Many will pass me by as I'll take the road and simply nod at me. Others will converse as well as argue with me due to different perceptions and ideas. And only a few will walk beside me to support each other's back like the good old Spartan code.


Finally, departing from the "career side" story about the song, there was this girl last year (who is undoubtedly taken) that always sit beside me outside the classroom before the review session start. It's simply impossible that it's purely coincidence because it's too damn early in the morning - 6:00 AM - and with too many chairs around the vicinity, she would always place herself beside me. I always offer her my breakfast along with a few candies but fails to accept it. She's too weird. And I like her for being that way. 

The story of my life. *bow* 




I'm sooo happy you're back to blogging Vallarfax! :) Keep it up!



Thanks michy. I really appreciate it. :)

Ile Odarod

I used to like My Chemical Romance too, especially their song Helena, but mostly because of the music video rather than the song itself.

Anyway, last time you mentioned you lacked inspiration. Maybe that girl that you used to sit beside you is free this year and is available for Valentines. :)


That's a no-no. She's still with her boyfriend. :)

dian ajeng maharani

i like MCR too and my favorite song is disenchanted. i used to hit reply button over and over when i first hear that song.
you are so sweet. dont be so sad, someday you will meet a better girl. you know--i used to like someone when i was in junior high school, but he always laughing at me because i am fat and ugly :( so i tried to forget him, and i did diet (now im still on diet) and tried to dress well, and yeah, i find another man who wiser and he never laugh at me just because im fat and ugly.


Hello! I also love Disenchanted! Wow! You have a good taste in music.

Thank you for the advice. :)

JC Mercado

Super love MCR!!! Love disenchanted and now that i'm mending my broken heart, i started listening to cancer.

i feel you. supeeeeeeer.


Wonder Woman

I used to love MCR sooooo much. I even wanted to name my daughter Helena at some point. Helena Adelaide (coz I loved Anberlin sooooo much, too). I'm so fickle with music, though. My taste changes by the month. And your story with that girl kinda reminded me of Charlie Brown. :p ...and I mean that in the best way possible.



On a side note: you're adorable. I like reading your posts. There's a certain innocence in the way you look at things. Keep it that way. ;)


Awwww. Thank you! That made me feel better. :)


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