Rest day

Enter! I bravely fought the urge of buying a new tech gadgetObviously, I failed.

After one freaking week with me doing reports and thinking about my current status in my job, I decided to go out and have myself emancipated and relieved. Today is the right time, indeed. No classes for me to lecture. No paper works to be made. Nothing. It's just me...and my brother, of course.

He asked me if we could watch the movie Chronicle which I am so happy to oblige. The flick turned out to be so cool, in my own opinion, despite other critics bashing it. I did enjoy it. But I think it's the bonding we had as brothers I enjoyed the most.

Moving along... 

I was contemplating these past few days whether to buy Sony's next generation portable gaming device called PS Vita. With state of  the art functions and capabilities, it's like I'm carrying my own PS3 unit and our LED TV all in one. So I did buy it. Losing about $500 dollars was not a joke. There goes my money. Down the drain because of my addiction. To video games, of course. 

What a day. At least, I am happy. As well as Sony.  



Wonder Woman

PLEEEEEASE review the PS Vita when you can. I wanna know if it's worth it (gaming addict here, too!)


You made me curious. I have never heard about it (probably because I was buried in work lately) but I must say I want one too.

Ile Odarod

I can't understand why guys would spend so much money on gaming..

But congratulations on your new gadget anyway. :)


I'm still stuck between a new phone or a laptop. :) Hmm, I still have so much time to think. :)


Yes, yes. Will do a review as soon as possible. :)


Not an advocate of cellulars but I think I'd go for a laptop. I think you know why. :)


Go, Mrs. A! Have one. You're a gamer like myself if my memory serves me correctly. Go forth dragon slayer!


Thanks! Not most of us guys invest money on gaming. Depends on one's nature, I think. :)

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