I am in dire need of an inspiration because I tend to be frolicking everything I do. The worst case is, I somehow abscond and get the hell out of the situation fast leaving my workplace in a horrible mess. (Wait 'til you see my office desk.) Dear God, what's wrong with me?

Love life is not the utmost reason that causes me to act this way, in my opinion. It's someone or something else. I recalled a lore in American Gods where deities lose their powers and even their own existence because of one simple thing: men losing their faith and rejects the idea of them being real.

Maybe I'm losing faith in myself. 

(...therefore, you need a love life. Spice your life a little bit.)

I like someone here in the blog realm. She's cute and kind of smart. If only I could go there, look directly into her eyes ,shake her hand, and say, "Hello. Here's a bouquet of flowers. The first one I ever gave one." 

Oh, I think that's too corny. Nevermind. 


I was LSSed with this song! It's Bon Jovi! Shocked I was knowing that it's him. Yippee ki-yay! 

I am so sorry if this post is not constructed clearly. Many thoughts came out and here they are. Silly of me. 




I believe you simply need a break. I experience the same every now and then and it helps to sit back and relax a little. Go out with friends, perhaps? And flirt with the first pretty girl you see. ^_^


And the song... LOL. Reminds me of my crush when I was in 5th grade. Good old times.

Sumi Go

Ahh.. It's feels good to be inspired. I find inspiration in arts and food though. Anyway, why not take a leap of faith and tell that certain someone how you feel? Valentine's is just around the corner, you know. :)


I think I know who. hahaha! What's the song? I don't have youtube here in the office. :(


I agree with the 'flirt' thing. LOL! :)


Sure. Will do that leap of faith. :)


ALWAYS by Bon Jovi. Waaaa! You really know? Guessing game. Hahaha!


Nostalgia. Sweet as always. :)

Wonder Woman

Do it! We girls love that corny stuff. I'm sure she will, too. :)

And OMG. Always by Bon Jovi!!! That's my favorite Bon Jovi song and Bon Jovi is the only reason why I watched that stupid "New Year's Eve" movie (not a big chick flick fan lol). I used to wait for that song on MTV when I was young... Wow. Now I feel old. Just realized how long ago that was. Haha. Advanced happy Valentine's day! :)


I love this song and I always sing it!

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