Yesterday was Valentine's Day, right? Sadly, I do not have any dates. Except our family dinner at 10pm, that is. Anyway, here's my story.

One of my students said in front of the class yesterday that he's too thankful that they have me as their lecturer. I undoubtedly asked why, of course. 

"Because other professors bring thick books before entering our class and they discuss it impromptu. While you sir, you come to our class with a big old backpack, a water tumbler, and a handkerchief. You keep your things away in a corner and takes two or four chalks, an eraser, and a piece of paper. You seriously know what you're teaching unlike others.

I laughed a little after he said that. Flattered. That's the word. Although I wanted him to explain further what on his mind, I smile and said,

"I was a student once. And back from high school, there was this female professor in our bookkeeping class who stand tall like me, smiles a lot like me, and brings a hanky like me. She often armed herself with two chalks, and a tissue paper. No gigantic books whatsoever. She's single, too."

We all laughed. To be frank, I suddenly miss that professor after cherishing the memory. I was her top student back then and there are times when she would call me and answer her questions making my words stutter because of shyness and nervousness. Oh, nostalgia.

"Class, she's my inspiration."




I suddenly realized that most of the teachers I like don't carry heavy books. But I like my Physics professors though. :)

dian ajeng maharani

hi dear,
oooh i wish i had you as my lecturer too.
i am still a college student. i plan to graduate my college this year but i dont know if i can make it. i want to be a lecturer too, but i am almost 24 and still a college student (all my friends have graduated college last year) so i think i wont be a good lecturer.
keep posting dear, i love reading your post, because you write everything honestly.

Sumi Go

This made me remember the teachers I admire the most both from my high school and college days. And yeah, they too don't bring in thick books to class.. :) They just bring themselves and their wits. Funny thing lang, most of them were tough on their students, especially on reporting and projects. As in hell week every week.. XD But I miss them and those challenging yet very rewarding days though.. :)

Ile Odarod

I guess you're really good. :)

I was able to work as a lecturer once and duh. it was awkward. 90% of the class were guys. I had to teach programming and I can't even use my laptop.

I try to keep that in mind you know. That thing where professors that just reads stuff from the book aren't that effective at all. So I try my best with just an index card. But they get bored anyway.

Ruth Arthasya

Is that about a college life? OMG! I want to face it! Really, really, really!


I hate all of my teachers - half of their attention is on the top student, while the other is on the trouble maker. The others simply fade away and talents are hidden because of fear that we may just be shrugged off. But, there is a teacher that was just like you. She used to be my adviser last year, but she left to teach in a public school. All the good teachers are leaving us :( Good luck, sir! And have a good day :)

^_^ wReY and R0bbY

I want to be one of your students Prof! I think I will learn great things from you! *_^

by the way, your blog is interesting! we love meeting fellow Filipino bloggers. We're your newest followers.
Please hop over our blog and let's follow each other...

thank you! ヅ

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