A thing they call love

Good luck on me tomorrow.

I know that this day will eventually come. A turning point, nonetheless. Of course, I love. All of us do. It's the quintessential aspect of being a human. Very subjective, treacherous, steep, and most importantly, unpredictable. I rarely speak about my love life. And for the obvious fact that I don't disclose for that matter does not necessarily mean I am a cold-hearted guy that spends most of his time in front of the computer working like a horse. I do love. But when I do, I tend to be melodramatic. Seriously. 

If the tip I received is undeniably correct, I would be able to see her or even talk to her tomorrow in the church where we first met. It is almost two years since I saw her face, her smile, and heard her cheerful voice. She sings, too. Barbara Streisand songs, if I remember it clearly. 

Her hair that moves in the summer wind. Those eyes attentively watching the world around her. The way she dresses. Damn, I cannot stop thinking about her. It's so painful. Everyday I read her tweets on twitter to know a thing or two about her. Her problems, thoughts, achievements -- I secretly compile them inside my head. A stalker? You can say that. I'm such a coward, right? 

What's my plan tomorrow? Simple. Tell her what I really feel for her. I don't care her reactions would be. It's time for me to be free. To be free from this torment.

Good luck. 




I was a bit overwhelmed when I read this, haha. It's not everyday you get to read the inner musings of a guy - their thoughts are usually a mystery to me, and now reading this makes me feel as if you stripped your soul bare. You must tell her! You'll do just fine, I think. She sounds beautiful and you must care for her a lot - I can feel it with the way you write about her. Good luck ! :D


The who? :) Good luck! :)



Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it turns out!


i love the way you write, the lines are all heart felt. goodluck with everything, I hope it will went well :D

btw- come drop by my blog if you have time, I would love to have more filipino blogger friends. thanks! :D



i tag you in this some tagging game.
you may read the full post here - http://jenponix.blogspot.com/2012/02/unknown-tag-game.html

Wonder Woman

Good luck! I hope things go well. Update us, please :)



7 years ago, this guy collected all his energy and asked me for a date.
I said yes and he married me.
I'm glad finally u made a move, hoping for the best update:))

Albert Einstein☺


followed you back! can we exchange links?


dian ajeng maharani

hi sweetie,
who is the lucky girl? she is really lucky because she is being loved by a romantic man like you. good luck for you. never give up. girl loves effort. just tell her what you feel, dear.

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