Dragon Age II

I never played the first one. They said that the first Dragon Age rocked hard because of its innovative gameplay and most importantly, it was created by Bioware. So, I took the liberty to try Dragon Age II. It was fun at first, yes. But as the game progresses, no matter how the story goes, it's like doing the same thing over and over again. Same maps. Same people. Same quest pattern. Same shit, different day. Additionally, it's an ordinary hack-n-slash game even if I played as a magician. Oh, and the items were so generic. I can't stand it, honestly.

But then again, if you love role-playing games, you might try this one. For over 30 long hours of gaming time, Dragon Age II deliveres the fun and excitement that Japanese RPGs cannot. After all, you can slay dragons in this game. Yep, a fire-breathing one.



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