Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 is just wow! After finishing the game last night, I'm still mesmerized by that tear-jerker ending in which I almost clapped my hands for about ten minutes, inclusive of the credits. Set for nearly a decade after the events of the first Bioshock game, players now experience the role of Rapture's all-powering behemoth -- Big Daddy. With Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine dead, the underwater utopian city is now under the leadership of a clinical psychiatrist named Sofia Lamb whose primary objective is to use Ryan's idea to establish a being that is selfless and has no free will. A medium that will contain all Rapture's ideas and memories. This being (which is in fact Lamb's only daughter and the first little sister) helps Subject Delta (the game's protagonist) by way of mental contact to find the former's body and be reunited with the bond that's between them: a parent and a child.

The game is highly controversial and philosophically tackles the nature of a human's heart. I personally love the sequel's atmosphere even though the fright that was present in the first game diminished by a little. The characters are also unforgettable additional  to its gripping story. New weapons are also present especially the drill that would help you a lot in difficult situations. Full upgrade of the drill with four or five tonics and you'll have this monster strength that can kill splicers instantly. Yes, instantly. Speaking of the common enemies called splicers, 2K Games introduced three new monsters namely Alpha Series (first version of Big Daddies), Brute Splicers, and Big Sisters. These enemies will try to immobilize Delta as he traverse Rapture and fight not only for his survival but also for the first utopian.



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