Portal 2

Deny the laws of science with Portal 2! With immense amount of puzzles that could let you think for a moment, the game is pretty ingenious and innovative that no other puzzle games in the industry can compete. (That's a tiger-out-of-the-cage remark!) Using one's wits and analysis, Portal 2 takes players into a wild ride that makes them realized that nothing is impossible with science. Needless for me to say but science is my favorite subject back in basic education. LOL!

Portal 2 begins after years of what have had happened back in the first game. The facility of Aperture Science where they conduct tests for all detainees has changed. By pairing up with a personality core (or should I say robot) named Wheatley, Chell (the game's protagonist) followed Wheatley as they try to escape the Aperture Science. As they go on their way to freedom, they accidentally passed the "somewhat-somehow" remains Aperture's cruel AI, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Direct Operating System) which her primary motive is to exact revenge for Chell who murdered her from the previous game. With the help of Wheatley and a Portal Gun, Chell must complete countless of test chambers given by GLaDOS in order to get close to GLaDOS's main chamber and instilling Wheatley to be the lead AI of Aperture.
Unfortunately for me, I did not manage to play the first one because it's only for the PC. How much a PC costs is one of the many reasons why. Second is that I'm still studying back then (it was 2007 and I was like second year in college). But, of course, I do know the game itself. You know, series of puzzles that I should take and all? Yep sir, that's the one. The thing that interested me since then is the Portal Gun itself. It's like you're leaping through the impossible with that kind of thing. The good news is, Portal 2 was ported to game consoles and I realized that dream of "leaping". Portal 2 is absolutely superb in everything -- story, gameplay, innovation, and even BGMs (especiall the end-credit song). With various twists and plots, Valve's got my two thumbs up for their addicting game that lets you not only thinking with portals but ultimately, being with portals.

I gave it a perfect score! No doubt about that! I hope Valve would make another one. :)



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