Cowboys & Aliens: Movie Review

Can you imagine a scenario where a bunch of cowboys fight a horde of an alien race? Well, the movie Cowboys and Aliens shall give you that one. And it'll also give you one or two remedies to fight the urge of sleeping your way throughout the movie. Pun, intended.

I want to have that!
In every movie where there's a war element on it, count me in. People fighting for survival has been the most common plot in the movie industry today. As we've seen from zombie-based movies like Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil,  and alien-based flicks like Cloverfield, Battle: Los Angeles, and even the Alien anthologies, movie-goers such as myself tend to extract and digest the same thing, same idea, same cliche, over and over again. I mean, are there no more concrete ideas out there to withstand and innovate this type of genre? Or is it really the same junk we've all been watching since then up to now?

Cowboys & Aliens is a slow-paced movie. Jake Lonergan (as played by Daniel Craig) finds himself in the middle of the desert with some metal bracelet attached to his left wrist. With no memory of his own, he ventures to a town called Absolution to aid his wounds and bruises, and ultimately, to find clues regarding his own identity. But, as the common plot goes, chaos strikes the town where beings not of this world starts to bombard the area and takes locals for only-god-knows what reason it is (but if you watched Ancient Aliens on History Channel, you'll correlate them to the Annunaki's). And as Colonel Dolarhyde (as portrayed by Harrison Ford) decided to have an alliance with Jake Lonergan to rescue the town's citizens, series of events happen that will help the latter remember who he was, and what he's capable of with the bracelet-turned-gun making him the mysterious gunslinger of the Old West.

To be truthful with the movie, I dozed a little when I sat there in the movie house. My eyes were peeled in the first few minutes because I wanted to dissect the identity of Daniel Craig's character as the story goes. But sad to say, I got bored as minutes flew away like birds in the open. Too many loopholes in the story. Like in the case of Ella (Olivia Wilde). It's truly vague for me. Then, the alien creatures were kinda ugly (of course they are!) that one might say that they're not fully polished like an "alien" is supposed to be. Another thing is the conflagration effects. It's the same old thing I keep seeing with the kind of movies in genre.

In the end, it's still entertaining thanks to Harrison Ford. I can't stop laughing when he make-face in some of the scenes in the movie. All he need is Chewbacca and off they go to traverse the galaxy in Star Wars fighting Vader's stormtroopers. But, unfortunately, that won't happen. He's stuck on Earth with Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, pesky cowboys, ugly aliens, and of course, a forgettable story.

My rating of the movie --> 7/10



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