Grave Encounters: Movie Review

When I see movies which are filmed with the perspective of a first-person, I can't help remembering movies like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, or even Cloverfield. And having viewed them in that simple perspective give us this type of fear that's unexplained and controversial. It's kind of a real thing, basically. A true event. 

When things go bad
Grave Encounters tells about the story of a crew of some ghost-hunting reality TV show where their next prospect for the show's series would be an abandoned psychiatric facility. With a crew of four for their latest reality episode, Lance Preston (Shawn MacDonald) leads his fellow ghost hunters to have an 8-hour lock down inside the premises. Sophisticated gadgets (not only of a standard camera) such as infrared cams, UV flaslights, a common tape recorder for EVP, a geiger counter -- are some of the devices to capture and verify the unknown spirits, if any, that roam in the facility's realm. With a prior briefing about the place, certain hot spots (as I personally call them) were pinpointed and located because, as the common plot suggests, there were ghosts occurrence. And, yes, weird anomalies are of the issue, too.

Simple plot but could have been better if the story was not that predictable. Watching it for a few minutes made me enthusiastic about it. As I can see it in my own perspective, mental institutions are one of the few scariest places here on earth. It's like living in an another world where those admitted have also their own world. How sick is that? 

From left to right: Matt, Sasha, Lance, and Houston
The movie was fair and all. Not that great like its predecessors but it can live up the hype. The cast were well fit for them -- especially Mackenzie Gray playing as Houston Gray. He's so funny. I can't stop laughing with him making faces. Perhaps it's just me but heck, he's worth to watch in the movie because of the comic relief he gives. 

Some scenes which I duly noted are comparable to what happened in the ending scenes of Cloverfield and Quarantine. They're very much the same. The directors of Grave Encounters must've ran out of ideas. Tsk. Another thing is the Silent Hill theme. I bet you'll notice that one too after watching this one.

Fan of horror flicks? You might give Grave Encounters a try. 

My rating of the movie --> 7.5/10




6/10 for me. hahaha


Perhaps the 'one-point' differential between us two is of Houston Grey. He reminds me of my friend. Same persona. Same looks. Hahaha!

Thanks for reading, anyway. =)

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