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The archenemy of the dark knight
The last time I went to an amusement park seems like eons ago. The fun and excitement it can give to us is our top benefit from it. Seeing kids laughing and running around the park actually makes us remember of how great it is to be a kid again. No worries. No problems. No commitments. And no mind-bugging numbers. Being inside an amusement park festooned by colorful banners and balloons is an escape although only for a few hours thwarting the personal and career issues that reality is denying us to give. Yep, there are things money can't buy. But as far as practicality is concern, there is no 'free' nowadays -- not even for an amusement park ticket. Hmm. Come to think of it, my good old friend Ben did treat me for my ticket. I humbly thank him for that.

His looks killed an army of ants
For many something years, our friendship still lasts. After meeting him in the undergrad where he asked me if I'm good in accounting and eventually saying that I am (emphasis not included, hahaha!), we became partners in crime. Looky here readers, we're alive and kicking yet again. The bond between us is somehow rare and unusual. I see him as an elder brother, nonetheless. With constant tips and advises that helped me numerous times in pursuing my accounting career, he's always there. A true friend for me; minus the fact that he's also weird as me. Here comes the weird word again... God! Kidding aside, he's exceptional. Too kind, too trusting, too religious, and too hardworking -- sad to say but it's all in him. The one thing that puzzles me about my friend is of him not getting married in the coming years. Given his age of 26 I think, no woman would dare to ignore a BDO auditor, a CPA (add the CIA in the future), a magna cum laude, and his looks -- the looks that killed an army of ants. LOL!

The White Knight

What truly amazes me whenever I go out with Ben, girls tend to avoid me because they shift their attention to him. Hahahaha! But, I am thankful that he's my friend, my soul brother, and my mentor. Good luck to your CIA program, Ben!

Here's our picture taken from the Jungle Log Jam. Sorry for the pic though. The scanner is kinda irritating. Gonna fix it in a couple of days.

Thank you for reading! =)




I wish you had closeup shots. Haha. :)


Waaa! Ayaw! Camera shy nga po ako. Hahahaha! =)

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