Exuberantly Absurd (I think)...

Yahhhhhh! I'm mad and angry! Anyway...
I can't take it anymore.
Still attached to that Bioshock 2 ending. After all, Rapture's story was just the beginning. Gonna fly to Columbia next year because of Bioshock Infinite. Yay! 

I was amazed when someone from Stephen King's website stated that he finished a thick book entitled "Needful Things" for about two days. Damn!!! How fast is that! I remember last April where I finished reading "Under the Dome" under a week. It consists of like more than a thousand pages. If I assess myself, I'm kinda slow in reading books. That sucks!

I hope I'll be able to finish Different Seasons in the next couple of days because I got three more books to read. The books are The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Just After Sunset, and Needful Things. Good luck to me, my friends. =)



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