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I've been thinking nowadays about the blogs I follow. It seems strange that I got a long list of these blogs but doesn't have the full time of reading them. Time constraint, it is. Most of them contain lots of pictures from their travel, or from a new restaurant they have gotten to eat, or from some random album they keep. Some of their write-ups were in fact good and a few were spellbinding, making me fascinated. Now I think what the quotation, "Tell me who your friends are, I'll tell you who you are" really means. 

Somehow all our likes and dislikes to other people are in consonance with ourselves. I remember back in school when this professor of ours in philosophy is constantly saying that when we like or hate other persons because of their inner attitudes and traits, we saw ourselves to them. Example, I like individuals who wear white especially the ladies because I like myself whenever I'm in a white attire. Clean. Pure. Soulful. Pretty simple, huh? Another example, on the negative side. I hate hopeless romantic persons and I find them irritating. The connection to myself? At first, I don't think I'm one of those people. But after contemplating it a bit, maybe I'm also one of them. Hard for me to say though, but I am. Oh  man!

I never imagined blogging my way to what? Stardom? Nah, it's my way of satisfying myself -- to know other things outside my radar. Read some blogs, reflect on it, say a comment. Reading is good thing, after all. New ideas. New concepts. New memories. And new friends.

Hey guys, is it really okay if I do not show some pictures here more frequently? Camera shy here. =)




No, it's not okay. Post more pictures please! :)


Waaa! I'll post a pic or two tomorrow. Thanks mmm! =)


waa!! i heard your depressing bgm again.
so, ganun pala ha?

and the stardom thing? hahaha, alam mo na irereply ko jan, and i can now imagine how will you respond.. those eyes like a patient having a convulsion! hahahaha


@lea.. kasalanan ko pa pala kung narinig mo na naman ang depressing bgm ko? excuse me, kapapalit ko lang minutes ago. timing ka lang. palibhasa, di ka na bumibisita dito.

insult to the max ka talaga pag di mo ako kaharap. hay naku!

pero, salamat sa pagbasa. =)

Wandering EJJ

Thanks though for reading some of my posts..and you're right, we tend to associate ourselves to people/things that we like and dislike.

but as long you're true to yourself, then I guess, you've won this so-called dilemma of yours..Just do it, man!

we write blogs because we have a voice to be heard, that's the main thing. And you do have something to say!:)


@EJJ... You are most welcome. Thank you also for reading my blog, though my travelling entries are still 'work in progress'. Hahahaha!

Yes, I will always be myself no matter what others may say. Go!

Thank you!

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