Theories: An Introduction

Barely a year ago, I read Stephen King's collaborative work entitled "Everything's Eventual". In that book, different short stories and/or novellas are present. Even the 2007 horror film "1408" about a terrifying room in a fictional hotel can also be found in that precise book under the same title. To tell you guys honestly, I bought the book because I watched the film. For two-hundred bucks, I brought it home.

For you to know upfront, this is no book review. I'm simply fascinated by one short story in that book. That story affected me too much because, surprisingly, it's not a horror story in totality (though in the end, it turned out to be one) but rather humorous, funny, and believe it or not, an utterly tearjerker story. I like it much as I like "1408". The short story's title? L.T.'s Theory of Pets. Mysterious, right? Well, as the title implies, it's about a man's theory with pets; particularly dogs and cats in consonance with his marriage. Believe it or not, my dear readers, that theory is right after all. Moreover, the story gave me an idea. 

Being an observant type of guy, I managed to collect my own theories for me to share and post here in my blog. Hmm. I have a few, indeed. I will post my first theory tomorrow so please support me. I beg of you! Hahahaha!

Have a nice day!

Needless to say, I highly recommend you to read the above-mentioned short story. 
You won't regret reading it. =) 



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