Mixed emotions...

Uhm, I want to write this now as far as I remember. You know dear readers, there will always be a time for everything in our lives. A time for joy and laughter, a time for sad and sorrow. Yesterday was a blessing for me. I now have my PRC license as a CPA, my application for a freelance writing company was initially approved, and another job offering for me although I'm working now. Pretty cool, right? Not only that, there's a girl I just met which I really like. Love interest, eh? Who knows...? I'm so happy.

Like I said earlier, there's also a time for the sad part. I dunno if that's how our great Creator manage things and put things in its proper place. I don't give also a damn about it anyway. It's just so unfair.

I pity one of my friend. Well I should be. Given the situation that her younger sister is now diagnosed with dengue puts me into chaos -- one side being happy and one side being sad. Additionally, my friend's aunt died last night (midnight I assume) because of cancer. Who wouldn't be shocked to hear that thing? See, that friend of mine is religious, goes to church every Sunday, an active choir member, etc. I believe even her family is also the same. But why such misery? 

I really feel sorry about her aunt. Still, I hope for the better for her younger sister. 

Let this be my prayer... 
Soul of the mind -- key to life's ether,
Soul of the lost -- withdrawn from its vessel;
Let strength be granted so the world might be mended...
...so the world might be mended. 




haha, grabe nmn yang friend mong yan..pero alam mo, she's still lucky, kasi madaming concerned citizens.. haha, praying and full of support... including you.
pati, pag wala yung mga circumstances na yan, wala ng thrill. hahahaha


First, allow me to congratulate you for all the success you're getting-which you truly deserve.

Second, am happy to see the sensitive side of you. I would also have an ambivalent feeling if my friend, who I love so much is undergoing such pain.

Having seen a lot of trials and pain as well in this world, I do believe that each of us has a mission in this world. Some short, while some with a longer contract. With this in mind, one finds happiness, one becomes stronger and some curse the world for all these unfortunate events.

You are a good friend and you will be beside her as she struggles to find the light. Both of you will need courage and a strong will to surpass this trial. That's how warriors became legends!

the best is yet to come!


@lea... yup, she's lucky. I even called her last night to check her younger sister's condition -- telling me about platelets and WBCs which I don't know!

I'm concerned because she's a friend. Ayoko lang ng masyadong negative. I mean, two birds with one stone? Think about the effect.

Thanks, lea. Ok ang thrill kaso wag naman ganun. Tsk! Tc! =)


@superparadise_x... thank you for telling me those things. I learned in the past that cursing the world is a bad thing to do. It will yield you no good. Instead of doing that, why don't view it on the bright side?

Haha! Thank you for your compliments. I highly appreciate that.

Yep, I'll be with my friend -- no, all my friends -- through ups and downs. That's what friends are for, I think. Uhm, on second thought, that defines who I am.

Thank you for reading. =)

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