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Greetings! Just a few days before the calendar hits April, yours truly once again updated the blog. I've been trying to adjust some javascripts here but failed to do so. I've been following instructions on the web but it seems they don't work. In the meantime, here are the updates...

~Added new page, "Movie XPerience"
~Added content in "Movie XPerience". Details here.
~Updated "2011: Book Challenge". Details here.
~Updated "2011: Games I finished". Details here.
~Added entry in "XPeriences". Entry here.
~..and some minor changes.

Regards, dearest friends and all. =)




pano mag add ng new page? hahaha.. n00b ^_^;


Bro, sorry sa late reply. i was studying. Anyway, go to your dashboard. Then Posting. Then Edit Pages. And finally click New Page. =)

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