Out of the blue...

The name's JC, by the way. A melancholic guy who has lots and lots of ideas in mind. A very complicated being, that is me. I'm addicted to researching ideas of old and new. The reason behind it? I DO NOT KNOW! Perhaps I thirst for knowledge. There's nothing wrong about it, right? I also play lots of video games. My favorite game of all? The GOD OF WAR series. Damn, it was great! 

Once in a while, I go to a bookstore to browse some books for me to read. The last book I bought was entitled "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I'm halfway through with it and I like the concept. It's all about myths of different cultures and everything. Meeting the roman god Odin is like "wow". 

Writing is also a hobby for me. Come to think of it, I haven't finished a story I did. This time, I will finish it. :)

It is time for me to study now. Got to maintain my status in my chosen profession. I'm an accounting graduate. I have to take this coming May CPA board exam. To be honest, I took the exam last October and got a conditional remark. It means I have to take two remaining board subject which I had a "not-so-good" grade. At least I did not fail, right? Practical Accounting 1 and 2, here I come! 



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